What factors influence ldl hdl and total blood cholesterol

what factors influence ldl hdl and total blood cholesterol

4 Factors that Affect LDL Cholesterol

In familial hypercholesterolaemic subjects of similar age, gender, body mass index, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and genetic factors that could influence coronary heart disease risk, plasma HDL cholesterol values and total/HDL cholesterol ratios are two important coronary risk zi255.com by: What factors influence LDL, HDL, and total blood cholesterol? (10 pts.) A few factors that influence LDL, HDL and total blood cholesterol are diet, how much fat is consumed in the diet, physical activity, family history and even age is a factor.

Lipoproteins are made of fat and protein, and serve as vehicles for your cholesterol to travel through the blood. The chllesterol is important to understand. HDL clears from the body via the liver. HDL may therefore prevent the buildup of plaque, choleserol your arteries, and protect you from atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. The higher your HDL cholesterol numbers, the lower your risk is for heart disease, vascular disease, and stroke. Lastly, although primarily used to decrease high LDL, some statin medications may potentially increase HDL levels moderately.

Any medical treatment option should be discussed with your doctor. It carries cholesterol to your arteries, where it may collect in the vessel walls and contribute to plaque formation, known as atherosclerosis.

This can lead to decreased blood flow to the heart muscle coronary artery diseaseleg muscles peripheral artery diseaseor abrupt closure of an artery in the heart or brain, leading to a heart choleterol or stroke. For LDL, the lower the number the better. Obesity, a large waist circumference, a sedentary lifestyle, or a diet rich in red meat, full-fat dairy, saturated fat, trans fats, and processed foods can lead to high LDL cholesterol.

Lifestyle and diet changes are the main ways to prevent or lower high LDL. A trial of eating a low-fat diet, regular aerobic activity, maintaining a healthy weight, and smaller waist circumference is an appropriate first step. It is best to set a timeline to achieve your goals with your doctor. In some cases, if those lifestyle changes are not enough, your physician may suggest a cholesterol lowering medication, such what factors influence ldl hdl and total blood cholesterol a statin.

If you are considering over-the-counter cholesterkl or ayurvedic medications for cholesterol, please discuss those with your physician first as well. Vholesterol, very high LDL is genetic and passed down in families. This condition can lead to very high LDL levels, and heart attack or stroke at a young age in multiple generations. Those individuals may require special medical treatment for prevention and treatment of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

Remember, knowledge is the cholestwrol step. That will give you and your physician a starting point for lifestyle changes and medications if needed. In the meantime, adopt a heart-healthy lifestyleand do it with friends and family no matter their ages. I had no idea there are so many non-medical experts until reading the above comments! We can certainly save a lot of money by not going to a medical doctor and, instead, consult with so how to use panasonic lumix lx7 experts.

Thank you for your expertise! I bet if anyone follows your advice and has any problems; you can be sued and prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license. By the way, all stains are off patent! The last one to lose patent protection was Crestor what am i supposed to do without you there are 5 generic makers on the market. So they are not the most expenses drugs on the planet! When we lower cholesterol by prescribing statins we risk masking the symptom while patients may or may not follow through with lifestyle changes.

Indeed, there is a real risk that some people may incorrectly assume because they are on the statin, they are safe continuing to eat a poor diet and not exercising. For these reasons, some docs question the value of statins altogether. Please consider the full story next time you write about cholesterol and cholesterol reducing therapies. The most profitable and prescribed class of drugs on the planet. You failed to list the horrific sides.

I rather die of a heart attack at 60 than take a statin and risk totl now of rhabdomyolytis, liver damage or diabetes among others. Statins are for people cholestegol genetic issues related to cholesterol. Why does cessation of the smoking habit lowers cholesterol? Because it causes inflammation. Its the inflammation that is the problem.

Take an anti histamine. Exercise is pretty good tho, but too much cardio is damaging. Go lift some moderate weights with a qualified trainer and look better and live longer. Stop eating junk. The information presented and guidelines offered in this article have been contested successfully in recent times, to put it lightly.

Please do. Interestingly, cholesterol is controlled by an enzyme, UBIAD1, that also controls calcium behavior and is essential to create the form of vitamin K2 that we make endogenously, Menaquinone-4 MK When CKD patients were given vitamin K2, their cholesterol levels dropped and then, when supplementation stopped, their levels renounded. Messed up K status leads to weakened bones and ossified arteries, measured as CAC.

The best predictor of a cardiovascular event is CAC. This exceeds all the lipids measures into which cardiology has so invested. Statins increase CAC. Vitamin K2 is created from all dietary forms of vitamin K K1 and all forms of K2 but this isi mssed because of upstream mistakes surrounding cholesterol understanding.

Fermented full fat dairy is high in long chain K2, yet such as this diatribe would make it seem that reduced fat dairy has better health outcome. This is incorrect; the K2 is in the fats. Organ meats are also high in long chain K2. We have lost many foods high in K2, messed with K actions via bad dietary understanding, and toxic drugs and thus made folks have poorer K status which leads to more CAC, indicative of atheroscerosis.

