How to wrap a shirt in tissue paper

how to wrap a shirt in tissue paper

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This article has been viewed 48, times. Learn more It can be tough to neatly wrap a soft piece of clothing without defined corners, but there are a few approaches that can make this tricky task easier. Try folding your wrapping paper up like an envelope to eliminate messy side folds. Alternatively, you how to install project reality bf2 roll up your clothing item in tissue paper and tie at the ends for a style that resembles a firecracker.

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Related Articles. Method 1 of All rights reserved. This image may not be used by other entities without the express written consent of wikiHow, Inc. Fold the item of clothing into a neat rectangle. This method works for T-shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, scarves, or any other piece of clothing that can be folded into a square or rectangle. If you just purchased the item and it came folded and wrapped in plastic, you can un it as is.

Then, grab the collar and fold back so it lines up with the hem of the shirt. Then, fold in half so the waistband lines up with the hem. Fold in half again. Measure the width of your wrapping paper and trim. Unroll a large piece of wrapping paper on a hard flat surface. Place the folded piece of clothing in the center. Cut your wrapping paper to the correct length.

The bottom flap must be long enough to fold over and cover the entire clothing item. The top flap should be long enough to fold halfway across your piece of clothing. Secure the top and bottom flaps with double-stick tape. Fold the top flap over the piece of clothing and smooth it down. Apply a strip of double-stick tape to the inside edge of the bottom flap.

Then, fold the bottom flap over the top flap, securing the what are the long term by pressing the patterned side of the paper with your fingers. At this point, the top and bottom of the wrapping paper should be sealed. The right and left sides remain open. Fold in the left flap, then cut off the corners. Fold in the extra flap of wrapping paper on the left side, ho press down with your hand to make a crease.

Using scissors, snip off a small right triangle of oaper paper at each corner of the tissuf. The crease should be aligned with the edge of the clothing item. Cut along the crease to remove the inside qrap of the flap. The left flap is made up of two layers of wrapping paper. Use scissors to cut off the inner layer, following the line of the crease. Apply double-sided tape to the the remaining flap and fold to seal. Cut a piece of double-sided tape and stick it to the inner, non-patterned edge of the remaining layer ln the left flap.

Fold in the what is pakistan standard time and smooth the patterned side with your hand to seal the left side of the gift. Repeat the process with the right side. Begin by folding in the extra paper on the right side and trimming off the corners. Then, cut off the inner layer of the flap, apply double-sided tape, and seal.

Method 2 of Roll your item of clothing tightly. This works best for thinner items of clothing that can be rolled tightly, such as T-shirts, thinner scarves, and jeans. Fold in both sleeves, then start from the hem and roll it up. To secure the rolled-up clothing, consider tying a piece how to wrap a shirt in tissue paper ribbon or twine around the middle and knotting it. This will keep the clothing from unrolling during the wrapping process. Lay three sheets of tissue paper flat on top of each other.

Select three sheets of tissue paper, preferable in three different colors. Consider picking shades that reflect the occasion—reds and greens for Christmas, for example, or orange and zhirt for Halloween.

Make sure your workspace is free of grease or dirt, which will stain the tissue paper. Roll up the clothing item gently inside the tissue paper. Center the rolled-up piece of clothing along the top edge of the tissue paper.

Grasp the top edge of the paper gently with your fingers and roll it up and around the piece of clothing. Continue rolling until there are sshirt few inches of tissue paper sticking out at the bottom.

Fold up the bottom edge of the tissue paper and secure with double-sided tape. Cut a small strip of double-sided tape and place it sirt across the top of the fold to secure it. One side of the tape will be unattached and facing up. Then, wrap the end piece of tissue paper up and around into the rest of the roll. The tape will secure the end piece in place.

Cinch the ends and tie them with ribbons. Cut two equally-sized pieces of ribbon, each about 1 foot 0. Using your fingers, cinch the right side of the tissue paper tube where the edge of the clothing shit is. Wrap the ribbon around this spot and knot it. Use wire-edged ribbon, which is easier to shape.

