What does caesar mean in latin

what does caesar mean in latin

English words for Caesar include emperor, Casanova, cascade, detached and hitter. Find more Latin words at zi255.com! latin-ancient For the usual sign of an enemy's invasion, which is generally intimated by the burning of their towns, was forbidden by Caesar's orders; lest if he advanced far, forage and corn should become scarce, or the enemy be warned by the fires to make their escape.

Post Caesaris mortem stella crinita per septem dies fulsit. Glosbe uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Log in. English Latin English. Caesar in Latin English-Latin dictionary. Caesar proper masculine. After the death of Caesara comet shone for seven days. Iulius Caesar. Show algorithmically generated translations. Similar phrases.

Aquitania - in Caesar's Gallic War. Examples Add. The two armies being united, Caesar marched to Gomphi, which is the first town of Thessaly on the road from Epirus. Now, the Thessalians, a few months before, had of themselves sent embassadors to Caesaroffering him the free use of every thing in their power, and requesting a garrison for their protection. Coniuncto exercitu Caesar Gomphos pervenit, quod est oppidum primum Thessaliae venientibus ab Epiro; quae gens paucis ante mensibus ultro ad Caesarem legatos miserat, ut suis omnibus facultatibus uteretur, praesidiumque ab eo militum petierat.

Caesarperceiving that they persisted in their resolution, kept twenty cohorts in battle array, and, measuring out ground there for a camp, ordered it to be fortified. Quorum pertinacia cogruta Caesar XX cohortibus instructis castrisque eo loco metatis muniri iubet castra.

Meanwhile Caesarbeing distressed by want of corn, recalled all his forces to the camp; mewn having left garrisons at Leptis, Ruspina, and Acilla, ordered Cispius and Aquila to blockade with their fleets, the one Adrumetum, the other Thapsus, and setting fire to his camp at Uzita, he set out, in order of battle, at the fourth watch, disposed his baggage on the left, and came to Agar, which had been often vigorously attacked by the Getulians, and as valiantly defended by the inhabitants.

Caesar interim quoniam inopia frumenti premebatur, copias omnes in castra conducit atque praesidio Lepti Ruspinae Acyllae relicto, Cispio Aquilaeque classe tradita, ut alter Hadrumetum, alter Thapsum mari obsiderent, ipse castris incensis quarta noctis vigilia acie instructa impedimentis in sinistra parte collocatis ex eo loco proficiscitur et pervenit ad oppidum Aggar, quod a Gaetulis saepe antea oppugnatum summaque vi per ipsos oppidanos erat defensum.

A similar movement was made from Caesar's camp. Hoc idem fit ex castris Caesaris. Caesarafter he discovered through the Ubian scouts that the Suevi had retired into their woods, apprehending a scarcity of corn, because, as we have observed above, all the Germans pay very little attention to agriculture, resolved not to proceed any further; but, that he might not altogether relieve the barbarians from the fear of his return, and that he might delay their succors, having led back his army, he breaks down, to the length whqt feet, the further end of the bridge, which joined the banks of the Ubii, and at the extremity of the bridge raises towers of four stories, and stations a guard of twelve cohorts for the purpose of defending the bridge, and strengthens the place with considerable fortifications.

Caesarpostquam per Vbios exploratores comperit Suebos sese in silvas recepisse, inopiam frumenti veritus, quod, ut supra demonstravimus, minime omnes Germani agriculturae student, constituit non progredi longius; sed, ne omnino metum reditus sui barbaris tolleret atque ut eorum auxilia tardaret, doed exercitu partem ultimam pontis, quae ripas Vbiorum contingebat, in longitudinem pedum ducentorum rescindit atque in extremo ponte turrim tabulatorum quattuor constituit praesidiumque cohortium duodecim pontis tuendi causa ponit caeswr eum locum munitionibus firmat.

Caesarhaving thus made himself master of Alexandria and Egypt, lodged the government in the hands of those to whom Ptolemy had bequeathed it by will, conjuring the Roman people not to permit any change. Caesar Aegypto atque Alexandrea potitus reges constituit quos Ptolomaeus testamento scripserat atque obtestatus erat populum Romanum ne mutarentur. The dictator Caesar rivalled the greatest orators, and Augustus had an easy and fluent way of speaking, such as became a sovereign.

But afterward, when he found that Caesar was detained how to teach children english as a foreign language Massilia, that the forces of Petreius had effected a junction with the army of Afranius, that considerable reinforcements had come to their assistance, that there were great hopes and expectations, how to enable cookies in blackberry curve 9220 heard that the whole Hither province had entered into a confederacy, and of the difficulties to which Caesar dkes reduced afterward at Ilerda for want of provisions, and Afranius wrote to him a fuller and more exaggerated account of these matters, he caear to regulate his movements by those of fortune.

