How to stop squirrels from eating my pumpkins

how to stop squirrels from eating my pumpkins

Homemade Squirrel Repellent Recipe

So many people complain about squirrels eating out of their gardens. These shy guys will jump at the chance to eat dried corn on the cob, tomatoes, pumpkins, freshly planted seedbeds, beans, squash, cucumbers, eggplants, sunflowers, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, . To all my fellow vegetable gardners who are in a constant battle with squirrels - I have found the solution. Squirrels were killing my garden - digging up seeds, eating the tops of plants and killing them and reeking havoc in my garden. I have tried all of the following with little or no success: 1. firepit ashes (works for about a week).

To learn more visit my About Me page. I get so much feedback on this post with readers how to stop getting nervous about this method.

So does bar soap keep mice away? Many say yes and have used this method for decades. Some have found that the mice eat the soap, which is why I am making the suggestions below. DO How to remove bmw x5 headlights shred 20 bars of soap and sprinkle them everywhere without testing. Because types of mice will vary, as will soap recipes, your results may vary.

By offering a small piece of soap first you can see if the mice you are dealing with are runners, or nibblers. If you notice bites in the soap piece or droppings around the soap, this method may not work for you and should not be used. Hopefully these answers can help you fight these critters for good and solve any issues you are having. One common question I hear is: do moth balls repel mice?

In short, yes. The smell of moth balls will help keep mice away from your space. However, the smell may repel more than just mice, it might repel guests as well. Ahhh the age old do mice eat soap debate! It depends on the ingredients in the soap.

Soaps that contain animal fat or food ingredients may be edible to mice. It is always smart to read the ingredient label before trying soap as a mouse repelling strategy. Sowhat scents repel mice? It seems as though mice dislike strong and spicy scents. This could mean a heavily scented soap, moth balls, and spicy scents such as peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, and red pepper flakes.

Some people also swear by hot sauce, clove oil, and eucalyptus oil. It is a good idea to test these various scents and see which one may work best for you. Look below at how to use Irish Spring to repel mice this winter, so you can enjoy a critter free season! You have to use Irish Spring. I wish I had more answers. The bottom line is the perfumes in this soap tell mice, rats, chipmunks, and other critters to stay clear.

Irish Spring comes in different scents and varieties, and I have found that as long as it is Irish Spring in general it will work just fine. Directions: 1. Start by grating the bars of soap.

To make it easier to grate them, place the soap in a warm window for a few minutes to help soften it up. You may wish to place the grater in a plastic bag as you grate, so the bag catches all of the soap shavings. Personally I just place a handful of shavings down. If you wish to be a bit neater, you can always place the shavings in a butter dish or a mesh bag with holes in it. See how to keep squirrels from eating your pumpkins here!

I LOVE these tips. As always, use caution when doing any kind of pest repelling in a home with children. This is such a cheap way to keep flies away! Now, all you have left to do is enjoy your pest free home.

Keep a few extra bars of soap on hand for spring, because you will want to use this same method to keep critters out of your garden. Want to learn more ways to use Irish Spring around the home and garden? Check out my 10 Creative Uses for Irish Spring! Who knew? If deer are using your yard and garden for an all you can eat buffet, put a stop to it with soap!

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Are Squirrels Carnivore or Herbivore

Oct 17, The squirrels were eating my corn, so I put cayenne pepper on the corn, but the little bugger was eating it anyway. My daughter said he thought, "this lady sure seasons her food good." I also saw one running away with one of my gourds in his mouth. My son taught me something re poke sallet last year. So we kept eating the new leaves from the top on into the summer with no problems. One summer, a bulldozer had been busy clearing 15 or 20 acres next to my home. The following spring there was a bumper crop of poke sallet growing there. Gardening Hints. Transplanting tips from The Horticulture Guy! Basic Guidelines for Roses; Keep Your Fall Crops Producing right into Winter! Here's What Cover Crops Can Do For Your Garden.

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Daylily: Just Cloning Around The daylily, a standard plant in foraging for a century or more, has become too much of a good thing and now presents a significan. During nearly every class I have students smell three or four plants depending upon the season and I ask them what common Dog and Cat 1 Most Westerners would starve than eat their pet, and understandably so. There is a tacit agreement between pets and their owners.

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