What is service oriented architecture in wcf

what is service oriented architecture in wcf

What Is Windows Communication Foundation

Service Oriented Architecture is a software architectural concept where one or more services interact with each other. Here, service means unit of work to accomplish a purpose. For an example, selling online ticket for railways is a service, online hotel booking is . Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a paradigm for organizing and utilizing distributed capabilities that may be under the control of different ownership domains.

Challenge As business requirements are always changing, updates and modifications need to be made quickly. In traditional architecture, orjented components are bundled together, which means srvice make one update, a number of other components need to be recompiled and redeployed.

The processes of gathering requirements, designing, oruented, QA, and deployment are too long for businesses to wait for, and become actual bottlenecks. To complicate matters further, some business processes are no longer static. Requirements change regularly, and a business needs rachitecture be able to redefine its own processes quickly and easily. Existing traditional infrastructure and systems make changes very difficult, but Service Oriented Architecture is an efficient alternative.

Solution SOA is an architectural design pattern where its design is determined by several guiding principles. Essentially, SOA states that every component of a arxhitecture should be a service or business process, and the system should be composed of several independent, loosely-coupled services. Services are designed and implemented so that they can serve different purposes or processes, and not just specific ones.

The key concepts of SOA are services, high interoperability and loose coupling. SOA is not a specific technology or language, but a system design approach. It is an architecture model that aims to enhance the efficiency, agility, and productivity of an enterprise system. By decoupling the client side from the server side, the client side application oirented much easier to develop and maintain.

A change to one service does not affect any other service. Also, the deployment of a new service does not affect any existing service. This greatly eases release management and makes SOA very agile. Without SOA, the client-side application is often compiled and deployed along with the server-side applications. This makes it impossible to quickly change anything on the server side. The client-side applications remain tightly coupled with remote xervice, and any change to the remote object will still result in a si or redeploying of the client application.

However with SOA, the ib applications no longer see them servicd objects, but services. The client application interacts with these services by exchanging messages, and only knows the interfaces, or protocols of the services. Because WCF can communicate using web service standards, interoperability is straightforward with other platforms that also support SOAP, such as the leading J2EE-based application servers.

Microsoft also developed WCF to be one of the fasted distributed application platforms. All client applications communicate with a service through its interface, and its interface sedvice remain stable once it is in production. If we wct to change the implementation of this service, for example by fixing a bug, or changing an algorithm inside a method of the service, all of the client applications can still work without any change.

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WCF Integration with Other Microsoft Technologies

SOA can be implemented by using web services, particularly with WCF services. WCF is an umbrella technology that covers ASMX web services,.NET remoting, WSE, Enterprise Service, and. Jun 01,  · If you want to exploit service-oriented architecture (SOA) and services, you're going to have to go beyond just Web services. Visual Studio and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) in the zi255.com Framework 4 provide a comprehensive set of tools that reduces the barriers to building all of the different kinds of services you need.

It is an architecture for developing distributed and interoperable applications. A distributed application has parts of the application running in multiple computer nodes. In other words an application desktop or web running in one system in one location and also uses some functionalities or business logic from another system located somewhere in the world. Benefits It is mainly for scalability and better performance. An application wants to use some of the services provided by for other enterprises.

An interoperable application means one application developed in one language, for example Java can communicate with an other application done in another technology such as.

Altering a service should not affect the client calling the service. Services should be self-contained. It should be able to tell the client what all of the operations it does, what are all the data types it uses and what kind of value it will return. Services should be published into a location directory where anyone can search for it.

SOA applications communicate with each other sending and receiving messages. A client application sends a message to invoke a method of the service. Standard messages make them platform-independent.

Here the standard doesn't mean standard across Microsoft, it means across all programming languages and technologies. Services should support reliable messaging. That means there should be a guarantee that a request that reaches the correct destination will get the correct response. Net Web services are a standardized way for developing interoperable applications that enable an application to invoke a method of another application.

These applications can be on the same computer or different computers. Since these are open and well-known protocols, applications built on any platform can interoperate with web services. For example, a Java application can interoperate with a web service built using. Similarly a web service built using Java can be consumed by a. NET application. Web Service Example A web service can do nearly anything.

You can make your own web service and let others use it. For example you can make a free SMS sending service with a footer with your company's advertisement, so whosoever uses this service indirectly advertises your company. You can apply your ideas in N number of ways to take advantage of it. Web Portal: A web portal might obtain top news headlines from an associated press web service.

Weather Reporting : You can use a Weather Reporting web service to display weather information in your personal website. Stock Quote: You can display the latest update of the Share market with a Stock Quote on your web site. Creating a ASP. Let's create and consume an ASP. NET Web Service. Step 1 Create the ASP. Open Visual Studio and create a new web site. Net Framework 3. NET Web Service template. Then you need to provide the name of your service. In this example I am naming it " mywebservice ".

Then click the OK button. A screenshot of these activities is provided below. Step 2 Click on the OK button; you will see the following window. Here in the preceding figure , you will note that there is a predefined method " HelloWorld " that returns the string " Hello World ". You can use your own method and can various operations. Here I made a simple method that returns the multiplication of two numbers using the code. Generic; using System. Linq; using System.

Web; using System. ScriptService] public class Service : System. The service class must inherit from the Websevice class in the System. Services namespace. The [WebMethod] attribute The Service class exposes a single method, the public method Multiplication that takes two integer arguments and returns the multiplication of two number as an integer.

To expose a method as a part of a web service, you must decorate it with the WebMethod attribute that tells the compiler to treat it as such. Any method marked with the WebMethod attribute must be defined as public.

In the Solution Explorer you will see: Service. NET class to expose the Web Service. Each method exposes a Web Service Class Method that must have a declarative attribute statement.

The WebService directive is similar to the Page directive that begins most. For the Multiplication web service to work, you must assign values to two the WebService directive attributes Language and Class. The required Language attribute lets. NET know which programming language the class has been written in. Now back to the our web service. It will open the browser with an URL that ends with the extension. It contains the list of web methods that it contains to consume.

Copy the URL of this web service for further use. Click on the Mutiplication link to test the web service. Enter the value of a and b. By pressing the "Invoke" button a XML file is generated. Now our web service is ready for use. We just need to create a new web site or console application or Windows Forms application or WPF application to consume the web service. Consuming the web service in the client application ASP. Net Web Site".

Name the web site, for example here I have choosen the name "Test". Step 7 Now your web service is ready for use. Drag and drop three Textboxes and one button. Step 9 Go to the Default. Important: when we add a service reference for the web service to our project by copying the service URL, it creates a proxy class of the service class on the client side by reading the Web Service Description Language WSDL document.

ToInt32 TextBox1. ToInt32 TextBox2. Multiplication a, b ; TextBox3. How is a proxy class generated? What is the use of a proxy class? What actually happens when a web service reference is added?

The WSDL document formally defines a web service. It contains: All the methods that are exposed by the web service The parameters and their types The return types of the methods This information is then used by Visual Studio to create the proxy class. The client application calls the proxy class method. The proxy class will then serialize the parameters, prepare a SOAP request message and send it to the web service. The web service executes the method and returns a SOAP response message to the proxy.

The proxy class will then deserialize the SOAP response message and hand it the client application. We don't need to serialize or deserialize. The proxy class takes care of serialization and deserialization. Whereas another client application written in.

Net wants to consume a method in binary format using the TCP protocol. Then a. Net remoting service is to be developed. Again the same code is required to write what has already been done in ASP. Net web service. From the preceding two scenarios it is clear that a kind of service is required to develop that can solve the limitations of.

Net Web Services. WCF provides a common platform for all.

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