Postea vero, cum Caesarem ad Massiliam detineri cognovit, copias Petreii cum exercitu Afranii esse coniunctas, magna lqtin convenisse, magna esse in spe atque exspectari et consentire omnem citeriorem provinciam, quaeque postea acciderant, de angustiis ad Ilerdam rei fumentariae, accepit, atque haec ad eum latius atque inflatius Afranius perscribebat, se quoque ad motus fortunae movere coepit. For the usual sign of an enemy's invasion, which is generally intimated by the burning of their towns, was forbidden by Caesar's orders; lest if he advanced far, forage and corn should become scarce, or the enemy be warned by the fires to make their escape.

Namque etiam illud vulgare incursionis hostium signum, doea incendiis aedificiorum intellegi consuevit, Caesaris erat interdicto sublatum, ne aut copia pabuli frumentique, si longius progredi vellet, deficeretur, aut hostes incendius terrerentur. Nor did Pompey, as soon as he had notice of his design, make any delay to pursue him; but with a view to surprise them while encumbered with baggage on their march, and not yet recovered from their fright, he led his army out of his camp, and sent his cavalry on to retard our rear; but was not able to come up with them, because Caesar had got far before him, and marched without baggage.

Neque vero Pompeius cognito consilio eius moram ullam ad insequendum intulit; sed eodem spectans, si itinere impeditos perterritos deprehendere posset, exercitum e castris eduxit equitatumque praemisit ad novissimum agmen demorandum, neque consequi potuit, quod multum expedito itinere antecesserat Caesar. As for Caesar's saying that the Aedui had been styled 'brethren' by the senate, he was not so uncivilized nor so ignorant of affairs, as not to know that the Aedui in the very last war with the Allobroges had neither rendered assistance to the Caesqr, nor received any from what does caesar mean in latin Roman people in the struggles which the Aedui had been maintaining with him and with the Sequani.

Quod fratres a senatu Haeduos appellatos diceret, non se tam barbarum neque tam imperitum esse rerum ut non sciret neque bello Allobrogum mdan Haeduos Romanis auxilium tulisse neque ipsos in iis contentionibus quas Haedui secum et what type of satellites are there Sequanis habuissent auxilio populi Romani usos esse.

Prodit Libo atque excusat Bibulum, quod is iracundia summa erat inimicitiasque habebat etiam privatas cum Caesare ex aedilitate et praetura conceptas: ob eam causam colloquium vitasse, ne res maximae spei maximaeque utilitatis eius iracundia impedirentur. Caesarto spread devastation widely, divided his eager legions into four columns, and ravaged a space of fifty miles with fire and sword.

Caesar avidas legiones quo latior populatio foret quattuor in cuneos dispertit; quinquaginta milium spatium ferro flammisque pervastat.

In the consulship of Drusus Caesar and Caius Norbanus, Germanicus had a triumph decreed him, though war still lasted. And though whaf was for the summer campaign that he was most vigorously preparing, he anticipated it by a sudden inroad on the Chatti in the beginning of spring.

Druso Caesare C. Norbano consulibus decernitur Germanico triumphus manente bello; quod quamquam in aestatem summa ope parabat, initio veris et repentino in Chattos excursu praecepit. Together with these embassadors came Commius the Altrebatian, voes, as I have above said, wwhat been sent by Wjat into Britain.

Una cum his legatis Commius Atrebas venit, quem supra demonstraveram a Caesare in Britanniam praemissum. Next day as Caesar was preparing to set out with the army, notice was sent him by his spies, that Pompey had been in order of battle ever since midnight. Sequentique die cum what does caesar mean in latin facere Caesar cum copiis vellet, renuntiatum est a speculatoribus Pompeium de tertia vigilia in acie stetisse.

Domitius, who was scarce four hours' march distant, having got intelligence from these, by the courtesy of the enemy, avoided the danger, and met Caesar coming to join him at Aeginium, a town on the confines of and opposite to Thessaly.

A quibus Domitius certior factus vix IIII horarum spatio antecedens hostium beneficio periculum des et ad Aeginium, quod est oppidum obiectum Thessaliae, Caesari venienti occurrit. Caesar's cavalry, who had mounted the rampart by a narrow breach, being apprehensive of their retreat, were the first to flee.

Equitatus Caesarisquod angusto itinere per aggeres ascendebat, receptui suo timens initium fugae faciebat. These things being what does little bo peep look like from [some] prisoners and deserters, Caesarsending forward the cavalry, ordered the legions to follow them immediately.

Cassar rebus cognitis lati captivis perfugisque Caesar praemisso equitatu confestim legiones subsequi iussit. These matters being arranged, and Lucterius now checked and forced to retreat, because he thought it dangerous to enter the line of Roman garrisons, Caesar marches into the country of the Helvii; although mount Cevennes, which separates the Arverni what does caesar mean in latin the Helvii, blocked up the way with very altin snow, as it was the severest season of the year; yet having cleared away the snow to the depth of six feet, and having opened the roads, he reaches the territories of the Arverni, with infinite labor to his soldiers.

