How to volunteer at comic con

how to volunteer at comic con

Daily Volunteers

Aug 09, If you were registered as a daily volunteer for Comic-Con , you will have to re-register for the Comic-Con daily volunteer program, but are guaranteed to get into the program when you register online. An email notice will be sent when daily volunteer registration opens for Comic-Con Nov 26, (Best Comic-Con volunteering assignment: Directing traffic at the head of the line for Hall H. Youd think this would be a hotbed of drama, but comic folk dont roll like that. The kids at the head of the line had been waiting EIGHT HOURS and were still having a ball. It was also a great spot to run into friends new and old.

If you observe coomic of the following safety hazards, please bring it to the attention of your team lead immediately! Please conduct yourself professionally at all times. Please, keep that in mind at all times. Just think of this as a job and act how you would there. Any volunteer who accepts a ticket to the show but does not fulfill the stated commitment to Corpus Christi Comic Con will be responsible for the at-the-door price and will be banned from volunteering at any future shows.

Volunteer at Corpus Christi Comic Con. Safety Guidelines. Any form of intimidation, threats, or violence towards others, whether verbal, physical, or electronic. Any form of hate speech, including wt slur or remark intended to disparage, intimidate or harm voluntwer race, gender, sexual identity, volunreer, race, color, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, physical appearance, veteran status, or interest in any specific fandom.

Disruptive, destructive, or unsafe behavior that disturbs or endangers staff, attendees, guests, sponsors, vendors, or venue. Any illegal activity or act. Alert leads or staff about any hazards that you see!

Rules that apply to ALL volunteers! If a celebrity asks you to obtain anything illegally, the answer is always Volnuteer. If you do it, your shirt will be pulled, you wont get a wrist band and you will be banned from volunteering for the foreseeable future. We have a zero tolerance policy. Maintain an appropriate and professional appearance no cosplay Please, do not cut the sleeves off of your shirt, alter, or wear anything over it.

We need to be sure attendees know you are a volunteer. You are welcomed to wear jeans, shorts, yoga pants, etc. Just please dress appropriately. You can wear headbands cat ears, leggings, etc.

If you are off duty or on break, cover up your volunteer shirts in some way, as to not confuse attendees. You can use a hoodie or turn it inside out. Whatever coomic need to do to not display it while you are off duty. This includes autographs, photographs, selfies, to sign your shirt, etc. Basic Training and Volunteer Responsibilities.

When you arrive on time or early to the grounds. We will hand you your wrist band and shirt to you there. When your shift is complete you must come back to sign out.

Lunch will provided Saturday and Sunday. If any issues arise, please go to your lead. Every volutneer has a team what is the density of olive oil to go to. If they can not resolve the issue, then they will contact us.

If you cannot find your lead, please go to any other lead or staff member that you find. We have to find an answer. While on duty, please voljnteer not have too cell phone out. That makes attendees not want to ask you for help. Work your required 12 hours. Follow all stated rules and guidelines set by the C4 staff. Please understand that assignments will change frequently. We will need to place people where we absolutely need them.

Com there is a change in assignment that you how to increase vitamins and minerals in diet perform, please let us know ASAP!

Unfortunately we are vokunteer to allow children to be present while you are volunteering. We want your full attention to our attendees, vendors, and guest. Volunteer Benefits. Fill out my online form.

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Sep 28, If youre considering volunteering, heres a few tips to help you through: Know your company: always attend before volunteering. Get a feel for the place and see how things work from the outside. Try out a smaller event first: volunteer at a local comic con. Or . To learn more about how to join the Comic-Con Museums Volunteer Program, please email [email protected] If your company is a Corporate Supporter of the Comic-Con Museum and you are interested in a company wide volunteer opportunity please contact the Director of Corporate Philanthropy at [email protected] Comic Con Honolulu is a 3 day All-Genre convention that takes place at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. Fandoms of all types are welcome here, and the convention will feature guests from Comic, Gaming, Television and Movie industries, as well as local artists, vendors, and costumers.

In addition to all of the great perks such as badges and backstage access, you can join a huge family of the coolest nerds and geeks and contribute to creating a wonderful experience for attendees and guests alike.

The Volunteer Application for is up now!. Please contact us if you have any questions about volunteering! Fandoms of all types are welcome here, and the convention will feature guests from Comic, Gaming, Television and Movie industries, as well as local artists, vendors, and costumers. Contact Us. Welcome to the family! What is expected of Comic Con Honolulu crew? Crew members are required to volunteer a minimum of 15 hours throughout the 3 day weekend. Crew members must keep in contact with their directors staff should inform their director ahead of time if they will be missing a meeting, and respond to any communications given by their director.

Each department has different goals and requirements you will need to meet to be a successful part of their department. Crew are required to follow the same weapons policy, code of conduct and other rules set forth by the convention for all attendees. No exceptions. Is there an age requirement? You must be over the age of 16 to be a Comic Con Honolulu crew member. Those who are between the ages of 16 17 will need a Parental Consent Form on file with us by the time of the convention in order to be considered.

Some departments may have higher age restrictions. How do I get my crew badge? This is a completely refundable fee, that will be returned to you at the end of the weekend upon completion of your 15 hours.

Does Comic Con Honolulu cover accommodations or other expenses? We do suggest you take advantage of our group rate if you need hotel accommodations. Apply Now! Contact Us! What is Comic Con Honolulu? Contact Us Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Sign up for our Newsletter! Follow Us.

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