What does fut mean in french

what does fut mean in french

laissez faire

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Laissez faire definition, the theory or system of government that upholds the autonomous character of the economic order, believing that government should intervene as little as possible in the direction of economic affairs. See more. English francais / French Espanol / Spanish ?? / Chinese ??????? / Arabic Deutsch / German Dansk / Danish Dutch / Nederlands Italiano / Italian ????? Squad Battles FUT 11 goals in 6 games from CM, his runs are brilliant, 's with the striker are great. He hasn't missed anything yet, I mean . Vu definition, volume unit. See more. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. ,

Fast food restaurants are as busy as ever during the pandemic thanks to conveniences like drive-thrus and relatively inexpensive prices. But which ones are the most popular? TOP Data has compiled information to determine the top five fast food restaurants in each of the lower 48 states. The data was collected from June 12, to June 12, Including a few months worth of pandemic quarantine in the study may have contributed to Sonic, a drive-in restaurant, being the most popular in 14 states.

That doesn't mean spots like McDonald's or Subway are slacking though, since they both appear in every state's top five. Chick-fil-A, often considered a Southern chain, makes a strong showing in Alabama with third place.

Between great year-round weather and COVID social distancing concerns, it makes sense that a drive-in restaurant like Sonic would do well in Arizona. Sonic is the most popular fast food stop in Arkansas as well, while Chick-fil-A rounds out the top five. Perennial favorite McDonald's is tops in California, which was where the company was founded in The beloved Southwestern U. Coloradans love their chicken sandwiches, apparently, since Chick-fil-A is tops in their state.

Interestingly, Chipotle, which was founded in Colorado, doesn't even make the top five here. Known for its square hamburger patties, chili and Frostys, Wendy's is the most popular fast food in Connecticut. Subway rounds out the top five, something it does in an impressive 30 other states.

Who knew Delaware enjoyed its fried chicken sandwiches so much? Chick-fil-A heads up the list here, followed by Taco Bell. Chick-fil-A is headquartered in neighboring Georgia, so it's not too surprising that those iconic chicken sandwiches are the most popular in Florida. It is a little surprising that Chick-fil-A only comes in at fourth in the state where it started and is headquartered, but it's hard to beat the big guys like McDonald's, Taco Bell and Subway.

Idaho preferring Sonic over all other fast food is a little bit of an anomaly compared to surrounding states. Interestingly, four states that border Idaho choose Wendy's, but it's not even in the top five here. Remember the Wendy's SuperBar buffet from the 80s and 90s? I bet a lot of Illinois residents do, where Wendy's is the most popular fast food option.

Burger King, the home of the Whopper, comes in second. Fried pork tenderloin sandwiches are an Indiana specialty, so it makes sense that the most popular fast food chain specializes in a similar item, fried chicken sandwiches. Mexican food is tops in Iowa, where Taco Bell is the most popular fast food choice. The chain was founded in California and is known for its collaborations with brands like Mountain Dew and Doritos, which appeals to young people.

It's no surprise that Sonic takes the top spot in Kansas since it's next to the state where it was founded. Kentuckians, too, enjoy a good drive-in like Sonic, which is the most popular fast food in the state.

I wonder if there's ever been a mint julep slush? Fried chicken is king of fast food in Louisiana. Popeyes, with its spicy, crunchy chicken, takes the top spot Ч which is fitting as the restaurant was founded in New Orleans in Ч Raising Cane's, a chicken finger restaurant, takes third. Raising Cane's was founded in the state in , so it makes sense that this is the only state where it's in the top five. This is only one of two states where KFC breaks the top five.

There are no crab cakes sold in Maryland's top five fast food restaurants, where Chick-fil-A is the most popular. But, you can get seafood salad at Subway, which comes in fifth place.

Tacos, burritos and Crunchwraps are favorites in Massachusetts where Taco Bell is the most popular fast food. It joins three other states in the Northeast that also can't get enough of the Bell. Michiganders love Taco Bell too.

In fact, most of the upper Midwest does, where it appears in the top five in six other states. Mexican food is popular in Minnesota, where Taco Bell takes the top spot, and Chipotle brings up the rear.

This is the only state where Chipotle makes the list, and one of only three where Culver's makes the list. Way to be unique, Minnesota.

