What happens in feriha last episode

what happens in feriha last episode

In the finale of first season, Feriha and Emir finally marry in front of everyone as everyone has finally accepted their relationship and even the couple has cleared all the misunderstandings between them. Unfortunately, on the day of the wedding, Feriha is shot dead by her ex-fiance Haleel. Dec 24,  · The Girl Named Feriha | The Way of Emir - Episode 80 Summary:Engin's unexpected support prevents everything from happening after what happened on the boat. F.

The action moves over 3 years. Emir is with Ece, they get engaged but later he marries Feriha and at their wedding she dies. This is a very short summary of the episodes. Can you please tell me if Zehra comes what can you eat vegan diet in the show.

I know she left because of cancer in real life. No, Zehra Vahide won't appear anymore in this series. She had a pause of filming of around 2 years, and when she was well again, she acted the role Hurrem in the Suleyman the Magnificent series, after episode Thank you In India the show will end on March 19, my mother is worried What does herpes sore look like on genital likes Feriha a what happens in feriha last episode Hi Johanna,I live in India and this serial started in mid Sept.

It comes monday to Saturday for one hour whay commercial ads. Like how many months more thanks a lot. The original episodes last about 2 hours each without ads and the show finishes at episode So there, in India, it must have about episode. Hi Johanna can you please also update Emir'in Yolu. Thanks in advance. Hey What does compaction and cementation mean, Thank you so much lash updating feriha's episode wise summary.

Earlier I had so many doubts regarding the story but since I have been regular with your blog I feel great Thank you for being so kind f I don't know if you can find the show in English. I wrote the summaries for my other blog in my native language when it was broadcasted here Romania 1, years ago.

That's why I could upload 2 episodes daily. Unfortunately those episodes ij deleted from youtube since long ago. I don't have a source to see them. It's confusing and not finished because the series was intended to have 3 seasons - Feriha shouldn't have died - but because Hazal Kaya was involved in other contracts and couldn't remain to film this series, the producers were forced to end the series with Feriha's sudden death.

Hi Johanna, Can you please reply to all the comments. Can you please post the translations. You're welcome! I'll do my best to post more articles today it's 10 a. Ece killed her. The third season of Feriha must have showed Emir's seeking for the murderer and in the end he finds out that Ece killed Feriha. Are you sure about it? Because of what I heard Haleel kills Feriha! Johanna tysm u dont know how much u helped us. This episofe what I found 2 years ago on a facebook page dedicated to Hazal Kaya.

Somebody wrote the summary of efriha plot of season 3. In my opinion, yes, Ece killed Feriha, because she was jealous that she took Emir again from under her nose, to say so.

Some people said that Halil killed her, but Halil loved Feriha, he was obsessed with her. Moreover, he couldn't have known about the wedding, because it is supposed that he escaped from the hospital and went in the countryside to kill Zehra.

I am sure that the summary of the 3 what vitamin is good for muscle spasms, as Wbat found it on FB must have been from the real script, because it's logical and because it tells us facts that were never shown because the series was abandonned. I can't suggest changings because the European culture is different. In my opinion ih story is not realistic, in reality I doubt very much that a guy such as Emir Sarrafoglu could be manipulated so heavily by a common liar.

Personnally, I didn't like the story so much, for me the truth matters the most, and many laet here can't be real, they are forced.

But again, I say that my culture is very different from the Turkish one, and there may be facts and reasons I cannot understand. I liked the actors very much and their acting I have a huge respect for the Turkish actors, generally speaking, they are very, very good actors, all of themthat's what I liked most and what made me stay in front of the TV screen to watch this show.

Hi Johanna. I also like the actors n their performance. Hi, there! I am glad that I can help with my blog and I thank you too for you visit and comment! Sukla, I wish you good luck at your future exams! May you have no emotions and pass everything with good marks! I am glad that I could help you and other readers of this site and lovers of Feriha TV show. You'll find here these summaries in the summer too : I don't violate any copyright law, so they won't be deleted by anybody.

Good luck again! No, Sukla, unfortunately they were deleted long ago. There are no more episodes with English subtitles on the internet for the Feriha show, I mean. Thank you too for visiting my blog and for your comments!

This series of summaries were really great indeed, this entire plot touches all Indian people including me and my mother. Thanx a ton for posting us in English. Love to you and entire AFK team. I am glad that I can help Feriha show lovers to find out earlier what happens during their favorite series. Thank you dear girl. I'm a fan of feriha But disappointed of her death as I read your posts Well cheers for the updates I too would have liked to see more TV series with a happy ending, but it seems that the Turks prefer sad endings :.

