What do indian boys wear

what do indian boys wear

Indian Wear for Men | Complete Guide to Types of Mens Ethnic Wear

The most common traditional clothes that boys wear in India are kurta pajama, sherwani suits and dhoti kurta. All of them include a 2 piece ensemble - top and bottom and some come with dupatta/stole. We have plenty of options when it comes to dressing your little boys in ethnic Indian wear. Aug 04, Dhoti is comparable to lungi, but it is longer with additional material between the legs. Villagers wear pyjama-like trousers called lenga. The traditional dress for Indian men is a dhoti, kurta and gandhi topi or pagri. A dhoti is 6 feet long, and it is an unstitched garment that looks like a pair of pants when worn.

Indian wear for men is all about that ethnic look. Hey handsome! Indian fashion is renowned for its classy and sophisticated look. The wedding season drives most men in India to don the ethnic apparel, and browse through various styles and trends to create their unique style statement.

Indian wear for men have numerous options sherwanis, kurtas, jackets and more for all sorts of occasions. It stands for its richness and invian. Classic sherwanis are made in silk, rich cotton and brocade with traditional carved buttons, high neck collars and usually paired with chooridar pants or dhotis.

They are also accessorized with dupatta, kilangi, mala and jootis. The basic and simplest cut is usually straight with a slight flare, down to the knee, sometimes embroidered or embellished. Classic sherwani stands for its richness and has that timeless quality that never goes out of fashion.

Sherwanis originated as the northern Indian dress for the Mughal royalty and have evolved to wedding wear for men in the modern day. This a new trend. Sherwani with asymmetric collar and slit gives a stylish look. Designers are coming up with sherwanis in rich and exotic fabrics every season. Sherwanis is often made with heavier fabrics and are a popular choice for various formal occasions. Pair with chooridar or loose pants, matching jootis or shoes and a dupatta with it.

Sherwanis with jackets is becoming very popular these days. Jacket sherwani can be designed in many ways with a long or short jacket, buttoned or unbuttoned. Pair contrast color dhoti or patiala pants with your sherwani. With the latest trend in fashion, some men prefer comfortable clothing with a touch of western elegance. In such case, Indo western is the obvious choice the perfect fusion of Indian sherwani and western suits with the curved hemline.

Indo western sherwanis are designed with wht styles of high neck collars and cuts paired with dhoti or patiala pants to create an extraordinary look. Achkans are sherwanis, but with a button placket wewr the front. It can be plain, patterned or embroidered with heavy fabric like silk or brocade and paired with chooridar pants, dhotis or salwar.

Perfect for occasions like weddings, sangeet or festivals. Bundhgala is a hip-length Chinese what is sophocles antigone about jacket paired with trousers or jodhpuri pants.

It can be plain, patterned, embroidered or foil printed, made in heavy fabrics like silk or velvet. Perfect for sangeet or weddings.

Indian suits have the same cut as western suitsbut with an added Indian touch through fabrics, royal colors and embroidery or embellishments.

Indian suits come in common colors like maroon, burgundy, black, blue and grey. And the common fabrics used are rich cotton, brocade with Indian embroidery or sequin embellishments.

Semi formal Indian outfits work well for graduation ceremonies, orations, opening ceremonies, etc. Nehru jackets have many different styles and cuts. This simple jacket gives a classic, traditional look to the whole attire. Wfar kurta or plain sherwani with Nehru jacket, chooridar or salwar pants. If you are bored of wearing kurtas or regular shirts, then safari suit is a great idea for men who have subtle taste in fashion.

Pair a idian or khaki colored matching waist or hip length jacket with pants and wear any contrast color shirt or tee inside the jacket. Casual parties or festivals call for something ethnic, comfy and yet chic. Trendy and fashionable outfits may come and go, but the demand for traditional kurtas for men will always be there.

Kurtas are collared, chinese collared or v-neck shirts usually unbuttoned. Fabrics include cotton, indiann or brocade. They can be short or long sleeved, hip or knee length. Pair a plain or embroidered waht with matching or contrast color chooridar pants or jeans. One of inddian most worn casual dresses for different occasions around weddings and ceremonies.

Bandi is a waist coat you can wear a bandi with a plain, qear casual kurta paired with matching or colored what do indian boys wear pants. How to make burger buns soft form the bottoms of every traditional dress for man, inddian reserved for weddings or religious ceremonies.

They have traditionally been the garment of yogis, Brahmans and are still super popular amongst the men of southern India.

It can be a good idea to pair your sherwani with a traditional or unique dhoti pattern and style. Salwar or patiala salwars are also traditional and not something everyone would prefer to pair with their Indian dresses. But yes! If you wanna feel relaxed and comfortable, opt for these salwar pants to pair with the sherwani or kurta. Chooridars are Indian tight pants that are worn both by men and women.

