What questions immigration ask at interview for marriage

what questions immigration ask at interview for marriage

Frequently Asked Marriage-Based Green Card Interview Questions

Jan 12, †Ј Getting ready for a marriage-based green card interview? This might take place at a zi255.comate abroad (in which case the U.S. spouse doesn't have to attend) or at an office of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) if you're adjusting status in the United States. The below are sample questions to help you zi255.comted Reading Time: 6 mins. There is actually no predetermined list of Green Card marriage interview questions that you may be asked. The flow of the interview is generally dependent on the convincing responses provided by you to the questions posed by the officials. Also, the questions are not directed solely at Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.

The last step of the marriage green card process is the interviewwhich is scheduled by U. Although this interview may still be months or later in the future, knowing what to expect will help you feel more confident and prepared when that important day comes. Questions can focus on, for example, the history of your relationship, your daily activities as a married couple, and your future plans together. Make sure to also check out our guide to questions on a green card application.

Boundless how to find your personal identification number only makes it easy for you to complete your marriage-based green card application, but we can also help you get ready for your green card what can i make with these ingredients app. Learn more about what you get with Boundlessor get started now.

While you can never be certain about the questions that an interviewing officer will ask, here are some of the most typical questions that couples encounter, grouped by category:. Boundless stays with you until the green card finish line, helping you keep on top of interview preparation, follow-on forms, and every other important milestone along your immigration journey. Learn moreor get started now. Follow these tips to help you ace your interview:.

Be honest and open. Think of the interview as an opportunity to give the officer a window into your life as a couple, not as an obligation to portray the ideal marriage. Speak your mind. Some interviewing officers will ask very personal questions. If you find a question too offensive, you can let the officer know, and you can decline to answer.

Most officers will understand and move on to the next question. Practice, practice, practice. Have fun! After all, you get to stroll down memory lane and make sure your spouse indeed knows what you like to eat for breakfast! With Boundless, you get the peace of mind that comes with having an independent immigration attorney who answers your confidential questions and reviews your entire green card application Ч for no additional fee.

Ready to start? Want answers on cost, wait time, and required documents for the marriage green card? Get a personalized checklist. What You Get with Boundless Immigration. Preparing for the Citizenship Interview. Spouse Visa Fees. What Is an I for a Spouse? Boundless legal support plus RapidVisa speed means you get the fastest and best green card and naturalization service!

Looks like you were working on a application just now. Applicants typically only require one service at a time. Because your friend referred you, your application with Boundless is discounted. Learn what we do for you. Where did some of your first dates take place?

How long did you date before deciding to get married? What is the story of your marriage proposal? Who attended your wedding? What food was served? Were there any special rituals performed? If so, what kind? Did you go anywhere for your honeymoon? If so, where? How do you start your day? Which of you likes to cook? Which of you likes to clean? Who are their friends? What are their favorite foods? Do they play any sports? If so, what? What pajamas do you wear? What medications does your spouse take?

What did you do to celebrate? What did you get each other as gifts? Follow these tips to help you ace your interview: What does rockabilly style mean honest and open.

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Frequently Asked Marriage-Based Green Card Interview Questions. Typically, Marriage-Based Adjustment of Status applications require both the applicant and the spouse to be present for an interview before the case can be approved. For many applicants, the thought of being interviewed by an immigration officer can be stressful and overwhelming. Jun 30, †Ј Marriage green card interview questions like, Уwhat are your wifeТs parentТs namesФ. They will expect you to know the information given in your petition and or application. Review everything in your paperwork with your husband or wife before your interview and do a mock interview to see how the information may be applied/5. Did you live together before marriage? When and where did you get married? How did you and your spouse get to the church, courthouse, etc.? Who were the witnesses to the ceremony? Did you exchange wedding rings? Where did you purchase these rings? Did you and your spouse purchase them together? Did you have a reception after the ceremony?

By Ilona Bray , J. Getting ready for a marriage-based green card interview? This might take place at a U. The below are sample questions to help you prepare.

Remember, there is no guarantee that the U. If everything appears to be in order and the officials are treating yours as a regular adjustment of status or visa interview, you can expect only a few questions. If the immigration authorities become suspicious, however, believing that your marriage may be a fraud to get a green card, you can expect a great number of these questions, or questions like them, to be asked of you and your U.

Immigration Law? In fact, they may separate the two of you and do what's called a " Stokes interview ," then compare your answers later. We've divided the possible questions into thematic groupings. Again, these do NOT come from any official list created by U. If you were an immigration officer, what would you ask? Try to imagine possible questions, and ask them of each other as you prepare for your visa or green card interview.

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Grow Your Legal Practice. Meet the Editors. Issue: search. Here's a list of the types of questions you might be asked at your green card marriage interview. Test yourself!

Development of Your Relationship Where did you meet? What did the two of you have in common? Where did you go for dates? When did your relationship turn romantic? How long was it before you decided to get married? Who proposed to whom? Why did you decide to have a [long, short] engagement?

Did your parents approve of the match? Why or why not? The Wedding How many people attended your wedding? Did each of your parents attend? Where was the wedding held? Was there music or other entertainment? What kind of cake or other food did you serve? How late did the guests stay?

Did the bride change clothes for the reception? Did you serve liquor? What kind? Did anyone get drunk or otherwise embarrass themselves at the reception?

What time did you and the [bride or groom] leave the reception? Did you go on a honeymoon? When did you leave? How did you get there? What airlines? Regular Routines Who gets up first? At what time? How many alarm clocks do you set in the morning? Who makes breakfast? What do each of you eat for breakfast? Does your spouse drink coffee in the morning? Past employer? How much does your spouse earn every month or year? How often is your spouse paid?

What time does your spouse arrive home from work? Who cleans the house? What day is your garbage picked up? Who takes care of paying the bills? Do you have a joint bank account? Do you have a cat, dog, or other pet? Who feeds it? Who walks it or cleans its kitty litter box, cage, etc. Where do you keep the spare toilet paper? Does your spouse take any regular medications?

What did you do Who packs lunches for the kids? What are their least favorite foods? Which children if any still use a car seat? The Cooking How many times a week on average do you eat out?

What is your favorite restaurant for special occasions? For weekly outings? Who does most of the cooking? Who does the grocery shopping? Is there a particular food that you eat every week? What color are the kitchen curtains? Do you have a barbecue grill? Do you use it? Is your stove gas or electric? Where do they live? When was the last time you saw them? For how long?

On important holidays, do you buy individual gifts for your parents-in-law? Do they buy individual gifts for you? How do each of you get along with your parents-in-law? How many brothers and sisters does your spouse have? What are their names? What did you do together? Home Technology How many land-line telephones are in your house?

Where are they? What type of mobile phone does your spouse have? What's the phone number? How many televisions are in the house? In which rooms? Do you watch shows together, or separately? Name one show you always watch together.

Do you record any television shows? Do you subscribe to a DVD rental or streaming video service? What company provides your cable service?

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