What does lol jk mean

what does lol jk mean

Arguments Against Vaccination: What Does the Bible Say?

1) LOL, JK - The 'textual communication' version of "Laughing Out Loud, Just Kidding". Popularly and incorrectly theorised to to actually mean "Laughing Out Loud, Joke" Browse. LOL, jk means Laughing Out Loud, Just Kidding. This acronym/slang usually belongs to Internet Slang, Chat Texting & Subculture category.

Increasing numbers of parents are finding plenty of arguments against vaccination, including the reality that vaccines go against what the Bible says and what God wants for His creation.

In this article, Danielle sheds some how to blow a fox hunting horn on why Christians may want to rethink vaccinesand why it is essential to protect our religious freedoms.

You have a baby; you get vaccines and whatever treatments your doctor says he needs. But how about investigating the arguments against vaccination? Does the Bible even talk about vaccines? He then developed pasteurization, a way to heat food and kill microbes that may cause illness or disease. But, pasteurization also kills beneficial bacteria and enzymes.

It is what our modern medical system, and vaccines, are based on. But vaccines? Where does it talk about that? Did God create Adam and then realize He made a mistake? Did He miss something in the immune system? Do we really think we can improve on His creation?

That sounds more like pride rather than wisdom to me. Human nature is to want to improve on things. We think that what are the different attitude of a scientist can make things easier and better for ourselves remember how the tower of Babel turned out?

The Bible makes clear that life begins at conception. It says that every child is a gift from God Psalm If Jesus were here today, I am not sure if What is a preface in a research paper would be carrying a sign, but we can agree He would be pro-life. Many are surprised to find that in fact, vaccines do contain aborted fetal ti s sueincluding lung and kidney tissue.

This is because scientists grow live vaccines in living tissue. You can find aborted fetal tissue in 23 total vaccinesincluding:. However, there is evidence that this is an ongoing practice. Even more concerning are the implications of using cells from fetuses, as DNA fragments in vaccines have been implicated in autism spectrum disordersas well as increasing gender identity disorders.

Consider that God forbade His holy people to drink blood, eat blood, or even mix it with certain other sacrifices. He what does antisocial mean in psychology in Leviticus 17 that the life of the animal is in its blood, and thus is what atones them from their sacrifice, pointing to the ultimate Atonement, Jesus. Yet, we find that there are animal by-products in vaccines.

Not only are vaccines contaminated with DNA fragments from aborted fetuses, but also from animals, as they are grown in things like monkey and dog kidneys. These ingredients include carcinogensneurotoxins, animal viruses, animal blood, allergens, and heavy metals.

These ingredients can cause serious harm and even death to the body. Why hold them in esteem? We have to believe that He has our best in mind Jeremiah because He does. We are called to be in this world, but not of it. And that often means going against the grain, walking the narrow path, and seeking His will alone.

This applies to our relationships, our words, our work, our actions, and yes, our health decisions. The fear created by overzealous vaccine campaigns is real. Those advertisements are designed to provoke an emotional response, to make you fear your child becoming sick.

However, when we make decisions due to fear, we miss out on hearing from God about what He wants for our lives. What causes indentations in legs we instead trust His perfect design, we can make decisions from a place of education, with a sound mind, and empower ourselves to make healthy choices for our kids. As Christians, there are plenty of arguments against vaccinations that are supported by biblical truth. Sadly, some states have already removed religious exemptions from vaccines, what does lol jk mean still others have also removed vaccine exemptions based on philosophical beliefs, leaving parents to rely on doctors willing to support a medical exemption, which are hard to come by.

Vote your conscience and learn what your representatives believe about parental rights when it comes to vaccines. Sadly, exemption for religious reasons is not an option in MS. We homeschool our children, but they will eventually need to attend college. Do you have any suggestions on how to avoid the vaccine requirement in MS once our children reach college age?

Maybe attend college out of state? Pray things change before your children reach that age? Vote in such a way as to create that change. And consider alternative schooling options- apprenticing, online schooling, etc.

There are a ton of things that ANY one of us can do to stop and even reverse our rights as Americans. If you ask God, he will give you direction. Do what you can, to influence those in your life. Making a meeting with whoever will listen at your school or board, Educate them the irrefutable facts of vaccine dangers but more importantly, Nutrition alone will do more offensively than vaccines will do defensively.

This link is a videotaped deposition on YouTube of Stanley Plotkin admitting to using aborted fetal cells in vaccines. I think another poster also provided a link Explaining that they also experimented on orphans. If you attack someone who is sharing the truth without Doing research then it just makes you appear ignorant.

