How to scan legal size documents canon

how to scan legal size documents canon

PIXMA MG6220 scan legal size?

Dec 24,  · In this how-to tutorial I show you how I had to setup my Canon MX multifunction printer and scanner to scan a legal sized document " x 14". I actually. Jul 17,  · I am trying to scan a legal-size (x14) document using the ADF on my Canon MFdn. The only size options offered in Image Capture are US Letter and A4. When I cnoose letter, the entire document feeds through, but the resulting pdf cuts off at 11". The specs for the device say that ADF capture up to 14" is supported. Any ideas would be welcome.

Even before the computer replaced the typewriter as the standard office tool, letter-sized paper has always been the most common document size. The exception to this, of course, is legal how to decorate for winter wonderland party, including contracts, loan applications and other legal forms. If your scanner can accommodate legal-sized paper, scanning the document should just be a matter of tweaking its settings.

However, if you have a flatbed scanner that is only 11 inches long, you can scan it twice and use a photo editor to splice the document together. Because legal documents are the same width as letter-sized paper, most scanners can scan them. In most cases, you simply have to put the paper into the scanner and scan it as you would a letter-sized document. The scanner should automatically detect the size of the document and scan it at its full size.

If this doesn't happen using the scanner's default settings, then you can specify the proper setting using the scanner's software on your computer. The steps to do this vary. If you're scanning legal-size documents on an HP OfficeJet Pro or most other OfficeJet Pro printers with a scan function, you can use the HP Scan software that came with it to select the document size.

If your flatbed scanner is too short for a full inch document, you can scan the page twice and then assemble the two images to recreate the original document. For a legal-size document, the easiest way is to scan the top and then the bottom. Most of the text in the middle of the document will overlap, but that's OK. If you have a lot of documents to scan, then it may be a good idea to invest in a legal-size scanner that can scan the documents in one sweep.

Scanning a document twice and reassembling it only takes a few minutes, but if you have hundreds of documents to scan over the course of a year, it will become a very time-consuming process. Place the document in the scanner so that the top portion will be fully scanned. Don't worry about the bottom of the document during this pass.

Scan the document as normal and save the image. Next, turn the document around and scan it again so you capture the bottom half in a second image file. Open your favorite image-editing software. Something like Photoshop or GIMP would be perfect, but any software that lets you size, rotate and cut and paste parts of an image will work fine. Create a new blank image file and select the legal-size paper option if it appears. If it doesn't appear, you can set the size yourself as 8.

Drag the image or use the arrow keys to position it into the top of the canvas. Next, rotate the second image degrees and copy and paste it onto the bottom of the canvas. Finally, move the bottom image as needed so that it aligns with the top image. If a line appears or if you can't get the letters or images in the document to align perfectly, use the eraser tool to erase the top part of the second image where it overlaps the first. A published author, David Weedmark has advised businesses on technology, media and marketing for more than 20 years and used to teach computer science at Algonquin College.

He is currently the owner of Mad Hat Iron on pellon how to use, a web design and media consultancy business.

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May 13,  · Scan size - select the size of the original. When you select Legal, load the original in the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder). When you select 4"x6" (10x15cm), 5"x7" (13x18cm), or Auto scan, load the original on the platen glass. Format - Select the data format of the scanned data. Hello Willow. The platen glass can only scan objects up to "x11" in size. However, you may be able to scan the legal sized object by using the "Stitch-assist" option in our MP Navigator software. This will require scanning two areas of the document. Jun 28,  · #Scanx14#ScanTricksThis tutorial will guide you how to Scan a document bigger than your scanner glass. x 14 or largerStep by Step guide with on screen.

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Posted on Jul 16, AM. Page content loaded. Jul 16, AM. Jul 16, PM. Jul 17, AM. Jul 17, PM. Question: Q: How to scan legal size document? Communities Get Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Tangible Visions Tangible Visions. Question: Q: Question: Q: How to scan legal size document? When I cnoose letter, the entire document feeds through, but the resulting pdf cuts off at 11".

The specs for the device say that ADF capture up to 14" is supported. Any ideas would be welcome. More Less. Reply I have this question too 10 I have this question too Me too 10 Me too. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. They are good at responding to questions.

Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Jul 16, PM in response to Bruce De Benedictis In response to Bruce De Benedictis Sir, with respect, I am asking the question here in hopes of getting an answer from a knowledgeable fellow user, not a reference to customer support.

I cannot agree that Canon support is good at responding. I did talk to them, and they seemed totally clueless. The person I spoke to suggested that Image Capture doesn't support legal size paper, and I should use "the other software". On further questioning, he was unable to say what software he might be referring to.

However, the only Mac software that comes with this device is a driver to use with Image Capture; there is no Scangear application. If I've misunderstood something, please let me know. Once you have the proper software, you should be able to select the input size to be legal, rather than letter.

According to the documentation included with the ScanGear driver, when you scan from the platen, the ScanGear application opens allowing you to set a number of preferences, such as the original size and resolution. But when you scan from the ADF, this preview window does not open, so it will default to the factory settings. So you may need to scan from the platen so that you can modify the defaults and then use the ADF.

My wife uses an MF at home so I can confirm this later. Downloading the Scangear package for this printer simply installs a driver, intended to be used with Image Capture. Pahu, I look forward to hearing about how this works on your wife's MF I would expect it to have the same characteristics as the MFdn. Unless you think it would be a good idea to choose one of the other devices, even though it's not the right model number? It would not hurt to try.

Otherwise, you may need to look for a third-party driver. Do you have any other applications that support scanning, like Photoshop Elements? If so, try it with them. Otherwise, you should look into third-party scanning applications.

VueScan is probably the most widely used shareware. Silverfast is a commercial product, but it may not support your scanner. The platen is only 8. See section 2 of Guide-Scan-US. Alternatively, not sure what was included with the device, but if it included the software Presto!

PageManager try to scan using that application. Hope this makes sense and more importantly helps. Ask a question Reset.

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