Thanks a ton Johanna for the updates You write very well : Want to know if you have translated Medcezir also. Thank you too for your visit and comment : I have Medcezir on this blog, but I am at the beginning, I have translated only 14 episodes so far. I'll go on during how to make forever rice carp bait next days. Oh thank you Johanna!

Ty v much johaanna for ur translate feriha amid story I love feriha n amir. M v fan of feriha n emir n korai. I think this is best episode so far according to ur blog episode is I know that some TV-s prefere to redimensionate the episodes, here, in my country, that happens too, but our main TV channel that broadcasts Turkish series, Kanal D whici is a subsidiary of a Turkish television, let them as they are, 2 hours and a half with commercials.

Johannah thanks with your written updates. May be the how to use mcdonalds free wifi what happens in feriha last episode the each actor. It's not only in India, in all epiode countries where this show was broadcasted there was the same obsession :. Hi johanna. I m from India.

I love emir and feriha. Hi, Ishan! I am from Romania, Europe. No, Feriha just spent 3 years with Levent in the United States and she divorced Emir during this period, but she didn't marry Levent.

I don't know why the Turk producers of TV series prefer sad endings. I noticed it too, but I don't have an answer.

Personnally I don't own or produce any series : but I summarize the best series that what happens in feriha last episode successful in my country, because I know their action.

An exception is Kosem Sultana, a new historical series which is now being broadcasted in Turkey only. Hello Johanana thankx a lot for writing this series. Apart from the storyline twist and turns i think this shows background music ,natural acting of all the characters hqppens their roles and both darker and brighter side of almost all the character is what makes hapens outstanding for me And who can forget the amazing chemestry of hazal and cagagtay. Not just they have beautiful faces and amazing prrsonality to be drool over but they also have such superb acting skills that we feel connected to lsst.

Nothing looks fake. I feel good and bed for them and its very rare for me because i happpens nt generally of attach to tv and film characters bt they are among the few who touched my heart.

Dont you think a lxst like feriha and emir desreves a happy ending. To be honest I Love feriha and emir and want them happy in end. Hazal and Cagatay have a print in my heart by their outstanding work in this series.

I will always love them. Hope they would make a movie together in future: You write my dear feriha and emir story so nicely so thank you again i can refer to it in future whenever i would miss them.

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Jan 12,  · After Feriha dies shot at her wedding, Emir is very much depressed and tries to involve into dangereous situations hoping he can die too. Instead of dying, he becomes a common figure for the policemen. Can, a policewoman who deals with many of the cases where Emir is involved, after knowing his story, falls in love with him. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys Women's History Month STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events.

U're welcome! Yeah dats the right answer she didn't turn up again it was said by mehmat dat maa Ki bus late h but only feriha is shot n glimpse of news is shown saying that halil the psycho killed her but infact eje killed her this small info is been found by me so m telling dat emir in season 3 finds out who killed feriha n finally goes in search for her to U.

A he will find her to get her penalised for for killing feriha. Thank you! You did a great job, even if the movies are in Turkish, I'll do my best to make some summaries! Hey hi.. I have read your so many blogs.. I m glad to see so many fans of feriha n emir Is he with hande???? Whatever miss tulsi said totally represents me and my love for serial "feriha" n yes it has ended up yesterday in india n i too was really upset n started searching about the same and got to know from some youtube videos that the show has another season also..

I'm really feeling relaxed now because i'm totally addicted to this show and feriha-emir's true love I m a big fan of this show n is really sad to see yesterday's episode where Fariha dies. Zindagi channel plz plz plz telecast 3rd season I love watching emir.

Glad to see so many fans of Feriha like I am. I am still upset.. Atthe end of serial that police officer said Halil killed Feriha. I m confused. I missed second last episode too so I am more upset to see Feriha ending like this. I am a big fan of feriha. Its a big request to zindagi channel, frm India, Assam , pliz telecast season 2 very soon. Hey joanna Enjoyed reading your translations of afk Thanks a lot Addictted to afk So keep turning to your blog time n again India showing it now God bless.

Thank you so much, sonali, I am honored to have so many fans here, reading my blog! Palak, welcome to my blog! I am sorry, but I don't have any information about them. In Emir in Yolu, during the first episodes, they don't divorce yet.

Tysm johanna Was curious to know about them! And do write written update of emir in yolu once u know the episodes! Thanks once again. Ece is an ex-girlfriend of Emir, whom he meets again when he works in a club competitor of the Hills. Then, Feriha leaves in the Unites States with Levent and comes back after 3 years. During this time Emir is again with Ece and plans to marry her. But Feriha comes back and Emir breaks the engagement with Ece. Thank u very very much Johanna to know us who killed feriha.

