How to use fencing pliers

how to use fencing pliers

The Best Fencing Pliers

Mar 01,  · How to Use Fencing Pliers 1. Drive Staples. The first way that you can utilize fencing pliers is to drive staples. More specifically, you can 2. Cut Wire. Whether you are performing fencing work with barbed wire or doing electric repair, you will be working with 3. Hammering. In addition to. Dec 10,  · How to use Fence Pliers to cut fencing, pound in nails and staples, cut wire, stretch wire, twist wire, and be safe around electric fences.

The right tools for the job. Fencing pliers, wire joiners, strainers and spinners, post drivers and lifters, post brackets, wire clips and ground anchors to how to use fencing pliers your fencing job easier. Whites Fencer's Tool is a convenient and easy to use tool for tying off wires up to 4mm in diameter. Simply thread the wire through the relevant gauge hole, twist and you have an instant tie for most fencing applications.

It fixes plain or barbed wire to steel fence posts. Easy to use, convenient size fits in your pocket. Each pack includes application tool. Bullnose and Parrot Beak styles. Whites multi-use fencing pliers are strong, how to extend the range of wifi, and reliable to make fencing easy.

Available in two styles:. For more rural fencing product see our selection on the Whites Rural website. Whites Wire Joiners are strong and easy to use and ideal for joining and repairing wires quickly and safely. They securely lock in place. Whites Fence Wire Chain Strainer is a removable tool for fence straining. Enameled model - with wire clamp grip for fence line or hook for use at an end post.

Whites Post Driver range provides an easy way to drive steel posts into the ground. The heavy weight of the driver means the user only needs how to use fencing pliers lift the driver over the post and let the weight of the driver do the work. Available in three sizes from heavy duty 80cm to the Lil' Driver to suit trade, handyman and DIY uses.

Whites Post Lifter range makes removing steel posts from the ground easy. Cost-effective, as it allows you to re-use existing steel posts. Simply place the post in the jaw and use the lever action to remove the post. Available in two versions to suit trade, handyman and DIY uses. Whites Wire Spinner provides safe and easy payout of fence wire. It can what happens when charged with a dui used on the ground in a stationary position, or put on the back of a ute for larger fence runs.

Whites easy what are baby horse called use mesh Panel Fixing Clips are made from strong galvanised sheet steel, to hold up to 10mm mesh easily. They have a 8mm hole for screw fixing. Whites Panel Mounting Clips screw into walls and fences quickly and easily, creating a sturdy trellis for your climbing plants.

Made from Hot-Dip Galvanised steel, it is strong and long lasting. Choose from two hanging options: front mount or side mount, whichever best suits your needs or space. The 16mm clips suit the Red handle pliers whilst the 19mm clips suit the Green handle pliers. The pliers feature a special groove to hold the netting clip in place before securing. To secure, squeeze the handles and the clip 'ties' the netting to the line wire.

With a soft rubber handle, these pliers are easy to use and come with a pack of bonus clips to get you started. With a strong durable galvanised coating, the clips are easy to use and what kind of disease is aids suit up to 2.

Whites Aviary Clip Plier with soft rubber grip, is specifically designed for crimping Whites Flat Aviary Clipswhich are ideal for fastening mesh panels and wire up to 2. Whites Post Hinge Set is perfect for larger gates that are used for farm and vehicular access.

It is suitable for timber posts approximately mmmm width and 25NB gates. These are suitable for round or flat posts and 25NB gates. Featuring weld-on spring-loaded latch how to convert csv file to arff format in weka striker plate designed for cattle yards so it provides quick access and locks strong. Whites 2-Way Gate Latch is a clever way to secure round-pipe gates.

As the gate closes it lifts the latch and rests between the latches. The latch can secure the gate from both sides. To install, the latch can be screwed or welded onto posts and is suitable for common 25NB pipe gates. Whites Gate Bow Latch is an easy-to-use gate fitting that can be screwed or welded into place.

For installation: ensure that you use screws that are suitable for the type of post, Gate Bow Latch can also be welded on steel posts. It is suitable for steel and timber posts and is compatible with Gate Strap Hinge. It measures mm in length and includes 2 nuts and 2 washers.

Whites Gate Strap Hinge is a strong and sturdy for support for timber gates. It measures mm in length and is made from zinc-plated steel. Whites Heavy Duty Staples come in a pack of 6 staples that is ideal for attaching chains and pins to timber posts. Designed for timber posts, the staples are simply hammered into place to secure. Whites Ring Latch Set includes the catch, ring latch and chain for locking gates.

Whites Screw-in Drop Latch gate fitting is a traditional and convenient way to secure large and small gates. Simply thread the chain through the gate and drop the latch pin into the catch to secure. Featuring a screw-in 12mm latch and catch with chain. Also available in Ring Latch style. Whites Screw-In Gudgeon is a bottom 'hinge' for a round-pipe gate. Suitable for 25NB medium to large size gates, the gudgeon mounts into timber posts.

Whites Screw-in Ring Latch is a traditional and convenient way to lock large and small gates. Simply thread the chain through the gate and place the ring latch pin around the catch to secure. Also available in Drop Latch style. Whites Spring Latch is a 12mm bolt latch with spring that can be screwed-in or welded-on.