They are also called jodhpuri pants and are a great option especially for formal occasions. Pair matching or contrast color of kurta or sherwani with chooridars. Pajamas are what are the advantages of oops for easy and comfortable how to reduce male breast through exercise, and are not qhat for bed time.

Great idea to pair with any casual kurta or sherwanis. From olden times until the present day, the most common accessory for Indian men has been a turban. In fact there are different types of turbans worn in different parts of India. They can be plain, bordered or printed in bos and dye pattern, made with silk, cotton or brocade. Dupatta is a symbol of elegance and even class.

Dupatta is the best accessory to pair with kurta or sherwani for the traditional look, and make the outfit more formal. Jootis, or pointy-toe Indian slip-on shoes can be plain or embellished. Match them with your kurta or sherwani you wear for the perfect wedding look!

Jewelry has always been essential for people who love to accessorize. There are different traditional jewelry pieces like kilangi turban broochbrooch and mala pearl or gold necklace for the Indian man to adorn himself. So did you like our complete list of different types of Indian wear for men? Lemme know! Comment below! Prior to taking up a career in fashion, Pinky graduated with a B. Com C. S from Ethiraj College.

She is also an art and a movie buff, she loves to read a lot of online stuff, mostly fashion! Although Pinky is keen on taking the fitness route in For questions or discussions, email [email protected] or tweet her coolbuddy Hi, Loved reading your post. Your fashion sense has always been admired by most of us! Indian dresses have their own charm.

It always makes me happy when i see young Indians give importance to how to be a bud light girl Indian ethnic wear. Nice one,please suggest me different dresses suitable for a president of college student council,especially for college functions. Shilpa Ahuja. For casual events, a kurta with jeans would be a great idea. Try white, cream, turquoise or maroon. For formal functions, go for Nehru jacket over kurta with chooridar pants, plain button-up sherwani achkan or bundhgala.

Hello, of course this post is genuinely nice and I loved this list and the way you put it in the image. Nivedita Saboo. Anita Dongre. Bharat Plaza. Raghavendra Rathore. Rohit Bal. Rohit Gandhi Rahul Khanna. India Mart. Kunal Rawal. Sonam Paras Modi. Manish Malhotra. Manyavar Manyavar Manyavar.

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Indian Womens Wear

Jun 08, Indian Mens Wear Kurta-Pyjama/Churidar. Along the same lines as the Salwar-Kameez in womens wear is the mens Kurta Pyjama. It consist Dhoti. The pancha in Telugu, called dhoti in Hindi, Laacha in Punjabi, mundu in Malayalam, dhuti . Oct 08, The traditional dress for Indian men essentially is Dhoti paired with Kurta and Gandhi Ttopi or Oagri. Dhoti is a six feet unstitched garment worn in a particular style which gives the pant effect rather than a skirt effect! It is paired with a stitched upper garment called Kurta which is normally longer than a shirt with two slits on each side.

India is a diverse country with different cultures and religions. The customs followed by Indian people vary across length and breadth of the country. Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, and Christianity, are some of the major religions people believe and follow.

Not only the religion affects the way people think, live and dress but also the region or the state they belong to has great influence. Traditionally the dress for Indian women devoid of caste, creed and culture is sari. Though sari is popularly believed to be the traditional dress for Indian women , there are other dresses that are either region specific or culture specific which are also considered to be part of Indian traditional dresses. In Kerala an older version of sari called Mundum Neriyathum is the traditional dress, where Mundu forms the lower garment and Neriyathu is the upper garment.

In other parts of the country the most popular traditional dress is sari which is draped in a variety of styles. For example, in Maharashtra the kachha style and in Gujarat front pallu style. However, with time the sense of dressing is evolved. Except for the older generation who are conservative and orthodox, the sari has been popularly replaced by Churidhar-Kurta and the Salwar Kameez.

Women of almost all the ages starting from 18 years old to 90 years old prefer dressing in Salwaar Kameez for their day to day life. The traditional garment Kurthi is worn as a top on jeans which gives a casual western look while still has the conservative elegance of Indian wear kurtha.

There is yet another class of Indian women who have taken a leap towards modernisation. These are again a section of females aged between 18 and 90 who are more influenced by the lifestyle and habitats rather than religion or culture of the regions. They believe in contemporary fashion and are more westernised.

Pants, skirts, minis, you name it and they wear it! Hijab Muslim women wear it as part of their tradition. It is a long and loose dress usually black in colour, gown like outer garment which is either worn on sari or Salwaar Kameez.

It is paired with a black head dress which has a black transparent face cover attached to it. Men, you can hardly find Indian men wearing traditional dress in the country today. Only during special occasions like weddings or festivals you will be able to find male section of the Indian society in traditional Indian dresses.

