What is the difference between 1080p and blu ray

what is the difference between 1080p and blu ray

What is 1080p24?

Sep 20, †Ј What is the difference between Blu-ray and p? I know what both are. p refers to a x resolution with a progressive signal and Blu-ray is a type of disc. . A p streamed movie is often around 8GB in size. The same movie on Blu-ray is going to be around 30Ц40GB. So of course the Blu-ray is going to contain a lot more image and sound data. Most internet connections at home canТt stream at Blu-rayТs rate, or have data caps that would make it impossible to watch more than a few a month.

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. I have searched all over the internet and cant find my answer. I want to know how much of a difference in quality is there between watching a blu-ray disc at p what is the difference between 1080p and blu ray watching say an itunes movie I purchased at p.

No dvd's or HD dvd's involved. Just the blu-ray disc at p vs the digital file at p. I have a 40" TV. Will I see a big difference or is there really any difference at all. Again One is the blu-ray disc at p and the other is a digital file at p.

First off, Apple TV does not output video at p. Apple TV cannot play i or p video content e. Now even if Apple TV supported that resolution, there is still the issue of the bitrate used for compression. HD video can be overcompressed resulting in a blocky appearance. So two p video sources may still not look the same because of how to build a form in word 2010 bit-rates used for compression.

Blu-ray is at the top with a rate of 40 mbps. Over the air broadcasts using an antenna are at 20, digital cable is around 16, satellite is under 10, and Apple TV is at 4. Just the blu-ray disc at p vs the It is a big difference between p and p. On a 42" display, you may not notice a big difference between p and p if you sit more than 7 or 8 feet away from the screen. Even if you do sit closer, the Panasonic Plasma really does an amazing job with all manner of content.

For movies, you will likely not notice much difference between either display. With gaming, how to read a pi test will be a definite bump. There is a difference and the Blu ray will have more bits of information per second than a download will but the biggest difference is going to be in sound quality, no downloads as far as I know transmit a Dolby true HD or master quality sound, if you have a larger TV say 47 and above you will see a difference in picture quality and if you have a high quality surround system you will definitely hear the difference in sound quality and surround, but if your TV is small and your using the TV speakers not much difference Blu-ray on disk is generally much better because digital copies are usually encoded to save space where the blu rays are the original, best copy.

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The WWE career 'that never should have happened'. Doctor's Chauvin trial testimony prompts scrutiny. Answer Save. On a 40" TV you may not see much of a difference, it depends on how good the TV is. This Site Might Help You. RE: blu-ray p vs HD p? Lance Lv 7. No difference. The only difference is the storage medium. There won't be a difference. Show more answers 2. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

Answer: Resolution of Blu-ray Disc

Jun 13, †Ј Just the blu-ray disc at p vs the digital file at p. I have a 40" TV. Will I see a big difference or is there really any difference at all. Again One is the blu-ray disc at p and the other is a digital file at p. Answer Save. 12 Answers. Relevance. mattmatt Lv 6. 10 years ago. Feb 16, †Ј Starting with the abbreviations, p is short for progressive scan, while i is the shorter form for interlaced scan. The significant difference between these two particular formats. Jun 11, †Ј Not surprisingly, Blu-ray is typically p24, since nearly all the movie and TV show content is the same framerate. In fact, Blu-ray isn't even capable of p60, which is .

What do they mean and what are the differences? We listed some frequently asked questions and their simple answers related to Blu-ray resolution.

If you want to dive in, you can also read the second part. Blu-ray is a physical media, and 4K is a resolution. The resolution of Blu-ray disc can be 4K but not has to be 4K.

The resolution of a normal Blu-ray movie is P. That means most of the commercial Blu-ray disc that you can see on the market is in P. A small niche of Blu-ray disc is in 4K. Blu-ray resolution can be 4K, P, P or others.

But if you ask the quality gap between P Blu-ray disc and P regular video, P Blu-ray is better because of the higher bit rate. HD High Definition means P. Blu-ray resolution can be P too. For example, if you burn videos to a recordable Blu-ray disc, you can select P as the output resolution. A good quality 8K Blu-ray probably need Mbps. That will use up Blu-ray disc is able to hold up this much data.

Quality relates to multiple factors and the most important one is bit rate. Streaming media like Netflix has provided videos in 4K or P but it uses a quite heavy compression system to reduce bit rate for easier transmission. A 4K Blu-ray disc has a resolution of x pixels Ч pixels on the width and pixels on the height. Recordable Blu-ray disc can store P video x pixels. If you have tried burning some videos to a recordable Blu-ray disc, you probably have found that there are two output options: P Blu-ray or P Blu-ray.

If selected P, the output Blu-ray video resolution would be P regardless of the resolution of the original video you imported. Some people will downgrade P commercial Blu-ray to P Blu-ray and then post them on the site for downloading.

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