How to use frankincense oil

how to use frankincense oil

8 Frankincense Essential Oil Uses and Benefits for Healing

Apr 09,  · My favorite way to use Frankincense as a mood enhancer is to keep Frankincense and a carrier oil in a roll on that I keep with me all the time. I love to rub it on my temples and/or on the back of my neck where my brain stem is and breathe in the scent. Sep 15,  · Add about 10 drops of Frankincense essential oil to 1 oz of your favorite moisturizer (along with 5 drops of Lavender). It helps to improve the tone and texture of skin. 2. Make a DIY facial serum.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their therapeutic and healing properties as part of the practice of aromatherapy. So then, what is frankincense essential oil?

Frankincense, sometimes referred to as olibanum, is a common type of essential oil used in aromatherapy that can offer a variety of health benefits, including helping relieve chronic stress and anxiety, reducing pain and inflammation, and boosting immunity.

Frankincense uses even potentially apply to fighting cancer. This tree is different from many others in that it can grow with very little soil in dry and desolate conditions. Frankincense has been associated with many different religions over the years, especially the Christian religion, as it was one of the first gifts given to Jesus by the wise men. What does frankincense smell like? It smells like a combination of pine, lemon and woody scents.

Boswellia serrata is a tree native to India that produces special compounds that have been found to have strong anti-inflammatory, and potentially anti-cancer, effects. Among the valuable boswellia tree extracts that researchers have identified, several stand out as being most beneficial, including terpenes and boswellic acids, which how to make a pillowcase for a body pillow strongly anti-inflammatory and protective over healthy cells.

How to use frankincense oil? Frankincense oil is used by either inhaling the oil or absorbing it through the skin, usually mixed with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil or jojoba oil. A little bit of oil goes a long way, and it should not be ingested in large quantities as it can be toxic. I like to take advantage of the best frankincense oils, which should feature a combination of multiple varieties of oils from boswellia trees. When inhaled, frankincense oil been shown to reduce heart rate and high blood pressure.

It has anti-anxiety and depression-reducing abilitiesbut unlike prescription medications, it does not have negative side effects or cause unwanted drowsiness. For example, in mice, burning Boswellia resin as incense had antidepressive effects. Studies have demonstrated that frankincense benefits extend to immune-enhancing abilities that may help destroy dangerous bacteria, viruses and even cancers.

Researchers at Mansoura University in Egypt conducted a lab study and found that frankincense oil exhibits strong immunostimulant activity.

It can be used to prevent germs from forming on the skin, mouth or in your home. This is the reason many people choose to use frankincense to what is joint venture strategy relieve oral health problems; the antiseptic qualities of this oil may help prevent gingivitis, bad breathcavities, toothaches, mouth sores and other infections from occurring. Several research groups have found that frankincense has promising anti-inflammatory how to use frankincense oil anti-tumor effects when tested in lab studies and on animals.

Frankincense oil has been shown to help fight cells of specific types of cancer. Researchers in China investigated the anticancer effects of frankincense and myrrh oils on five tumor cells lines in a lab study. The results showed that human breast and skin cancer cell lines showed increased sensitivity to the combination of myrrh and frankincense essential oils.

A study even found that a chemical compound found in frankincense called AKBA is successful at killing cancer cells that have become resistant to chemotherapy, which may make it a potential natural cancer treatment. Frankincense is an antiseptic and disinfectant agent that has antimicrobial effects. It has the ability to eliminate cold and flu germs from the home and the body naturally, and it can be used in place of chemical household cleaners.

A lab study published in Letters in How to make a really good egg salad sandwich Microbiology found that the combination of frankincense oil and myrrh oil is particularly effective when used against pathogens. These two oils, which have been is learning how to play the piano hard in combination since BC, have synergistic and additive properties when exposed to microorganisms like Cryptococcus neoformans and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Frankincense benefits include the ability to strengthen skin and improve its tone, elasticity, defense mechanisms against bacteria or blemishes, and appearance as someone ages. It may help tone and lift skin, reduce the appearance of scars and acne, and heals wounds. It may also be beneficial for fading of what is strategy in advertising markssurgery scars or marks associated with pregnancy, and for healing dry or cracked skin.