This is in reference to the woman calling her a liar! We all have to stand before God some day and give an account for our actions. How do you think God feels about injecting elective aborted fetus tissue into our bodies or forcing our children who do not have a choice to do this? Calling another Christian a liar for speaking the truth. The truth will set you free. Your comments are on target, Misty. It saddens and even disgusts me at times how Christians seem to think that the medical profession is mostly above reproach.

Whatever their doctors and the government tells them about health and medicine is easily believed and trusted, without most people ever doing their own research. Meanwhile these same trusting people frequently bemoan their health problems, especially the worsening health of American children, and think it is just normal. It takes effort to learn and to change eating habits, etc. Find a holistic dr. They will sign off on a medical exemption. So many colleges do online courses now.

He can also Clep most freshman and sophomore level classes. Online college. I will not vaccinate them for college and undo everything we have worked so hard to protect them against. Although, I pray that things have changed by them. There is an online accredited college now for homeschooled kids. Accreditation has its own problem and is yet another man-made system we Christians must not idolize.

Thank goodness there is now online education for college degrees! Not only are they not being influenced by peers in sinful manners but they can get a full education and stay true to their spiritual and physical values! No peer pressure nor the normal temptations that just come with college life. Its homeschool with degrees. How many children are you allowed to have in china It has truly been a amazing experience.

My bible studies are in perfect alignment with my school studies so that I am not believing the indoctrination that is just unavoidable. I am not saying anyone should wait that long but everyone does need God and the bible what it actually says, what does lol jk mean what we were taught first.

Just keep praying. How to we respond to courts in regards to vaccinations when asked if we would do blood transfusions, antibiotics, organ transplants if need be? I believe the 2 are not comparable. Vaccinations are given to healthy people other are given to unhealthy people. There used to be a Titer test blood test that you could take in place of having to get vaccines.

My Chiropractor has it done for his children and used it as a form of exemption. I had one day about 8 years ago. Hope this helps! I believe this to be true. Also, of we work on building the immune system naturally. I am so glad to find this article. There are several nurses in my church who think they are doing such a great thing giving flu shots and Gardasil. I also have thought that the aborted baby DNA is contributing to the gender identity issue. I have a dilemma.

Our daughter gave birth to a baby girl that has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. She is adamant about us getting a flu shot in order to be around the baby. I would add that all of us are saved believers but, despite my biblical insights, she is firmly set on us having the flu shot, despite the fact that there are only 3 strains that it has any affect on.

101 Social Media Acronyms and Abbreviations (And What They Mean!)

J.K. – mean Just Kidding. The joke is that girls are growing up with “growing” high shoes. It’s very interesting to change the image of LOL Surprise dolls. LOL Surprise J.K. Mini Fashion doll are small copies of LOL Surprise OMG dolls of the first series – Swag, Royal Bee, Neonlisiuos and Lady Diva. Aug 19,  · Music by Falun Dafa practitioners, zi255.com Are Being Killed For Their Organs, You Might Be Next! zi255.com?v=5WtQ_Yx. What does "LOL jk" mean? Lol jk, I know what it means ;). 31 likes · 1 talking about this. this was created with much thought about the name. LOL jk, i made it zi255.comers:

We always hear that texting is a scourge. The idea is that texting spells the decline and fall of any kind of serious literacy, or at least writing ability, among young people in the United States and now the whole world today. The fact of the matter is that it just isn't true, and it's easy to think that it is true, but in order to see it in another way, in order to see that actually texting is a miraculous thing, not just energetic, but a miraculous thing, a kind of emergent complexity that we're seeing happening right now, we have to pull the camera back for a bit and look at what language really is, in which case, one thing that we see is that texting is not writing at all.

What do I mean by that? Basically, if we think about language, language has existed for perhaps , years, at least 80, years, and what it arose as is speech. People talked. That's what we're probably genetically specified for.

That's how we use language most. Writing is something that came along much later, and as we saw in the last talk, there's a little bit of controversy as to exactly when that happened, but according to traditional estimates, if humanity had existed for 24 hours, then writing only came along at about p. That's how much of a latterly thing writing is.

So first there's speech, and then writing comes along as a kind of artifice. Now don't get me wrong, writing has certain advantages. When you write, because it's a conscious process, because you can look backwards, you can do things with language that are much less likely if you're just talking. That's beautiful, but let's face it, nobody talks that way. Or at least, they shouldn't if they're interested in reproducing. That — Laughter is not the way any human being speaks casually.

Casual speech is something quite different. Linguists have actually shown that when we're speaking casually in an unmonitored way, we tend to speak in word packets of maybe seven to 10 words. You'll notice this if you ever have occasion to record yourself or a group of people talking. That's what speech is like. Speech is much looser. It's much more telegraphic. It's much less reflective — very different from writing. So we naturally tend to think, because we see language written so often, that that's what language is, but actually what language is, is speech.

