What are performance skills in drama

what are performance skills in drama

Performance diplomas

Expressive skills • Voice • Movement • Gesture • Facial expression Performance Skills Performance skills are used to enhance performance and are inherent in all • Focus The ability of the actor to commit to their performance and the ability to sustain character through the use of • Timing Used. Apr 11,  · In this video, we explore the four performance skills that are taught within Drama. These are FOCUS, ACTOR-AUDIENCE RELATIONSHIP, TIMING and ENERGY. In this.

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GCSE Drama Performance skills learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers. Nov 02,  · On the flip side, strong focus will allow the four expressive skills of voice, movement, facial expressions and gesture to be powerful, believable and convincing in performance. So why doesn’t focus belong in this category? Here is my definition of focus I give my students. GCSE Drama Performance skills learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers.

It's been years since Total Drama has seen its original form; but over the years, the series has developed a community that lovingly remembers the drama and romance of its first season. This has inspired all manner of fan art, adaptations, and various fan fictions as to how the game should've gone.

The level of popularity and fanfare helped carry the series over seven traditional seasons and one spin-off. All of this success started with Total Drama Island , a competition between twenty-two cast members of varying backgrounds and skill. While this variety kept the show interesting, it also meant that some cast members were a little better and more competitive than others. As the first one eliminated, Ezekiel didn't get a lot of opportunities to prove his stuff. A humble, home schooled kid from the countryside, Ezekiel came to the series with minimal personality and some incredibly old world values.

After expressing these values to the female cast, Ezekiel showed why he was never going to last long in the show. Not only were Katie and Sadie every bit as giddy as a stereotypical, teenage girl should be, they had the survival skills to match—absolutely none whatsoever. This wouldn't play well in the game and due to her own poor sense of direction, Katie would unfortunately be eliminated first.

Sadie doesn't do much better without her cohort, Katie. While Sadie had slightly better judgement than Katie, she broke down after Katie was eliminated and had a hard time acting independently. After as mishap with Courtney and some apples, Sadie would get eliminated early. As Christ McLean put it, Justin was only included in the show because of his good looks. And, to be fair, his chiseled body did help on a couple of challenges.

Those good looks, however, didn't give him the personality or intelligence to keep himself from getting eliminated by Heather. While Noah certainly had plenty of brains, he wouldn't actually get to show that until Total Drama World Tour. In Total Drama Island , his own laziness and hubris would get the better of him and hold back the Screaming Gophers during the dodgeball challenge. Tyler came into the series as the pseudo-athlete that would supposedly be good at physical challenges.

While he did have the sports gear, he didn't portray the same strength and coordination, and he'd go on to be eliminated because of his own fear of chickens. Beth is the nice, nerdy girl that came into the reality series with all the innocence in the world. That very innocence and dependence would be challenged when she joined Heather's alliance.

While it was cathartic to see her challenge Heather's authority, that same independence didn't really keep her in the game.

Trent likely survived much longer in the game than he should've. Besides his catchy music , he didn't have many other talents. At best, he was a really likable guy that no one wanted to vote out. Once Heather took away that one trait, it didn't take long for him to be taken out of the island.

In a perfect world, Eva would've last significantly longer in the show. Because of her athleticism and competitive attitude, Eva was a strong woman could've shifted the tide for the Killer Bass during several challenges as well as dominate quite a few of the singles ones. Disappointingly, her poor attitude would get her eliminated early on during both of her appearances this season. Geoff was able to party his way through the series on nearly personality alone.

He had the social and teamwork skills that helped every group that he was a part of. However, as a challenger within his own right, Geoff didn't really stand out from the rest of the cast and survived mostly because of his personality. Bridgette's athleticism made her a force during several challenges, and her friendliness helped clear the mind of different competitors, friend or foe.

Those niceties would unfortunately be her downfall, as she would exclusively be voted off because of how pleasant she was. If people were just drafting team members for athletic challenges, D. His large frame and athleticism came in handy for most of the game. Yet, as strong as he was, D. Lindsay may have debuted as an airhead, but she was surprisingly sound during several challenges. This includes her tenacity during the extreme sports challenges and her drive during the biking challenge.

Though her commitment to Heather helped keep the duo in the game, it's that same loyalty that would cost her the game. Cody was never eliminated or targeted because of any personality traits or weaknesses on his own part. During his run in Total Drama Island , Cody's intelligence and versatility helped the Screaming Gophers during a couple of challenges; and as a team member, his support helped keep a few cast members stable, particularly Gwen. If he didn't get injured, Cody would've likely lasted a little longer in the series.

While some people may be tired of hearing it, Courtney was a counselor-in-training. She had the drive, intelligence, and leadership skills that made her an enemy for most and a valuable asset to her own team.

If she wasn't unfairly voted off, that tenacity could've helped her win the game. Izzy's own instability meant that she was never going to last till the end of the game, but her wild card nature and versatile skill set proved on several occasions that she was a worthy competitor.

Whether or not the stories she told were true, Izzy clearly had some survival skills that put her above the rest of the cast, and her own fighting abilities made her a threat to even Chef. Harold doesn't look like the toughest or most likable character, but he proved himself on several episodes.

He showed incredible athleticism during the dodgeball challenge, he practically saved the Killer Bass during the talent show, and, whether or not it was fair, he cheated Courtney out of the contest and kept himself in the game. The requisite cartoon Goth girl , Gwen, may have had a bad attitude, but her competitive nature and friendly side kept her in the game until the very end. While she doesn't have any unique skills besides drawing, she really pulled through to save her team and herself during a variety of difficult challenges, such as Chef's military camp.

Despite appearances, Owen was able to fart his way to the finals. Much of this is due to his own size and strength carrying him through different survival and physical challenges and his appetite helping with the eating ones.

It also didn't hurt that his friendly smile helped keep him from being eliminated. While Duncan may have not had the attitude for the game, he came in with more than enough life experience to outwit and outlast most of his cast members. As a classic hoodlum and thief, Duncan's trickery and killer focus helped the Killer Bass win a few challenges and himself survive a fair share of games.

That hardened attitude even helped make him a clear leader as part of the short lived Guys Alliance. If it wasn't for the poorly communicated voting by the eliminated cast mates, LeShawna could've very well won the whole thing.

She had a friendly side that helped lead and support her team as well as a mean streak that challenged Heather and helped keep her team focused. As a single competitor, her ingenuity helped her survive a variety of challenges, such as the heated hide-and-seek game. No other contestant was designed for reality television and competition the same way Heather was. Her strategic skills and manipulation helped keep herself alive through different challenges, all while purposefully eliminating other challengers.

Heather's capacity to lie and cheat allowed her to skirt through the game with minimal effort, though that same mean streak would consequently cost her the game. As a writer, auteur, and innovator, I seek to expand human potential through the creative medium, intellectually and emotionally challenging the mass audience. I seek to work in visual and written media, whether it be in film, video games, or publishing, using a variety of mediums to express the full spectrum of art.

In this instance, my knowledge and research could be fundamental in creating and editing effective material. By Sean Cubillas Published Nov 25, Share Share Tweet Email 0.

Related Topics Lists. Sean Cubillas Articles Published As a writer, auteur, and innovator, I seek to expand human potential through the creative medium, intellectually and emotionally challenging the mass audience.

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