I really looking forward to owesome blossome love story of lovely feriha n emir. Dear Johanna, Thank you for the synopsis, in fact i am very lucky to see this series and trust me not only me but my mother is very much attached to Adini Feriha Koydum; all characters and actors have done stupendous job.

I never felt to much attached to any international series. But this is i cannot explain in words even. Since ending is very eye tearing, Feriha's death have broken me after reading story ; however episode in India is showing the escape of feriha and Emir from Halil's trap.

Johanna, are you from Turkey? I am in love with your country. The cultural difference which they have shown in series is really exciting and full of colours. What will happen to Levent? Why Emir went to Ece even though he was married to Feriha secretly. Was death of Zehra was shown? Emir in Yolu has shown new girl with Hazal Kaya's look gizem karaca which was a turn around in Emir's sadden life. Love from India. Regards Vikrant. Hello, Vikrant! I am glad that I can help the lovers of this series to know its plot in advance.

No, I am from Romania Europe , but my family seems to have Turkish origins. Anyway, I don't speak Turkish, it would have been easier for me to understand the Turkish series. Feriha asks Emir to choose between her and his job but Ece is at his job too , and Feriha thinks that Emir has chosen Ece. In the series it is not shown how she leaves with Levent and what happens during these 3 years. We only find out that Feriha sent to Emir the documents by regular mail and they divorced. Levent will be very disappointed when Feriha decides to return to Emir and marry him again.

No, in the Feriha series they don't mention that Zehra is dead. We find out that she was killed only in the episode 68 - Emir'in Yolu. Your tv company may not broadcast the episodes after Feriha's death. This was the case here too, Emir'in Yolu episodes were not shown at all on TV. Hello johanna this bolg is awesome I m also big fan of afk Thnkx for all the updates u makw on this blog they are damn cool I read that vahid zehra has cancer so she left the series Do u know how is she now?

Hi and thank you for your visit! She got cured in the meantime, and then she was casted in the role Hurrem from Suleyman the Magnificent, after Meryem Uzerli's leaving the series.

She is well now. But after feriha got killed they showed a girl reading the newspaper on Internet that halil killer feriha on her marriage are you sure Ece killed her. Hi Johanna, can you please tell me what happens to emir in the last of Emir'in yolu because i saw a video where there was a scene shown with feriha's and emir's grave together.

Does emir die in the last? Hi there! I am sorry to disappoint you, but I haven't seen the last episode 8th. It may be as you say, though I'd be sorry. Emir's Way seems to have been a good series but the audience couldn't overcome Feriha's death. What a pitty! Does emir die in the end? Where can i find the video of the last episode? No, Emir doesn't die. It is not shown in the series because it was not continued as planned initially.

But there are two options: Ece, because she couldn't marry Emir and she was jealous, or Halil, who was insane though I think that Halil would have killed Emir, not Feriha, he loved her. Hello johanna I saw in the last episode of feriha after she got killed that a girl is reading the newspaper on the Internet about feriha's death and in it was written halil killed her on the day of her marriage are you confirm that Ece killed feriha since I saw this.

Thank u so much Johanna from 2 months i want to know that who killed Feriha so many time i search it and finally i know it because of u. You're welcome! Thank you too for visiting my blog and for your comments! Turkey is a beautiful country with ancient places to visit and with a lovely climate, it's worth visiting it even if you won't meet Hazal or Cagatay : I understand you.

When a beautiful series or film or book ends, you feel so sad! And one more thing i would also like to meet hazal and cagatay in Turkey. I am also connected vey emotionaly with all locations,cast,especially with femir. It seems we AFK fans have mutual feeling. I Also wanted to visit turkey to meet cagatay and hazal ; I am also sad that this would be ended soon.

And yes It definetly breaks my heart to watch Emir with other girl. These feelings are mutual and common in almost all fans thats why they rejected third season. We are bound by the same magic thats why we have similar views and feelings for it. This reply is found on google by me that eje killed feriha n emir after knowing this finds her n then she was jailed. Its impossible to meet them but i can visit Turkey in future this is possible, i am 20 year old and i study yet.

My English is not so good but i learning it and trying to speak my best to u. Johanna please tell me when u saw this show i mean in India its going on and when in ur country..?? I want to watch emir'in yolu as they talk in Arabic. Do you know a link where they talk in Arabic because I can't read Arabic or speak Turkish. Hi, Ondina and welcome to my blog!

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