But yes, in rural parts of India and countable number of senior citizens can be seen in traditional dress as part of their daily life. Dhoti is a six feet unstitched garment worn in a particular style which gives the pant effect rather than a skirt effect! It is paired with a stitched upper garment called Kurta which is normally longer than a shirt with two slits on each side.

Sherwani is another type of dress with a long below the knee jacket styled coat or Kurta. It is usually worn with tight fitting pyjama like pants called churidars and sometimes a scarf is added to the attire. Again there are variations in this traditional dress depending on region and religion. Kurta-Pijama, Lungi-shirt which is popular in south India especially Tamil Nadu and Gujarati dress which has a typical style of pants and a frock style Kurta.

But from the time after the British rule men in India have adopted to the pant-shirt culture. Today you can see them in jeans, funky half pants, shirts and t-shirts, suits and such western outfits. Additionally the colour, texture and material are diverse as well. Depending on ethnicity and cultural preferences dresses and colour choices vary from occasion to occasion.

For example, red is considered as auspicious by Hindus for many sacred occasions and festivals for women, including for a bride to be married. White is worn by Hindus for mourning whereas Christians wear white to weddings.

People in India were once found wearing cotton clothes. Only the upper or the class of people who belonged to royal family wore silk or muslin clothing. With times the materials used for clothing have acquired high fashion standards.

India is changing and you surely need not worry much about what to wear in India next time you plan to visit here. Nice article breaking down this cultural style! Always like walking away from a blog learning something new!

Just a question, what do you call the band men wear over the one shoulder. They call it a thread I think. In afrikaans means draad. The Dhoti is one of the famous cloth of men in India, but mostly youngsters who goes to college and university etc, I mean students wears Pant shirt. I use to love wearing the dhoti as it is called but in punjab we tie it the other way round and it looks much impressive , especially when it has starch on it and with a White kurta on top .

I always like to wear traditional dress on festivals. Its feel like some thing special and my favorite traditional dress is dhoti kurta. Indian attire is truly unique in itself very elegant and colorful. Loved your photo Shalin you look very pretty in Salwar Kameez. I alwasy liked the bright colors of saris, so full of life. I know that Indian traditional dresses are awesom and whenever we saw someone in that traditional dresses we love them Well I like my wife in Saree but now a day it is really difficult to wear it daily because of busy working life.

The kind of range that you can find in Indian traditional wear, is unlikely to be found anywhere else. I love wearing a saree as it bring out best the beauty of a woman. You have put it really well, Shalu. A great post. I really enjoyed seeing the diversity of clothing styles when I visited Rajasthan last year. I prefer bright colors and things that sparkle, just like Indian women. Great article, Shalu. Indian man wears dhoti and woman choice is saree and also give a cute looks as everyone wants after clothing.

One thing also as EHSAN says that every college student wear pant and shirts but it is not right at all the time bcause their is choice and everyman can take the fun of choices. Every culture has unique identity. Well described. In my opinion, the sari is a very unique garment in India that is beautiful and brings out the femininity of a woman, in a dignified way.

I love the color and style of the Salwar Kameez that you wore and had shown in this post. Thanks for sharing! These are several types of outfits to be found in the world. I always prefer to wear these types of traditional on Indian Occasions. Did you notice that Sari and Dhoti both are just a rectangular piece of cloth? Probably the single common denominator between men and women clothing in traditional Indian dresses. Thank you for this very interesting article.

I am a completely kurti person i dnt remember when i have brought salwar kameejKurtis are my all time favorite i wear them on regular basis either with jeans, leggings or patiyalas. Very interesting blog and you precisely described what do Indian women and men wear and i really love Indian traditional part, you have perfectly described it and i love to read your blog. Great post!! Thanks for sharing about our Indian Culture. Everyone looks amazing when they wear Indian dresses.

This is a total breakdown of the Indian culture, very informative, though the clothing as you write are this day being wear during festive season and maybe something important as far as tradition demand it.

Nice work from you here. I like Sarhee in Indian dresses. Many people like Sarhee in indian dresses. Anyways, very nice post, thanks for sharing. Even I like wearing saree but only for some occasions. Very interesting article. Thanks for your advice.

I really enjoyed. My landlord was Tamil. At night he wore a lungi sometimes also spelled lunghi with a shirt. I tried wearing a lungi a few times. Bangalore is a little bit north of Tamil Nadu and has a lot of Tamil residents. This blog is very informative!! Nice share mam, These are several types of outfits to be found in the world.

Thanks for this article. I really thank once again for such good creative writing.. Hi nice article in current time Indian male most wear jins and t shirt.

Really nice post, we are big fans of Indian Sari in my country, so you gave me an idea for my next post : What do Moroccans wear? This is the perfect blog for anyone who really wants to find out about this topic. You realize a whole lot its almost tough to argue with you not that I actually would want toHaHa. You definitely put a new spin on a topic that has been written about for years.

Great stuff, just excellent!

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