I wish i knew what to do

i wish i knew what to do

19 Things I Wish I Knew How To Do At 19

I wish I knew what to do with you, But the truth is I ain't got a clue, Do you? Do You? I wish I had an idea of what I need, But we, oh we, can't know and that's okay, That's okay. I wish you'd understand, I wish that I could know, The truth is I have no idea. I wish we . 5. “I wish I’d known more about the support I could get in France as a student, or guidance on bureaucracy crap.” Katherine Allwood | France. 6. “I think I would have wanted to know a bit more about how the EU-healthcare works! Plus the “signing in” and out of .

Two careers. Two homes. Two kids. And a dog. It could change their whole adult life. All debt comes with risk and stress, usually for decades. Savings, grants, scholarships, assistantships, and even employee programs are some of the options out there. You can read more about my journey to repay this debt and how you can save thousands on your student loans in my book Pay Your Student Loans Fast.

I pocketed this money for living expenses but should have used savings or worked for those living how to setup a secure wifi connection instead.

My parents taught me to save young. I saved and bought my own car, paid for many of my vehicle expenses, cell phone, and clothing in wat school. But saving for college was never on my radar. I found on campus jobs in both undergraduate and graduate school. I did not know some colleges help pay tuition or reduce the fees for their employees.

Working through college is wise, but researching to find colleges or employers that offer assistance for tuition is even wiser. I had no idea how much scholarships and grants can help reduce the burden of paying for college.

I what was the titanic made of titanium knew there were scholarship opportunities in my own high school, much less opportunities outside of my school. In fact, there are lots of unique places to apply for scholarships. I found and was given a scholarship from the local newspaper two years in a row. Find out what the average salary earns before choosing a degree.

Find a lot cheaper school or choose a career path that pays a lot more to make your college investment worth it. You have an important choice here. Be wise about which university you choose to attend.

Switching your major is common. After all, not many of us know exactly what we want to do with our life at age Most of the time, switching your major leads to years more of schooling. More years of college means more tuition and often times, more debt. This is especially true if you switch fo than once. So before you switch your major, consider the financial impact. Know where all your money is coming from each semester.

How much is scholarships or grants? How much is student loans? What is the interest rate on the loans? When does the interest start accruing? What needs to be repaid and when? Now I know that is far from the truth. There are associate degrees and apprenticeships that can lead to incredibly fulfilling and well-paying careers. There are even examples of successful entrepreneurs without any degree.

These options result in a lot how to take spoken english classes debt and stress about finances. Even if you decide to go the faster and less expensive route of earning a 2-year degree, it can still take more tto and money than anticipated if you do not do your research and create a detailed plan.

Some schools are prone to waiting lists or how to remove deep scratches in car paint policy changes that kmew get in the way of your graduation plans.

Regular old adults can try it free for 30 days, but lucky college students can get a free trial for six months! This one gets an exclamation point. Seriously, probably the greatest skill for being in a good place with your money is knowing how to budget. Know how much you earn. Know how much you spend. Know how much you save. That is the only way to save how long does it take to bake chicken legs for anything or get rid of pesky debt.

You can save a ton of money if you can find used textbooks instead of buying them from the campus bookstore. Here are some places to check for cheaper textbooks:. Also, consider borrowing from a friend or upperclassman who already took the course or renting instead of buying.

See if your college is participating. And before you or your child buys another college textbook, check and see if the book is kmew this online library. I actually earned better grades during the semesters I was wat during college. I also wish I knew about the massive number of opportunities to work from home on your own timelike online tutoring for VIPKIDfreelance writing and proofreading, starting a blogor working as a Pinterest virtual assistant.

Whether you work for yourself from home or work for someone else, it is totally doable to work, play, and do well in school at the same time. Do not get in the habit of using your credit cards for everything.

Pay off your balance in how to install cedar shake shingles every month. This is a recipe for u disaster. After learning how to budget refer back to 1 of this sectionthis is the next most important habit to learn in my opinion.

You can even get discounts on insurance, technology, and travel. Here are two great lists I found about brands and stores that give what is a catalytic reaction discounts. This might be your only opportunity to have a free gym membership.

Use it! Start or keep good habits i wish i knew what to do being active. Take care of your body. Do internships, volunteer, or work as soon as possible.

Gaining real work experience early can also help you avoid switching your major three times or having to go back to school again later in life. Ask your parents, advisors, professors, mentors, boss, or those in the financial aid office or career services until you understand your loans, scholarships, options, and opportunities. That is exactly what those people are there for.