Cherry limeades and half-price happy hour are tops in Mississippi where Sonic is the most popular option. There are almost locations of the chain in the state. The drive-in model is also working well in Missouri where Sonic is the most popular.

Only Texas has more locations of the restaurant. Spicy chicken sandwiches and square burgers at Wendy's take the top spot in big sky country. Montanans also like their meats, because Arby's comes in second, one of only five states where it breaks the top five. Sonic dominates in Nebraska, but Arby's is also second in popularity here too. Roast beef and deli sandwiches are devoured on the plains.

Good old reliable McDonald's is the most popular in Nevada, but there are some interesting restaurants that made the list. Del Taco comes in second, and this is the only state where it cracks the top five. In-N-Out comes in fourth, and Panda Express, a Chinese-American restaurant that only appears on this list three times, rounds out the top five. New Hampshire is dominated by Taco Bell, just like all three states that border it. Wendy's is the most popular fast food in New Jersey. Along with the top spot in New York and Connecticut, it creates a densely populated triumvirate of red pigtails.

Maybe the dry, warm weather in New Mexico contributes to drive-in Sonic being the most popular fast food restaurant there. Taco Bell comes in second. The No. Sub sandwiches are less popular, but still make the grade, with Subway coming in fifth. Chick-fil-A makes a respectable showing in fourth place. McDonald's comes out on top in North Dakota, but it's the fifth spot that is unusual. Buffalo Wild Wings, a sports bar known for their countless wing sauces, makes its only appearance on this list.

They're presumably doing a lot more takeout during the pandemic than usual. Ohioans prefer to make a run for the border at Taco Bell above all other fast food. Wendy's, which was founded and is headquartered in the state, comes in second.

Sonic was founded as a drive-in in Oklahoma in , and today it's still the most popular fast food in the state, even if it's a huge corporation now. Two chains that tout healthy options and fresh vegetables take the last two spots: Panda Express and Subway. The world's most famous skinny fries at McDonald's are the most popular in Pennsylvania, followed by Wendy's skin-on fries, and Chick-fil-A's waffle fries.

The smallest state prefers McDonald's over the other big burger chains, with Taco Bell and Subway bringing up the rear. The drive-in model is a winner in South Carolina where Sonic takes the top spot. Chick-fil-A, which is headquartered in neighboring Georgia, comes in at third. Wisconsin-based Culver's, known for its butter burgers and frozen custard, is the most popular fast food restaurant in South Dakota.

Taco John's and its popular Potato Oles comes in fifth, one of only two states where it makes a list. People love to drive into a Sonic stall in Tennessee for a happy-hour shake.

On the other end of the list, Subway takes the fifth spot, the same spot it takes in 30 other states. Whataburger is a well loved Texas-based chain of burger restaurants, and it comes in second in its home state, the only place it appears on this list.

It wasn't able to surpass stalwart Sonic, however. The most popular fast food chain in Utah is Wendy's, where a cup of chili poured over a baked potato is a warming meal in winter. Subway beats out McDonald's here, one of only two states where that happens Ч the other is neighboring Idaho.

This is only the second state on this list to include KFC, and both are the second most favorite. Happy Meals are on the menu for a lot of families in Virginia, where McDonald's is the most popular fast food spot. Taco Bell and Chick-fil-A take the second and third spots in the list. Washingtonians must be big fans of spicy chicken sandwiches in order to push Wendy's to the top of the popularity list there.

Wendy's takes the top spot in West Virginia as well. Arby's is the third most popular fast food chain there, one of only five states where it appears in the top five.

It's no surprise that Culver's is the top choice in Wisconsin, where it's headquartered. It has built its brand around using Wisconsin ingredients, and brings the joy of fried cheese curds to the rest of the country.

Perhaps residents of Wyoming are fans of the Baconator and that's why Wendy's is the top choice. Taco John's brings up the rear here, one of only two states where it appears here.

Officer who shot Florida teens was 'unfit to serve,' lawsuit says. Oprah was 'surprised' at how open Prince Harry and Meghan were. Ad Microsoft. Full screen. Popularity Contest Fast food restaurants are as busy as ever during the pandemic thanks to conveniences like drive-thrus and relatively inexpensive prices. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

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