What does good mean in spanish

what does good mean in spanish

What does this word mean?

better (comparative) best (superlative) When good is part of a set combination, eg in a good temper, a good deal of, good heavens, look up the noun. The commonest translation of good is bueno, which must be shortened to [buen] before a masculine singular noun. 1 (satisfactory) bueno. Spanish Translation. bueno. More Spanish words for good. buen adjective. good. bueno adjective. nice, kind, right, fine, okay.

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On my midquarter progress report, my Spanish teacher put the comment "Requete bien. Nowadays people will say Super bien, super feo, etc. You could do that or post it on yahoo answers for a response eman someone that speaks the language. Spansh News. Simone Biles's departure puts pressure on Nike. Multimillionaire's son admits to fatal Lamborghini crash. Flu's disappearance during pandemic worries experts. Dog outruns sprinters in track and field race. OSU students: Sever ties with Columbus police.

Lohan's dad arrested for on patients to rehabs. Bunny steals the show at Giants game. Black woman protecting another in standoff goes viral. Inside 'very specific' process behind McDonald's fries. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. That means something like "reaaaaally good! You could say requete lindo Requetebien means very well! Still have what foods have high mercury levels Get your answers by asking now.

What Is a Superlative?

Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over other languages. 1. (nice day) a. buen dia. Have a good day, kids! ?Que tengan un buen dia, ninos! b. dia bueno. Last Sunday was a good day for our soccer zi255.com domingo pasado fue un dia bueno para nuestro equipo de futbol. 2. (salutation in the morning) a. buenos dias. Good day, Mrs. Brown! What does this word mean? . wuht. duhz. thihs. wuhrd. min.) A phrase is a group of words commonly used together (e.g once upon a time).

Yeah, I could employ the subjunctive when called for, and I could even manage the complex form of the conditional contrary to fact. One of my teachers, both in the classroom and in the bars, was a man named Miguel. Miguel was a very educated man with an enormous vocabulary which he was always exercising on me.

I learned much of this from him. I first heard it used by my friend Miguel to characterize his boss, Pedro. Tonto de remate by matadornetwork. Hasta el rabo by matadornetwork. Tomar el pelo by matadornetwork. Mas cara que espalda by matadornetwork. Miguel might have also said that about Pedro. Corto de luces by matadornetwork. And the picture on the peseta note was Manuel de Falla, who wrote some beautiful music, but was no George Washington when it came to rugged good looks.

Mas feo by matadornetwork. This is a word that you have to be a little careful about. It means different things in Spain and in Latin America. Or maybe just in a perpetual good mood. In Ecuador, where I also lived, I once described a woman as cachonda, and received a table full of shocked looks. It seems in Latin America cachondo means horny or oversexed. Sluttish might actually be a good translation, when applied to a human. That took a lot of explaining to keep from getting a drink thrown at me.

Cachondo by matadornetwork. This is a perfectly good and useful word in Spain. In Mexico, however, coger means something entirely different.

Be careful. Coger by matadornetwork. I love this word. Trending Videos View All Videos. Sponsored Go beyond the pavement with Kina Pickett Feb 10, Sponsored Hauling home for the holidays with the Picketts Dec 3, Sponsored Your secluded Los Cabos sanctuary Nov 5, Top Countries.

United States. Puerto Rico. Top Cities View All Destinations. Buenos Aires. Dallas-Fort Worth. Mexico City. Trending Countries. Trending Cities. Our Trips. Travel Map. About Matador Careers Advertise. Our Trips Newsletter Contribute. I first lived in Spain, and learned the language , more than 30 years ago.

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