How to remove securom from your computer

how to remove securom from your computer

Removing SecuROM

Save the zip-archive to your hard disc ; Unpack the complete content to a location of your choice ; Start "SecuROM™" Agree to the terms of the EULA (find a copy of the EULA here) The tool shows all SecuROM™ related files, folders and registry keys present on your PC for the currently logged on Windows user ; Agree to delete these files. An internet connection is required for you to obtain the Software. You will be given the option to download or open a zip-archive file that contains the Software. After you have removed SecuROM™ files, folders and registry keys from your computer with the Software, you may delete the Software from your computer. 4.

More Awesome Than You! Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Search: Advanced search. Have you destroyed a paysite today? All Lythdans are stupid and suck!

All Kewians are stupid and suck! Accept no Kewian-based substitutes! Clearly, BlueSoup has failed us! You must not! BlueSoup has a fat head! Hobbsee has a scrawny pencil neck. Rohina the Ugly Butted is a Horny Turkey. Dimwitted Dunce Posts: Terrible Twerp Posts: That's the thing, the method she's referring to turns securom off leaving in on the computer in a way but keeping it from turning itself back on or replacing the file you've modified.

She wants to be able to play BV and other SecuRom games, those are not securom free, she does not want to use any kind of nocd method. One day in college I was feeling very stupid.

I left feeling MUCH smarter. I recommend the compuuter to everyone. If she is having no technical problems due to SecuROM, there is really no need to what is the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system about it.

If she is having problems, she needs to determine whether she wants to play games protected by SecuROM. The stuff placed on the hard drive seems to be mostly temporary files. The 'hidden' SecuROM registry entry is used to removee to it. Asinine Airhead Posts: 8. I assumed that this was because when it checked or touched the file, the file was turned off and therefore there was nothing for the.

Are you saying that this is incorrect? I would like to try this method first if possible before I resort to messing with the registry. The truth of the matter how to create social networking website, I'm lazy.

I'm just not sure that I'm going to remember to check files and mess with stuff later on when I patch or install new games. I don't like to mess with things unless I absolutely have to. See what I mean -- I'm lazy. In reomve other situation, Sims 2 either repairs SecuROM so that it functions normally or it quits running and displays an error. I've been poking a bit at SecuROM this evening watching the self-repair mechanism built into it.

It is very robust. I have verified on my system that SecuROM has no detectable adverse effects, so far. SecuROM is very touchy about being watched, rremove there is a legal limit to how far I will go in watching it, but most of what I am interested in is how the computer behaves when Sims 2 is not running. Dead Member Posts: UAService7 only installs itself if you run the game as a limited user. What to do with kids in portland won't install itself if the only user account is an admin account.

If that works both ways, I'm immortal. Quote from: Venusy on October 19, Quote from: Remoe on October 19, If anyone knows how I can make the "turn off" method work, or has an idea about how it might be fo, I'd love to hear from you.

I know there are a lot of computer geniuses out there that are so awesome that they can come up with a way to make it work. Obtuse Oaf Posts: Lordrichter, have you determined what are changes Securom makes to a system? After the uproar, I got curious, but there but is actually zero information out there on the changes it makes. Just a lot of misinformation and suppostions. Not a peep from the malware people, which tells me a lot. When the Sony rootkit came along, there was a lot of interest from the professionals and people analyzed it to death.

So far, have you determined any permanent changes that stay even after the game is shut down? And when you say the program is touchy about being observed, what did now mean. Senator Posts: I'm still trying to find a way to use the "turn off" method. I know I aecurom just give up and delete the keys from the registry and use the removal method Tribulatio proxima est.

EDIT 2: I just found this online. Sounds a little too easy, but it also makes sense logically. Posting it here to see what any of you might think. How to remove securom from your computer make a text file with the same name, what color shirt and tie with navy suit the same directory, and then right click the file, and make it "Hidden" and "Read Only". Blathering Buffoon Posts: Not that it's a big deal to change the settings back to "never," but I thought it was interesting to note at least.

I went to gamecopyworld and there was a no-cd crack listed, but I don't do much ARR-ing and I'm not sure if the file is reliable or not. Anyone have a good source for one? Knuckleheaded Knob Posts: Quote from: bowlwoman on October 19, Exasperating Eyesore Posts: Sugar, if you really want to guinea-pig that method of defanging SecuROM, mightn't it be easiest to delete it the official way here, cimputer then simply create a backup account for simming and other how to download new bollywood movies for free games?

It'd be a little extra work, but might be the safest way to get it all done. Quote from: crystalclear on October 19, Quote from: Lord Darcy on October 19, Looks cleaner though, as they don't put up as many ads as GCW.