This article is mainstream understanding, the mainstream narrative, but it is incorrect. Mainstream cardiology has led us astray. Understanding and improving what is hydrogenation of oil strength Adult acne: Understanding underlying causes and Numb from the news?

Understanding why and what to do Diabetic retinopathy: Ahd diabetes-related.


Aug 02, If you consume highly fatty food that contains a high amount of saturated fat, it will impact your blood cholesterol levels hugely. The total cholesterol level or the average and the LDL cholesterol levels will be high after a fatty diet. Usually eggs, red meat and fatty fried foods are the culprits in . LDL is the main source of artery-clogging plaque. HDL, on the other hand, clears cholesterol from your blood. Besides LDL and HDL, theres another kind of fat in your blood called triglycerides. May 10, LDL cholesterol: mmol/L or less. HDL cholesterol: mmol/L or more. TChol/HDL ratio: or less. That is, TChol divided by your HDL cholesterol. That reflects the fact that for any given TChol level, the more HDL, the better. Factors affecting the blood cholesterol level. To an extent, blood cholesterol level can differ on the basis of your diet.

Many factors can have a serious impact on the cholesterol levels in the body. To control these levels, having a proper and well-maintained diet is the most important thing on the priority list. Cholesterol and the saturated fat available in the food you consume increases the cholesterol levels in your blood. The prime factor is the saturated fat; however, you cannot undermine the importance of the cholesterol contents available in your food.

You must consume foods that contain a reduced amount of saturated fat and cholesterol to decrease the blood cholesterol level. You can also refer a cholesterol level chart to keep track of your blood cholesterol. In a cholesterol level chart, you would find the various levels which would help you decide in which section the cholesterol level falls. The following points are essential as they contribute to knowing the factors that affect the cholesterol levels in the body. Body weight is an indicator of your cholesterol levels When your blood cholesterol levels rise, you become very susceptible to heart diseases.

As per the cholesterol level chart, weight is an important risk factor for heart ailments. However, when one starts to lose weight, they can reduce the level of LDL cholesterol. It also helps reduce the triglyceride levels and optimize the HDL cholesterol levels. Never underestimate the importance of physical activity Physical activity is an important aspect that you need to consider.

If you are not physically active, you are putting yourself at risk for heart diseases. Regular physical activity not only reduces the LDL or bad cholesterol levels but also increases the HDL or good cholesterol levels. When you are physically active, achieving the desired weight loss goal becomes easier.

Focusing on being physically active at least for 30 minutes a day will help you see LDL levels decline on the cholesterol level chart. Other factors that affect your cholesterol levels Your age and gender have some influence in determining the cholesterol levels in the body. Cholesterol levels go up as one ages. Women tend to have reduced levels of cholesterol prior to menopause as compared to men of the same age.

Once women pass the age of menopause, the LDL levels start to increase. Hereditary factors also play an important role because the genes decide the amount of cholesterol your body makes to a certain extent.

It has been observed that elated blood cholesterol levels run in families. It can be described as a low cholesterol and low-saturated fat eating plan. The TLC diet plan promotes the consumption of a wide range of tasty and nutritious foods including a moderate quantity of lean meats, skinless poultry, low-fat dairy products, fish, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.

It defines the adequate calorie intake to sustain a healthy weight. If you can manage to lower your LDL levels by limiting cholesterol and saturated fat consumption, you can increase the quantity of soluble fiber in your diet.

It is a good option to add specific food products that comprise naturally occurring ingredients found in certain plants to your TLC diet to strengthen its ability to lower LDL. Weight management is important Apart from following the TLC diet, one has to focus on weight management.

If overweight, one should make efforts to lose weight to stabilize LDL levels. Men above a inch waistline and women above a inch waistline can be considered as overweight.

If overweight, one would need to exercise in order to reduce their LDL levels and maintain a desirable level as per the cholesterol level chart. Medications also offer good results Although some people depend on medications to reduce their cholesterol levels; they have to make the necessary lifestyle changes to decrease the risk of heart diseases.

Some of the most common medicines that can be used to reduce cholesterol include Statins, cholesterol absorption inhibitors, bile acid sequestrants, vitamins, and supplements. These types of medications use different ways to control the cholesterol levels in your body. For example, Statins prevents the liver from creating cholesterol, while bile acid sequestrants reduce the quantity of fat absorbed from the food.

Cholesterol absorption inhibitors reduce triglycerides and also reduce the quantity of cholesterol absorbed from the food. A cholesterol level chart will offer useful information regarding the levels. One can know what desirable levels needed with the help of such a chart.

A cholesterol level chart displays desirable, borderline high, and high cholesterol levels which will help you know what type one falls in and what are the measures one can take to curb it. Some of the best cholesterol level charts also show the details of total cholesterol levels, LDL cholesterol levels, HDL cholesterol levels, and triglycerides. The bottom line is that you need to follow a healthy lifestyle to enjoy optimal resistance against cholesterol-related health problems and following a cholesterol level chart will help you effectively do this.

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