Fold each ribbon in half and cut diagonally for extra flair. To add a bit of polish to the ends of your ribbons, fold the end of each ribbon in half. Using scissors, cut a straight diagonal line starting from the wire end and slanting down towards the center of the fold. Then, unfold to reveal a V-shaped edge. Method 3 of Fold uow piece of clothing neatly. You can wrap almost any item of clothing in a gift bag: pants, T-shirts, dresses, scarves, skirts, and more.

Then, fold the collar back so it aligns up with the hem of the shirt. Make sure to remove price tags or cover up the price with a marker. Lay 3 or 4 overlapping sheets of tissue paper on a flat surface.

Position each piece of tissue paper so its left edge is 2 inches 5. Use more tissue what is a normal portion of food for a larger clothing item and less for a smaller one. You can alternate colors of tissue paper or use the same color throughout. Place the gift on top of the tissue paper and gather the paper around it.

Make sure the clothing item is centered on the top sheet of tissue paper. Grab two opposite corners how to tell what your shoe size is the tissue paper and pull them up and over the item. Hold the corners together with one hand, then pull the other two corners in. Gently cinch the paper together directly above the piece of clothing. Place the tissue-wrapped clothing into the gift bag.

Pick the clothing item up from the bottom to prevent the fragile tissue paper from ripping. Make sure not to overwork the tissue paper, which will make it look old and wrinkly.


Nov 05,  · The simplest of cotton goods, yet the flimsiest of shapes to try to wrap. It doesn't come in a box, and like liquid it seems to fill the space of whatever co. Sep 28,  · Fold the bottom half of the shirt, the shirt sleeves and the tissue paper beneath it up to lay on top of the middle of the shirt. Fold the top half of the shirt and the tissue paper beneath it over to rest on top of the folded bottom half of the shirt. The shirt is surrounded by tissue paper. Place it in the suitcase. Jun 3, - I love getting creative with my gift wrap. I have a slight obsession with stocking up and buying all kinds of wrapping supplies. I store up a bunch of wrapping paper, ribbon, tags, yarn, tissue paper, stickers and bows and then try to get creative with it all. I bought the most amazing and bright tissue.

Help keep your clothing crease free as you travel by packing individual items in tissue paper. Clothes that benefit from a tissue paper wrap include everything from delicates to evening wear. The tissue paper helps keep the clothes from being crushed in the suitcase. Packing clothes in tissue paper is not rocket science; the end result is worth the extra time and attention.

Place an unfolded sheet of tissue paper on a flat surface. Place an unfolded shirt on top of the tissue. Fold the arms of the shirt onto the front of the shirt. Fold the sides of the tissue paper over the shoulder line and down the side of the shirt. Place a new sheet of tissue paper on top of the shirt. Fold the bottom half of the shirt, the shirt sleeves and the tissue paper beneath it up to lay on top of the middle of the shirt.

Fold the top half of the shirt and the tissue paper beneath it over to rest on top of the folded bottom half of the shirt. The shirt is surrounded by tissue paper. Place it in the suitcase. Hold the waistband of the pants sideways so the legs fall together with the creases on the outside edges. Place the waistband on top of the center of the tissue paper.

Fold the sides of the tissue paper over the waistband. Place another sheet of tissue paper on top of the pants so the entire top section of the pants is covered with tissue. Fold the pant legs up to rest on top of the tissue paper. The bottom of the legs will likely extend beyond the top edge of the tissue.

Place another layer of tissue paper on top of the pant legs. Fold the bottom of the pant legs down to rest on top of the tissue. Place another sheet of tissue paper on top of the pants to separate them from other clothes in the suitcase. Place a single undergarment or other small clothing item on top of the tissue, to one side. Fold the free side of the tissue paper over on top of the clothing item.

Place another garment on top of the folded tissue. Place one side of an unfolded sheet of tissue on top of the garment.

Add another garment and fold the tissue paper over it. Continue to stack the garments and tissue paper as needed. Place the packet inside the suitcase. Katherine Kally is a freelance writer specializing in eco-friendly home-improvement projects, practical craft ideas and cost-effective decorating solutions.

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