Suitable for gates, cages and box trailers, the latch pulls back to open and then springs back into place when you want to secure the gate or door. Whites Tubular Gate Hinges are screw-in hinge set designed to fit square tube 25mm x 25mm and rectangular tube 25mm x 38mm posts.

Featuring a top hinge, and an adjustable bottom hinge screws are not included. The pack is supplied as complete gate hinge set, including 2 hinges and 2 locking pins. Available in two sizes, 12mm and 16mm. Whites Pipe Saddles are a Hot-dip Galvanised saddles ideal for common sizes of gates and pipe fittings. Whites Chain Mesh Pedestrian Gate is manufactured from high quality galvanised pipe. The pipe is galvanised on the inside as well as the what is the meaning of prognosis and diagnosis to provide maximum protection and a long working life.

The zinc based coating is applied to all sections and all welds are covered. Whites Post Caps provide a snug fit to most fence posts with no need to tie down due to the unique fins that hold the cap in place. Whites Post Brackets are versatile brackets that allow you to repair or build using steel fence posts. It's supplied in galvanised finish for maximum corrosion resistance and is available in flat, rail and corner types. Make use of How fabulous do these wire Get your free time back!

Roll out the Fencing Solutions Keeping it in or keeping it out. Protecting what's inside from what's outside. Scroll to discover. Fencing Tools Driving posts, lifting posts. Straining, twisting, cutting and joining wire.

All the tools you need. Explore Fencing Tools. Fence Strainers. Post Drivers. Post Lifters. Wire Spinner. Description Handy size, easy to use Whites Fencer's Tool is a convenient and easy to use tool for tying off wires up to 4mm in diameter. Available in two styles: Bullnose 2 different wire grips 3 wire cutters plenty of length to provide leverage Long handles provide extra leverage Parrot Beak Cut, snip and crimp Hammer and pull staples For more rural fencing product see our selection on the Whites Rural website.

They are designed to suit 1. Please how to use fencing pliers with your local store. Description Proven design, hard wearing and built to last Whites Fence Wire Chain Strainer is a removable tool for fence straining. Available in bright blue colour. To strain: Insert chain into chain jaws remove twist. Clamp wires with the wire grips at both ends. Crank the handle to tension. Post Drivers Heavy steel construction Weighted and reinforced steel head Welded handles Minimises damage to tops of fence posts Enamelled steel version available at selected Bunnings only.

Cord Management

May 07,  · You can now support our channel! Learn more Some simple tricks to use an uncommon, but very useful, fencing tool. May 06,  · This video shows you how to fix a fence using only a pair of pliers and a small coil of wire. A good trick to know when you are a long way from the shed and. Jan 18,  · To stretch the fence tight, I use two pieces of 2x4 cut to 4 feet each, c-clamped to either side of the end of the fence, wrap two tie-downs around the boards, then attached to and pulled with a come-a-long which is of course secured to something solid like my tractor, a tree, or truck trailer hitch. It sounds more involved than it really is.

If you're getting started with fencing your farm, you will need some basic supplies and tools to help you install and maintain your fence. Depending on the type of fence , you might need only some of these tools, and you can certainly substitute a tractor-mounted post hole digger or any other larger equipment for the hand tools discussed here.

Gloves will protect your hands from sharp fence wire edges and cushion them as you handle rough wood and metal. Choose leather work gloves for durability and ease of movement.

Invest in a good hammer. You will use it a lot. Just your basic shovel will do, but again, spending money on the quality of your most basic and most-used tools is never a bad idea. Otherwise, a strong back and a heavy duty hand post hole digger will serve you well.

This is another item to spend money on for good quality. You want good cutting edges on your wire cutters so that they can slice easily through high-tensile wires. A crimping tool is useful for fence repair and for splicing fence wire together with swage sleeves.

Choose from among several types of tensioners depending on your particular preference and needs, but the basic idea is that the tensioner clamps onto the wires and as the pressure increases the tension on the fence increases. This is the tool you need to produce a nice, tight fence. A come-along will also help you tension the fence properly.

One ton is usually enough. Use a post pounder to bang T-bar posts usually used with woven wire fencing into the ground. It's an excellent workout! Make sure that you prepare the hole for the T-bar using the tamping tool first. A tamping tool is a specially shaped bar that has a chisel point on one end to help break up hard soil, and a flat end on the other to tamp the soil down around the fence post. Multipurpose fence pliers are a very handy tool for working with wire fencing.

Even an inexpensive pair will serve you well when putting up or repairing fences. There are also various sizes and shapes of fence pliers: round nose, square nose, 8-inch, and inch are common variations.

You will want to have a few different kinds so you can learn what works best for your needs. For testing electric fences, a good fence tester will help you pinpoint trouble spots and get your fence working properly again. You will need to measure the voltage of your fence to make sure it is working.

A digital voltmeter that reads up to 10, volts will serve you well. For electric net fencing, you may use plastic step-in posts to reinforce parts of the fence or to make gates. Similarly, plastic step-in posts can be handy for other types of fencing, or for temporary holders of wire as you put up the fence.

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