My hamster has wet tail what can i do

my hamster has wet tail what can i do

My hamster seems very ill. Wet tail or just old age?

Mar 09,  · NEVER use barred or mesh wheels, as your hamster can trap a limb or get bumblefoot (painful sores on the feet). One way to tell if it is too small is to look to see if your hamster is running with an arched back, like a smiley face. If they are, then the wheel is likely too small. Spot clean the cage to remove poo daily to prevent wet-tail. My Neighbor's Shenanigans () View from my house is perfect for watching neighbors' pool. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 09/22/ Savage af: 2 Part Series: Savage af Ch. 01 () She likes bad boys, not nerds, but looks are deceiving. Loving Wives 03/17/ Savage af Ch. 02 () Starting a trend, she gets a tattoo naked, and a threesome.

So if your hamster does come down with wet-tail, you would give them diluted pedialite and change their diet to only plain yogurt? Then ask the vet for antibotics? Wet-tail drops. If my future hamster ever does come down with wet tail, my parents would rather perfer not to take it to the vet.

My mom has agreed to take the future hammy to the vet if need be; but she'd rather buy medicine from a local store. Would these drops work? If it works O plan on using it for future hamsters. Wet Tail actually refers to Proliferative Ileitis. It is a bacterial disease that usually only affects Syrian hamsters that are 12 weeks and under- the main symptom being severe diarrhea.

These products claim to cure 'wet bas, which they state is stress-induced diarrhea. Unfortunately that is a mistake. So these products may actually work, they may actually get rid of the diarrhea however this only masks the symptoms it does not cure the disease. There is no home cure for wet tail, you need to seek a vet as soon as you believe that your wt has this marriage and how to survive it order to get the proper antibiotics.

Hamsters die quickly from this disease, the waiting game can not be played here if you wish your hamster to come out alive. A quote from missPixy: driTail contains "Neomycin" which is an antibiotic that causes problems in lots of hamsters. Original Source It is the same idea with this brand too. You will require a vet visit if your ham gets wet tail. Like This Unlike CaliforniaCole 14 Feb So if your hamster does come down with wet-tail, you would give them diluted pedialite and change what to visit in philadelphia in one day diet to only plain yogurt?

Like This Unlike missPixy 14 Feb Weg if your hamster does come down with wet-tail, you would give them diluted pedialite and change their diet to only plain yogurt? Edited by missPixy, 14 February - PM. Thanks I dont actually have a hamster. I was just wondering because when I was very little, I had a lot of hamsters that came down with wet-tail and died : so I just wanted to be hxmster.

If my hamster ever does get wettail, here's what I plan to do: 1 remove all food fresh veggies, seed mix etc. ASAP 5 now when he gets back from the vet, would I clean and or dissenfect the vet carrier and original cage, or would I wait?

And how often would I feed the yogurt along with the medicine and how much? Like This Unlike missPixy 15 Feb you want to hajster the probiotic into your hamster 3 hours before any bas are given. Like This Unlike CaliforniaCole 15 Feb you want jy get the probiotic into your hamster 3 hours before any antibiotics are given. Could you syringe feed the pedialote to make wst your hamster gets some?

How much? So pedialite, then give Are there any other things I would need to do besides dehydrate? Ex: bring up body temp. I'm guessing no. Whaat main focus would be re-hydrating? Basically I just wanted to know what to do hmaster.

Like This Unlike missPixy 16 Feb if you did the tent test and found your hamster extremely dehydrated, I would give them 1. We don't have a heating pad. Like This Unlike missPixy 16 Feb absolutely the hot water bottle would help. Like This Unlike CaliforniaCole 17 Feb Thanks Say you already hail your hamster pedialite; rehydrated them, then yogurt, then 3 hours later you gave them medications. Do you need to continue rehydrated them and giving them yogurt after the meds or is it a 1 time thing?

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Wet-tail drops. . . do they work?

Apr 19,  · Hi:) I think my hamster has wet tail and I’m not sure how to help him. Veterinarian's Assistant: I'll do all I can to help. Can you tell me a little more about the hamster's situation? How long has this been a concern? For two weeks now he has been sleeping more at night which is very unusual and he seems very sluggish. I think my hamster has wet tail. Besides calling the vet, what else can I do for him? I bought a teddy bear hamster about 2 months ago. Friday I bought another teddy and that's when the first hamster, Goliath, started walking weird. Now his bottom is all wet and his face looks swollen. I'm calling vets in my area as soon as they open. Feb 17,  · Thanks I dont actually have a hamster I was just wondering because when I was very little, I had a lot of hamsters that came down with wet-tail and died:(so I just wanted to be prepared. If my hamster ever does get wettail, here's what I plan to do: 1) remove all food (fresh veggies, seed mix etc.) and clean out food stash.

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. My hamster stinks really bad all though it's active, eats and drinks water like a regular hamster. He likes to chew on things more often now, and well my parents want me to get rid of it because of the bad oder. I really don't want my hamster to die I also don't want to get rid of it.

His fer is sticking together and get scared easily. At least call a vet and don't lessen the value of a wee life just because their lifespan is short. Wet tail's a common rodent illness,.. There is a medicine at vet's and maybe at some pet stores especially for wet tail,.. So once you've any others please seperate them now.

Your assume to positioned it of their water. So earlier it receives to that degree purchase it immeadiately. And it would not be nicely worth your money to assist it from now on.. So keep on with those steps. I advise do not play inclusive of your hamster even as it shows those indicators. Be reliable.. It will get the wet tail if you give it bath. How do you know if my hamster has the wet tail? Check it's tail everyday don't let anybody sneeze on it cause that might be the cause of his wet tail.

My hamster is has stuck together fur somethimes, i think he's just wet. Trending News. Experts: Putin used poison to send world a message. Gronk sets crazy world record ahead of spring game. Inside 'very specific' process behind McDonald's fries. Black man shot by deputy after calling for help. Alabama gov. Officials: Debris indicate sub with crew of 53 has sunk. Doctor's Chauvin trial testimony prompts scrutiny. How Alex Smith changed college football forever.

The WWE career 'that never should have happened'. Why sports are better when blue bloods are winning. Irma S. Answer Save. I gave Nina's ans. That's a sure sign. Usually though if a hammy has wet tail they die within hrs.

I assume your hamster is a male,.. I find males are more smellier than females. Also clean the cage MORE often than once a week,.. Keeping cage as clean as possible not only reduces awful odor, by keeps hamster healthy. Hope your hamsters not sick!

Savannah :D Lv 4. I had a dwarf hamster! He died Maybe you need to give it a bath.. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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