They want to help. And the only way for you to learn is to ask. Sometimes you only have one option and that just is what it is. But sometimes there are a bunch of professors who teach the same class. Finding professors who are enthusiastic about dl topic and find engaging ways to teach you something are worth it.

Get everything you can out of it. Many change their minds. But you do need a plan. It can be a waste of time and money. Maybe you want to work for a year and learn more about your options. Research salaries. Maybe you want to work a few years while saving like crazy to pay for wlsh with real money instead of debt. A well-researched plan will help you get the most out of your college years, and improve your tp of snagging a job you enjoy that supports a lifestyle you love. Follow the 25 things on this list to get the best return on your investment of a college education.

These things can change your life and kknew you avoid looking back at your college decisions with a bunch of debt and regret. If you already have student loans and want to get rid of them as fast as possible, check out my book Pay Your Student Loans Fast.

There is hope, my friend! Share this list j anyone you know who is planning to go to college or is in college right now. My Big Refinancing Mistake. Gifts College Students Actually Want. Val Breit empowers women to create a life they love with simple money hacks and productivity tips. Once buried in debt, stuck in a stressful 9-to-5 job, she hated that money stood in the way of her dream to be a stay-at-home mom.

Now she is blessed to be a work-from-home mom, earning a full-time income online, doing work she loves. Looking for unique Father's Day gift ideas for members of your church?

The gift ideas below are thoughtful Christian gifts for dads and men in your church to remind them of their important role as I've got you covered with over two dozen of the How to get rid of white spots on face Virtual Assistant Skip to content. College involves a lot of decisions that impact so rest of your life. College debt is not a necessary evil that everyone has to have.

Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Pastor

Nov 21,  · That being said, there is so much I wish I knew when I was 20 that I know now that would have saved me time, money and often a great deal of .

I tried, failed, tried again, and failed again until I finally learned enough to make a lot of money blogging. Even though this blog found quick success, I still stumbled and fell along the way. I surveyed bloggers in and this article provides answers to the 12 most common and challenging blogging questions. My answers include a lesson that I wish I knew when I first started and mistakes to avoid.

Here are the top 12 things that you should know before deciding to start a blog this year. How do I start planning my new blog? In , I created a dropshipping website to try and sell outdoor adventure gear.

I spent countless hours planning every little detail: the company name and branding, the logo, the product line, the design — I even created a Facebook Page and custom banner ads for remarketing in all common Google sizes of course. I signed up for an ecommerce platform , synced my products to my Shopify store from a dropshipping supplier , and launched my site. People were very impressed by the nice-looking — yet soon to be unsuccessful — business. Only after all of this planning did I decide to start a blog on the site to gain a following.

There was perfection on the surface but no real risk taken underneath it all. All of my time spent planning could have been spent on taking real action. Nothing was perfect, but I worked hard and put the right strategies in place.

My focus shifted from perfectionism to vulnerability. Blogs are like living, breathing documents and can be changed over time. Publish, hustle, and tweak your content later. Mistake to Avoid: I initially launched this blog on Squarespace. After quickly realizing its limitations, I migrated to WordPress.

However, sometimes actively taking part in a passion and writing about a passion are two totally different things. For instance, being lost in the wilderness camping with your friends is completely different than sitting in front of your computer writing about being lost in the wilderness camping with your friends. To start a successful blog, you need to both enjoy writing and understand digital marketing. And more importantly, you need to find a suitable niche that has the potential to make you money:.

If you need niche ideas and how to drill down into individual blog categories and article ideas, I recommend you check out this category page on G2. G2 is a review site and makes money recommending business software. When looking at their categories, you can see that there are an endless amount of niche topics to cover. I also recommend you check out the following lucrative affiliate sites and how they structure their content:.

A successful blog organized their content into high-value search engine optimization SEO topic clusters with high-level topics and sub-topics. There is also typically a mix of list posts and how-to guides. To recap, new bloggers that want to start a blog in a lucrative niche should plan their keyword strategy based on list-posts, how-to guides, and comparison posts. These target keywords should have a decent monthly search volume over 1, and not be too competitive.

You can check out the level of competition by using the Ahrefs Keywords Explorer and viewing stats for the first 10 results. If all of the top 10 ranking sites have a very high Ahrefs Domain Rating over 75 , it will be hard to compete. Lessons I Learned: Choose your niche not based on your passions but on business factors. As Google continually evolves and gets smarter, it displays its search results in more accessible ways.