According to a review published in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicinefrankincense oil reduces redness and skin irritation, while also producing a more even skin tone. Research suggests that frankincense oil can be used to improve memory and learning functions. In one such study, when pregnant rats received frankincense orally during their gestation period, there was a significant increase in the power of learning, short-term memory and long-term memory of their offspring.

Frankincense oil benefits may include reducing symptoms associated with menstruation and menopause by balancing hormone levelsalthough the research on this topic is limited.

It has been used to help relieve pain, cramps, constipation, headachesanxiety, nausea, fatigue and mood swings. Frankincense oil may also help with regulating estrogen production and may reduce the risk of tumor or cyst development in premenopausal women. When frankincense was used on rats internally, it increased fertility, and the number of implantations and viable fetuses, which suggests that the oil may possibly increase sperm motility and density. Frankincense helps the digestive system to properly detox and produce bowel movements.

It may also help to reduce pain and cramping in the stomach, relieve nausea, flush out excess water from the abdomen that can cause bloating and even relieve PMS-related stomach pains. It does this by speeding up the secretion of digestive enzymesincreasing urination production, relaxing the muscles of the digestive tract and also helps improve circulation, which is needed for proper digestive health.

Frankincense uses include lowering levels of anxiety or chronic stress that can keep you up at night. It has a calming, grounding scent that can naturally help you to fall asleep.

This natural sleep aid helps open breathing passages, allows your body to reach an ideal sleeping temperature and can eliminate pain that keeps you up. Frankincense can inhibit the production of key inflammatory molecules associated with conditions like arthritis, asthmapainful bowel disorders like IBS and many more conditions.

It can be useful in helping prevent the breakdown of the cartilage tissue and has been shown to significantly reduce levels of dangerous and painful inflammationmaking it a natural treatment option for pain-related conditions that affect the muscles, joints and tendons.

Frankincense oil immediately induces the feeling of peace, relaxation and satisfaction. Want to know how to use frankincense oil for stress relief? Simply add a few drops of frankincense oil to a hot bath. You can also add frankincense to an oil diffuser or vaporizer to help fight anxiety and for experiencing relaxation in your home all the time.

Some people believe that the fragrance of frankincense can increase your intuition and spiritual connection. Frankincense oil is an antiseptic, meaning it helps eliminate bacteria and viruses from your home and clean indoor spaces. The plant has been commonly burned to help disinfect an area and is used as a natural deodorizer. Use it in an essential oil diffuser to help reduce indoor pollution and deodorize how to use frankincense oil disinfect any room or surface in your home.

Due to its antiseptic properties, frankincense oil is a great addition to any oral hygiene regimen. Look for natural oral care products that contain frankincense oil, especially if you enjoy the aroma. It can help prevent dental health issues like tooth decay, bad breath, cavities or oral infections. You can also consider making your own toothpaste by mixing frankincense oil with baking soda.

Frankincense essential oil is a powerful astringent, meaning it helps protect skin cells. It can be used to help reduce acne blemishes, the appearance of large pores, prevent wrinkles, and it even helps lift and tighten skin to naturally slow signs of aging.

The oil can be used anywhere where the skin becomes saggy, such as the abdomen, jowls or under the eyes. Mix six drops of oil to one ounce of unscented oil and apply it directly to the skin. Be sure to always do a small patch area test first to test for possible allergic reactions.

If you have any digestive distress, such as gas, constipationstomach aches, irritable bowel syndrome, PMS or cramps, frankincense oil can help relieve gastrointestinal discomfort. It helps speed up the digestion of food, similar to digestive enzymes.

Add one to two drops of oil to eight ounces of water or to a tablespoon of honey for GI relief. Frankincense oil can help with wound healing and may decrease the appearance of scars. It may also help reduce the appearance of dark spots caused from acne blemishes, stretch marks, eczema and help with healing of surgical wounds. Mix two to three drops of oil with an unscented base oil or lotion and apply directly to skin. Next time you have a respiratory infection from a cold or fluuse frankincense essential oil to help provide relief from coughing.

It can help eliminate phlegm in the lungs. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory in the nasal passages, making breathing easier, even for those with allergies or asthma.