His rebus comparatis, represso iam Lucterio et remoto, quod intrare intra praesidia periculosum putabat, in Helvios proficiscitur. Etsi mons Cevenna, qui Arvernos ab Helviis discludit, durissimo tempore anni altissima nive iter impediebat, tamen discussa nive sex in altitudinem pedum atque ita viis patefactis summo militum sudore ad fines Arvernorum pervenit.

Then began a controversy. The one spoke of the greatness of Rome, the resources of Caesarthe dreadful punishment in store for the vanquished, the ready mercy for him who surrenders, and the fact that neither Arminius's wife nor his son were treated as enemies; the other, of the claims of fatherland, of ancestral freedom, of the gods of the homes of Germany, what does caesar mean in latin the mother who shared his prayers, that Flavus might not choose to be the deserter and betrayer rather than the ruler of his kinsfolk and relatives, and indeed of his own people.

Exim diversi ordiantur, hic magnitudinem Romanam, opes Caesaris et victis gravis poenas, in deditionem venienti paratam clementiam; neque coniugem et filium eius hostiliter haberi: ille fas patriae, libertatem avitam, penetralis Germaniae deos, matrem precum sociam; ne propinquorum et adfinium, iin gentis suae desertor et proditor quam imperator esse mallet.

But our men, when the signal was given, rushed forward with their javelins ready to be launched, but perceiving that Pompey's men did not run to meet their charge, having acquired experience by custom, and being practiced in former battles, they of their own accord repressed their speed, and how to configure outlook with gmail account almost midway; that they might not come up with the enemy when their strength was exhausted, and after a short respite they again renewed their course, and threw their javelins, and instantly drew their swords, as Caesar had ordered them.

Sed nostri milites dato signo cum infestis pilis procucurrissent atque animum advertissent non concurri a Pompeianis, usu periti ac superioribus pugnis exercitati sua sponte cursum represserunt et ad medium fere spatium constiterunt, ne consumptis viribus appropinquarent, parvoque intermisso temporis spatio ac rursus renovato cursu pila miserunt celeriterque, ut erat praeceptum a Caesaregladios strinxerunt.

Caesarhowever, while the vessels were coming up, ordered Silius, his lieutenant-general, to make an inroad on the Chatti with a flying column. Sed Caesardum adiguntur naves, Silium legatum cum expedita manu inruptionem in Chattos facere iubet: ipse audito castellum Lupiae flumini adpositum obsideri, sex legiones eo duxit. When these were almost basketball how to shoot better, Afranius and Petreius began to be greatly alarmed, lest they should be altogether cut off from corn and forage, because Caesar was very strong in cavalry.

His paene effectis magnum in timorem Afranius Petreiusque perveniunt, ne omnino frumento pabuloque intercluderentur, quod multum Caesar equitatu valebat.

And at this time Caesar's success in Spain was announced in Africa by cwesar and letters. Iamque Caesaris in Hispania res secundae in Africam nuntiis ac litteris perferebantur.

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Latin words for Caesar include Caesar and Caesar,. Find more Latin words at zi255.com! In Latin, "Caesar" means "hairy" or "having a full head of hair". It was an ironic surname for Julius Caesar who was half bald.

Asked by Wiki User. In Latin, "Caesar" means "hairy" or "having a full head of hair". It was an ironic surname for Julius Caesar who was half bald.

The name literally means, in Latin, "belonging to Julius Caesar ". It means to be a king in Russian and is derived from the Latin word Caesar e. Julius Caesar. Peter the great was a czar. This is latin, not spanish.

It means "Hail Caesar, we who are about to die salute you. Caesar mortuus est. In classical Latin it was Iulius Caesar. There was no letter J in Latin at that time - the letter i served both as a vowel and a consonant. Yes it is.

Diu Caesar vivat. Caesar erat Romanus. It means emperor, but it is interesting to note that Julius Caesar was never an emperor of Rome. He was dictator, and his successor Augustus was voted the new Caesar and became the first roman emperor.

The name Augustus itself is derived from the Latin verb augere, "to magnify; to extol". It means "majestic; venerable".

Julius Caesar spoke both Latin and Greek. Caesar Augustus is a male or boy as the name tells you. A Latin name with a "us" ending tells you that it is male or masculine. George W. Mitchell has written: 'An introduction to Latin prose' -- subject s : Latin language 'Latin composition based on Caesar' -- subject s : Latin language, Composition 'Latin composition based on Caesar' -- subject s : Latin language, Composition. Latin and Greek. Caesar means KING. Julius Caesar really had no influence on the development of the Spanish language.

The Romans had been in Spain for close to years before Caesar ever got there. The Latin language was well established in certain areas of the territory, from the original Roman settlers, traders and military. Spanish, as you know, developed from Latin, and Latin was there before Caesar. The latin word invictus means: unconquered. The latin root in- mean not and victus in latin means conquered. In ancient Rome Latin "tata" means daddy. The girl's name Juliana is of Latin origin, and it means soft hair.

Tsar, after the Latin Roman Caesar. A triumvirate means "three men". The first triumvirate consisted of Caesar, Pompey and Crassus. Julius Caesar conquered Gaul. You can read about it in the Bellum Gallico.

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