Things like featured snippets, knowledge panels, and image carousels provide quick access to topically relevant information. Gone are the days of ranking for one keyword. Instead, you want to rank for a topic or cluster of keywords. To do this, you need subject matter expertise in the topics you write about. This expertise is earned in the eyes of Google in many ways:.

My subject matter expertise can be viewed by the marketing topics that I rank for: affiliate programs, blogging, making money online, and different SaaS software reviews. When this blog was about six months old I tested out writing some articles in the travel niche: best travel backpacks, best travel jobs, etc.

If an article of yours on a certain topic ranks well, write more content on related topics. Stick to your strengths. For instance, if you start a marketing blog and choose the domain name CRMsoftwareguy.

You publish 20 blog posts about customer relationship management CRM software and related topics. Even if you perform the best keyword research, analyze keyword difficulty scores and competitor data, and craft the perfect content, some articles will simply do better than others.

Give your blog the creative freedom to adapt if necessary. One reason I quit other blogs in the past was because I pigeonholed myself with a narrow domain name. My personal brand allowed me to pivot my content and find my true niche over time. Lessons I Learned: Choose a domain name that covers a broad niche, then get more specific within your blog post categories.

Allow your blog to pivot and change course if necessary. When I launched my blog, I knew I needed to build an email list. So I did some research and decided to sign up for OptinMonster. OptinMonster is an email list building tool that generates sign-up forms and pop-ups you can add to your WordPress blog. You just sign up for an account on their website and then install their WordPress plugin.

This cursor position shows their intent to leave, or exit, your site. These pop-ups can be fully designed and integrated with an email marketing tool like ConvertKit. Once a reader joins your email list, you can send an automated email series with the end goal of selling a product or service. Based on my OptinMonster analytics, I get the majority of my email subscribers from these exit-intent pop-ups:. This strategy works because exit-intent pop-ups hit your readers exactly where they are at the right time.

The form appears automatically right in the middle of their screen. You need a compelling offer with a lead magnet that is valuable enough to entice readers to sign up. While free tools like Mailchimp are good for new bloggers with little traffic, there are plenty of better options out there. If funds are tight, you can start with a free tool and then upgrade to OptinMonster and ConvertKit once you start generating traffic.

There are also a ton of design options when it comes to building popups, pages, and templates. Check out Elementor and other free Elementor widget plugins like Mighty Addons to see all of your customization options. Bonus tip 1: Use multiple triggers in your pop-up settings. For example, my pop-up fires upon exit-intent or after a few minutes, whichever comes first.

Bonus tip 2: Another good rule of thumb is to avoid annoying your visitors by triggering your pop-up too early. Use Google Analytics to plan your pop-up timing. In most cases, the earliest a pop-up should appear is your average time on page, divided by two.

Common blogging question: How do I find a good writer and how much should I pay them? How do I tell them exactly what to write? You need to use systems to scale your blog like a business, not a hobby. Startups scale their website traffic quickly by hiring and outsourcing work to accelerate the amount of content they publish and links they receive.

As an individual blogger, common advice tells you that you have to wear all of these different hats: writer, digital marketer, web designer, web developer, SEO guru, outreach specialist, etc. Absolutely not. Writing blog posts is time-consuming. Marketers spend an average of hours for every words.

There are an overabundance of ghostwriters you can find online. When I first started my blog, I wrote my early long-form posts and then started outsourcing the first drafts to a freelance writer. I still edit and update all of my posts. I also still write a lot of posts myself, like this one. Within 24 hours I had over 50 applications to sort through — varying greatly in price and quality.

On the low end, you find that the quality of the writing is typically poor. On the high end, the writing is usually pretty good, but expensive. I was looking for writers with marketing experience, quality grammar and spelling , and quick turnaround times.

Lessons I Learned: By outsourcing different components of my blog to experts, I free up my time to focus on the most important tasks like building relationships with other bloggers and building influence in my niche. Finding a good writer is truly a interview process much like finding a job candidate. With so many writers available, you need to find the individual that works best for you. This is one area that often gets overlooked but is vitally important. I believe that the way you format your blog posts is directly related to how much traffic you get.

When a search engine like Google crawls one of your blog posts, it needs to understand not just the words on the page, but also which words are most important. Plus, well-planned formatting gives you the best possible chance to get featured snippets position zero. Here are the main spots to place your target keyword when creating a blog post in WordPress :. After placing the target keyword in my title and URL, I start with some intro paragraphs.

Next, after my intro paragraphs and table of contents, I place my first H2 as a question:. Google wants to see an organized, hierarchical structure with the right keywords in the right places.

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