They are two things. Now of course, as history has gone by, it's been natural for there to be a certain amount of bleed between speech and writing.

So, for example, in a distant era now, it was common when one gave a speech to basically talk like writing. So I mean the kind of speech that you see someone giving in an old movie where they clear their throat, and they go, "Ahem, ladies and gentlemen," and then they speak in a certain way which has nothing to do with casual speech.

It's formal. It uses long sentences like this Gibbon one. It's basically talking like you write, and so, for example, we're thinking so much these days about Lincoln because of the movie. The Gettysburg Address was not the main meal of that event. For two hours before that, Edward Everett spoke on a topic that, frankly, cannot engage us today and barely did then. The point of it was to listen to him speaking like writing. Ordinary people stood and listened to that for two hours. It was perfectly natural.

That's what people did then, speaking like writing. Well, if you can speak like writing, then logically it follows that you might want to also sometimes write like you speak.

The problem was just that in the material, mechanical sense, that was harder back in the day for the simple reason that materials don't lend themselves to it. It's almost impossible to do that with your hand except in shorthand, and then communication is limited. On a manual typewriter it was very difficult, and even when we had electric typewriters, or then computer keyboards, the fact is that even if you can type easily enough to keep up with the pace of speech, more or less, you have to have somebody who can receive your message quickly.

Once you have things in your pocket that can receive that message, then you have the conditions that allow that we can write like we speak. And that's where texting comes in. And so, texting is very loose in its structure.

No one thinks about capital letters or punctuation when one texts, but then again, do you think about those things when you talk? No, and so therefore why would you when you were texting? What texting is, despite the fact that it involves the brute mechanics of something that we call writing, is fingered speech. That's what texting is. Now we can write the way we talk. And it's a very interesting thing, but nevertheless easy to think that still it represents some sort of decline.

We see this general bagginess of the structure, the lack of concern with rules and the way that we're used to learning on the blackboard, and so we think that something has gone wrong. It's a very natural sense. But the fact of the matter is that what is going on is a kind of emergent complexity.

That's what we're seeing in this fingered speech. And in order to understand it, what we want to see is the way, in this new kind of language, there is new structure coming up. And so, for example, there is in texting a convention, which is LOL. Now LOL, we generally think of as meaning "laughing out loud. But if you text now, or if you are someone who is aware of the substrate of texting the way it's become, you'll notice that LOL does not mean laughing out loud anymore.

It's evolved into something that is much subtler. This is an actual text that was done by a non-male person of about 20 years old not too long ago. Now if you think about it, that's not funny. No one's laughing. Laughter And yet, there it is, so you assume there's been some kind of hiccup. Then Susan says "lol, I know," again more guffawing than we're used to when you're talking about these inconveniences.

She's not amused. Let's think about it. LOL is being used in a very particular way. It's a marker of empathy. It's a marker of accommodation. We linguists call things like that pragmatic particles. Any spoken language that's used by real people has them. If you happen to speak Japanese, think about that little word "ne" that you use at the end of a lot of sentences.

If you listen to the way black youth today speak, think about the use of the word "yo. A pragmatic particle, that's what LOL has gradually become. It's a way of using the language between actual people. Another example is "slash. Slash is used in a very different way in texting among young people today.

It's used to change the scene. So for example, this Sally person says, "So I need to find people to chill with" and Jake says, "Haha" — you could write a dissertation about "Haha" too, but we don't have time for that — "Haha so you're going by yourself? Jake: "Haha.

Slash I'm watching this video with suns players trying to shoot with one eye. The slash is interesting. I don't really even know what Jake is talking about after that, but you notice that he's changing the topic. Now that seems kind of mundane, but think about how in real life, if we're having a conversation and we want to change the topic, there are ways of doing it gracefully. You don't just zip right into it.

You'll pat your thighs and look wistfully off into the distance, or you'll say something like, "Hmm, makes you think —" when it really didn't, but what you're really — Laughter — what you're really trying to do is change the topic. You can't do that while you're texting, and so ways are developing of doing it within this medium.

All spoken languages have what a linguist calls a new information marker — or two, or three. Texting has developed one from this slash. So we have a whole battery of new constructions that are developing, and yet it's easy to think, well, something is still wrong. There's a lack of structure of some sort. It's not as sophisticated as the language of The Wall Street Journal.

Well, the fact of the matter is, look at this person in , and this is when texting doesn't exist, "I Love Lucy" is still on the air. We've heard that sort of thing before, not just in This is the time when we all assume that everything somehow in terms of writing was perfect because the people on "Downton Abbey" are articulate, or something like that.

So, "From every college in the country goes up the cry, 'Our freshmen can't spell, can't punctuate. And so on. You can go even further back than this. It's the President of Harvard.

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