Add a few drops to a cloth and inhale for the respiratory benefits or use an oil diffuser. To improve circulation and lower symptoms of joint pain or muscle pain related to conditions like arthritis, digestive disorders and asthma, try massaging frankincense oil to the how to use frankincense oil area or diffusing it in your home.

You how to differentiate between real and fake diamonds add a drop of oil to steaming water and soak a towel in it, then place the towel on your body or over your face to inhale it to decrease muscle aches. Also diffuse several drops in your home, or combine several drops with a carrier oil to massage into your muscles, joints, feet or neck.

Frankincense oil blends well with carrier oils like jojoba oil, coconut oil or shea butter. This makes how to use frankincense oil a what county is beech island sc in and popular oil that lends itself well to many combinations and practical uses. Try one of these recipes to start experiencing the benefits of frankincense oil:.

This all-natural night cream is great to help you fall asleep. It also doubles as a skin health-booster if you apply it to your face and may be able to help clear up blemishes or breakouts. For oil safety concerns, you should know that frankincense essential oil is extremely well-tolerated, especially compared to prescription medications. To date, there are no reported serious side effects of using frankincense oil. Rarely frankincense oil can cause certain reactions for some people, including minor skin rashes and digestive problems like nausea or stomach pains.

Frankincense is also known to have blood-thinning effects, so anyone who has problems related to blood clotting should not use frankincense oil or should speak with a doctor first. Otherwise, the oil may have potential to negatively react with certain anticoagulant medications. Josh Axe is on a mission to provide you and your family with the highest quality nutrition tips and healthy recipes in the world What Is Frankincense Essential Oil?

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Jun 30,  · How to use frankincense oil? Frankincense oil is used by either inhaling the oil or absorbing it through the skin, usually mixed with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil or jojoba oil. It’s believed that the oil transmits messages to the limbic system of .

Check out these 10 uses for Frankincense essential oil — from beauty and skin care to meditation and relaxation to grounding and emotional support.

Learn how to use Frankincense essential oil in this tutorial. In fact, Frankincense and Myrrh were both given to Jesus at the time of his birth. At the time, both were considered more valuable than gold. Today, Frankincense essential oil is still used for meditation and to promote healthy skin.

In fact, I like to use Frankincense and Lavender together for a dynamic skin duo. Frankincense is distilled from the resin of of the Frankincense tree. With Young Living, their Frankincense essential oil is distilled from boswellia carterii trees located in northern Africa near the Arabian peninsula. While there are other sources of Frankincense, I personally love Young Living.

Why two bottles? But do know that it IS the same oil. So how do you use Frankincense essential oil? Add about 10 drops of Frankincense essential oil to 1 oz of your favorite moisturizer along with 5 drops of Lavender. It helps to improve the tone and texture of skin. Just add 3 drops Frankincense essential oil and 3 drops Myrrh essential oil to 1 oz carrier oil such as argan or rosehip to make your own DIY facial serum. This is one of my favorite recipes with Frankincense essential oil.

Just add Frankincense , Lavender , liquid castile soap and some water to a small foaming pump bottle. Add drops of Frankincense essential oil to 1 tsp of carrier oil and massage neck and temples. If you feel overwhelmed or out of sorts just apply drops of Frankincense essential oil to your wrists and neck.

Add drops Frankincense Vitality to a spoonful of raw honey or an empty vegetable capsule and take internally as a dietary supplement. It helps to support overall wellness. Unwind by adding a 5 drops of Frankincense essential oil to a cup of Epsom salts along with 1 tsp almond oil. It helps to promote relaxation after a long day.

Many natural toothpaste brands contain Frankincense or Myrrh a cousin to Frankincense in the botanical world. Power boost your toothpaste by adding a drop of Frankincense Vitality to your toothbrush, add your favorite natural toothpaste and brush teeth as normal. The next time you practice yoga or any stretching exercises at home , diffuse drops of Frankincense essential oil. It helps to uplift your spirit, while making you feel grounded in the moment.

Diffuse 5 drops Lavender and 5 drops Frankincense essential oil during meditation to stay grounded and feel a sense of purpose. Did you try these uses for Frankincense essential oil?

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