Quote from: Soylent Sim remobe October 19, I said guinea-pig for a reason. If she finds out something useful it'll be good for the rest of us, demove if her computer blows up she might learn to listen to people who know what they're talking about.

I really appreciate how helpful everyone is trying to be. I know that I sound a little paranoid, but I'm an infant when compjter comes to computer stuff I know just enough to get me in trouble -- I'm not awesome at how to know if you are infertileso I always check everything out several times before I actually make a decision.

That caution has paid off many times. I just wish I had been that cautious when I decided to install BV. The "turn what are the source of protein method is appealing to me because it has been possible to turn off things in the services menu for quite a while, so I feel that this method is tried and true. It doesn't feel like an experimental attempt at all. My only problem is that I don't have the.

I guess that could be considered how to remove securom from your computer experimental part. I know that many people have deleted the keys from their registry and installed the no-cd crack without problems. However, I have read some posts where this HAS caused problems for people. Since I have the "unholy hybrid" the game plus the patchI worry that I will be one of those at risk.

And, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm not allowed to reformat my computer, so I need to make sure that whatever I do doesn't cause a disasterous problem. People here have been telling everyone to read up on the SecuROM issue because the net is full of information about it. Well, I have been reading and something that gave me pause about using the regular removal method discussed here is something I read over at wrongplanet.

The poster worked in security. He doesn't like SecuROM, but warns people about cracks in general: "I let my cert expire a while ago, so I won't recommend against buying one copy and downloading another. If for no other reason, I need to see if that is what is causing the problems I've been having.

Thanks again to everyone. Asinine Airhead Posts: Quote from: Sugar on October 20, Corpulent Cretin Posts: Of course some cracks out there can have bad software in them, pirate junk isn't exactly regulated. However, when people on a savvy site are pointing you towards a trusted source for a crack, it secuorm help ease your mind.

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Jun 03,  · SecuROM Removal Instructions *Please restart your computer now!. Your next task is to remove the remaining SecuROM files from your Registry. Step Step – 2. Step – 3. You can now restart your PC and do the Registry search again to make sure you didn’t miss anything the first. Nov 04,  · Open DelinvFile and navigate to your SecuROM folder. Delete everything in there that was previously undeletable. Now you should be able to delete the SecuROM folder the normal way. Congratulations, you've just wiped SecuROM off the face of the earth. Well, off your computer, zi255.coms: 6. Oct 05,  · Yes, you can. I am going to give you a few links to sites where people have joined forces to try to fight this crap drm. On at least one of these sites are instructions on how to get it back off of your computer and even how to manage to play a game that has it on WITHOUT getting the securom on your computer.

Before you post requesting help Information we need The -config-log. Your operating System. What the problem actually is - that will be a picture to show the problem optional , and accompanying text files that turn up optional , and a detailed description of what happened, and what you expected to happen.

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Securom and Windows 10 Help. Arily Registered 21 This topic is meant to be informative to people with Windows 10, who might be having issues with The Sims 2 and expansions. Firstly it is confirmed by Microsoft that Windows 10 is not compatible with Securom. Some people can get The Sims 2 to run fine on their Windows 10, but some people are having issues. This is just one issue to look into if your having problems but this isn't a cure all. Also it's been confirmed that the new Sims 2 Ultimate Collection threw Origin fixed for windows 8.

So whether you are installing with Disc or Origin whether on Windows 8. First you have to go to the Securom Support site and downloaded the Securom removal tool. It does leave one thing called Securom License Information in the registry, claiming that because I was currently logged onto the user it couldn't remove it. It will pop up a huge list of registry keys Just leave those selections and hit OK.

It then scanned and popped up the Securom License Information which I right clicked and deleted. Now that you've removed all the Securom from your system you have to download a No-CD. However the No-CD. As I stated if you've removed Securom from your computer and your still having issues with The Sims 2 you might have to look into other things like graphics and whatnot.

This procedure also works for Windows 8. This post was last modified: PM by Arily. Please see this thread. Didn't work for me Unfortunately. I have ultimate collection. This post was last modified: AM by gayars. No I got it. I was just having a duh moment that's all. Glad you got it working gayars hope your Sims 2 game is now running smoothly. Working perfectly, thanks. I just recently bought a new laptop and I really dont want to download anything that will mess it up.

Thank you! BoilingOil Darwin Award Juror! So now which one do you recommend downloading? Also my anti-virus pops up saying the sight is unsafe, have you had any problems with viruses? Watch Topic. About Leefish. Stats Newbie: bldssphq Posts Topics Users. Sites We Like. HTML Leefish. Sorry, that is a members only option. Sign in Signup. Securom and Windows 10 Help Reply. Watch Topic Reply.

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