How to stop horses from chewing wood

how to stop horses from chewing wood

Strategies to Deter Horses Chewing Wood

Mar 23, †Ј The best anti chew formula, better than pepper, used oil, whatever, is Irish Spring soap, easy as pie too. Buy a few bars and just rub them along the boards, nothing will chew your fence! And the whole place will smell "just like after an Irish rain", lol. Reapply every few weeks or after a lot of rain, surprisingly that soap's odor still sticks around after a rain, lots of chemicals in it I guess. What can I put on wood to stop horses from chewing? Chew StopЩ Hot cinnamon taste helps stop horses from wood chewing and cribbing. WonТt stain white fences or discolor other painted surfaces* Easy-to-apply, clear liquid formula. Simply spray, roll or brush it on surfaces. Available in a non-flurocarbon aerosol spray and liquid.

Chewing fences norses a bad habit what to do at laguna beach horses, and it causes major issues for property maintenance. Many horses chew wood fencing, especially when confined in small areas. They can destroy a fence very quickly with this bad habit. Links in articles are part of an Amazon Affiliate program that provides income to support this brand. Links are chosen by our editors.

Some owners apply spray or liquid coatings to try to deter chewing, but there are horses that chew wood feom matter what you put on it. Some of the things people try like old motor oil are toxic; don't use them as chemical chewing deterrents. Use a spray or liquid that is approved for horse areas. A better, safer way to protect wood fences is to cover the posts, poles or boards with small-mesh chicken wire. For instance, a wire fence with a top pole or board can be readily protected by covering that top pole or board with chicken wirecutting it into strips the proper size with wire cutters.

Use staples that are large enough to hold securely and horsfs pull out. Even with the chicken wire in place, a non-toxic, yow spray or liquid can be applied to the wooden poles, posts or boards periodically. That will help the wood fence last a long time. Chicken wire protection is very cheap compared to replacing chewed-up boards, posts or poles.

A roll of wire will cover a lot of fencing when cut into proper-size strips. Staples and a staple gun will be another expense, as will your time, as are chewing-deterrent sprays or liquids. Equine business owners can create an Amazon Business Account. Keeping fences in good repair not what are headings and how are they formatted extends their life but also reduces risk of injury if horses have close encounters with their boundaries.

New materials make fencing options more durable and safer than ever before. Now is the time to plan for repairs and upgrades to your fencing on your horse property. Pay cewing to fencing, building maintenance and repair and amenities that can make your facility safe and enjoyable for people and horses. If you do your homework, vinyl or pvc can be a very attractive and safe fencing option for horses.

Temporary electric fencing can allow you to make the most of your pasture grazing while keeping horses safe and where they belong. There are some things you can do in the fall to get ready for the struggles of winter weather, especially as it comes to fencing and gates. Equine Health. Farm Equipment. Fly Control. Stable Management. Video Room. Stable Management Extra. Our Sister Sites. American Cowboy. Dressage Today. Practical Horseman. The Team Roping Journal.

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Apr 09, †Ј Wood chewing is thought to be caused by three things Ц boredom, a lack of minerals in the diet and the fact that your horse has acquired a taste for wood. The last, being an addiction of sorts, is the most difficult to remedy. Dec 01, †Ј Provide more long-stem forage. This is the easiest and most effective method of stopping wood chewing. In addition, consider using a slow feeder, which will help reduce the potential for boredom by making hay meals last longer.. Eliminate access to the wood source. Halt chewing and cribbing habits with Chew StopЩ chew deterrent. Stops horses from chewing wood, blankets and bandages in most cases. Hot cinnamon taste helps stop horses from wood chewing and cribbing ; Won't stain white fences or discolor other painted surfaces* Easy-to-apply, clear liquid formula; Simply spray, roll or brush it on surfaces.

The most ideal horse farm imaginable is one with big beautiful paddocks amid rolling hills. The paddocks are enclosed by long, white, straight wooden poles, offset by the lush green grass and are safe; a place where horses can graze and feel protected. Wood chewing is thought to be caused by three things Ч boredom, a lack of minerals in the diet and the fact that your horse has acquired a taste for wood.

The last, being an addiction of sorts, is the most difficult to remedy. How can a horse be bored? After all, it has all day to move around the paddock and interact with the other horses. But some horses are really intelligent and need extra stimulation. Putting toys in the paddock can help provide this. There are many available. Another source of supplementation is the common lick. Purchase a few and place them out in the paddocks.

You get three basic types Ч pure mineral blocks and some that are predominantly molasses-based with or without minerals. You can be sure the problem is a deficiency if your horse eats the safari block in record time. A second block will last much longer. An alternative to licks is planting herbs in the paddocks. Horses need the bone mineral calcium, for example, and planting chamomile will help them to add calcium to their diets in a natural way. Oats, sunflower, millet and garlic, meanwhile, will provide phosphorus, the nervous system mineral.

Horses that have a nervous disposition are sometimes lacking phosphorus. Carrots and rock salt provide sodium, which is essential for balancing body fluids. Parsley is an excellent source of potassium, the muscle mineral. Dandelion provides iron and magnesium. Iron helps with energy levels and magnesium is vital for muscle health. Lucerne is another excellent source of minerals. Horses love lucerne. All these plants are easy to plant out in the field.

Desperate measures The third reason for chewing wood is habit. For this problem, desperate measures might be called for. Running a strand of electric fencing down the pole will be the most affective deterrent.

The other option is to paint the wood with bitter aloe or mustard or a paste made of ground up cayenne pepper. Contact Kim Dyson on or at [email protected]. Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Farmer's Weekly. Home Animals Horses Stop your horse from chewing wood. Some tips from Kim Dyson on how to stop your horse from munching on poles. Horses love lucerne, which is an excellent source of minerals.

Here a beautiful Arab mare and foal are frolicking in a safe lucerne land. Photo: Kim Dyson. Intra-articular injections for joint trouble.

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