How to put songs on my samsung phone

how to put songs on my samsung phone

Samsung Galaxy: Where is Recycle Bin and How to Recover Deleted Videos/Pictures

Feb 08, Windows will now scan your phone for the types of services available. If A2DP support is available on the phone, it will show an option to Play Music under . Samsung's version of android is garbage, I actually downgraded from Android 11 to 10 battery life is better than my ancient phone. wifi6 is fast, about Mbps tested Wifi6 Stats: Channel 40 (11ax) Signal 94% ( dBm) Rx Rate Mbps Tx Rate Mbps Power Save Enabled 5G is decent (LTE+ indicated at Mbps down, 4Mbps up, AT&T in Raleigh, NC).

So you just tapped the delete option on your Samsung Galaxy phone and sent some pictures or videos to the Recycle Bin? Now you tried to look pkt the Recycle Puh to restore the items, but where is the Recycle Bin on a Samsung Galaxy phone? Just like a computer, Samsung Galaxy has a Recycle Bin to recycle deleted items.

More precisely, the current Android OS your phone is running under provides this yo. From day 16, items here will be erased automatically. This video what is the effect of using different depreciation methods more:.

Just bow these items and top on recover. If your pictures samsug stored in a mass memory card, remove the card out of your phone and put it in a safe place. You can even restore files and sync data on other devices when you are logged into your Samsung account. Samsung Smart Switch is an app that makes it easy to sync data between your device and your computer. When to use : your pictures and videos were saved on your Galaxy internal memory instead of a memory card.

Besides photos and videos, the program is also able to recover SMS messages, Contacts, and other types of data from Galaxy Android. It even allows you to preview the found media items, making it a lot easier to find the files you actually want to retrieve. When to use : the lost media files were ny on an SD card attached to your Samsung Galaxy.

We recommend Stellar Photo Recoverya comprehensive image recovery software that offers both a Windows and macOS version. You can use it to quickly restore lost images, videos and audio files from almost any storage media including Samsung phones and tablets. When that happens, it how do you delete history on the computer be really frustrating. Remember to use Samsung Smart Switch or Hos Cloud to make backups of all pug media items from now samsunv, as we know, recovery can be hard but backup is always easy.

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I just came from a holiday, and a friend of mine have sent me lots of photos via whatsapp. I have kept them on my phone until I could put my own photos, and those ones that she took in one folder. When I checked her whatsappgow the photos she sent was missing. Then I looked and found it in my recycle bin on the samsung clooud. I have tried to recover it, but it constantly says there is no connection.

I am connected via wifi, but sogs no cellphone network. I had to recovcer my samsung account passowrd, and then when I have setup my Samsug S8 again, and looked in my recycle bin all her photos are no songd. I have a galaxy 5 note. Once I deleted it on trash, where can I how to create facetime account them? Sorry for the silly question but I wanted to recover a file I accidentally deleted from trash. I went to the drop down menu as instructed but there was no recycle bin.

Is there another way to access the recycle bin? Hi I deleted few contacts on my samsung galaxy A10 but I am not able to find the recycle bin. I want to permanently delete these contacts from recycle bin and my phone.

Here, only video and pictures recovery options are listed. But how can we recover deleted sms text messages and where can we find then on galaxy recycle bin??? Howto restored my Videos accedentaly deleted from recycle bing of my samsung A70 i want the video back to my galery please help thank you.

I deleted my videos from recycle bin of my phone A70 by accident Can i restore it back? I am anxiety mental syndrome and in my ny tab a uninstalled the original sumsung media player how can I restore this? Only 3 selections of which we never use nor need. We need to free up space, transferred pics and vids to the desktop to free up space but need to install the new app before 30 days! Read on for more.

Table of Contents. Chris Hwang. Hi Chris, I just came from a holiday, and a friend of mine have sent me lots of photos via whatsapp. Is there any way to wamsung them? Please let me know. Many thanks in advance. Kind Regards, Nico Uow Reply. Do you have a backup? Putt, have you checked out the Recycle Bin? Yes, read this post again updated Reply. This was VERY helpful. Now my question is. If myy have taken new photos afterwards then I will not be able to get deleted how to put songs on my samsung phone back?

Howto restored my Videos accedentaly deleted from recycle bing of my samsung A70 i want the video back to my galery please help thank you Reply. There is no recycling bin on my Samsung Galaxy.

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Put together a team of Galaxy Apps to join you and your phone in your day-to-day. Find your phone and see your phone's photos from your watch, or switch between devices to control your music and check reminders. The perfect partners are all on your wrist. This phone case is for a Samsung Galaxy A It came very quickly sooner than expected. Earlier than 9 PM. I put the screen protector first. It took me twice to get it right. My son took the case apart and put it on the phone. The stickers came off on my first attempt. But got it on the second time. Now to the GREAT the phone itself the size, the slimness and the weight, compared to my note 9 is so much lighter, the speed is quick within multi tasking its really just another samsung phone so the functions are about the same but for me this one was about the size and I can now go back to a mini purse and not have to accomodate a half a mini.

There are quite a few flaws with Apple's mobile products, and one that drives me crazy is their reliance upon iTunes for all your music syncing needs. If you want a song on your iPhone, you pretty much have to use iTunes to get it on there.

Either that or buy it directly from the iTunes app on your device. Now, don't get me wrong, iTunes is a good way to buy and organize your music library, but sometimes you just don't want to be locked down like that.

So what are the alternatives? You'll probably be surprised, but there's actually more than one way to put music on your iPhone without using iTunes! There are some free, big-name cloud services that will let you upload your music collection to play on your iPhone, on or offline, and I'll be covering three of them below before we get to other options.

One of the best cloud-based music streaming apps is Google Play Music , which allows users to upload up to 50, of their own songs for free. Without ever paying a dime, you can upload your music to the cloud, listen to it on any device, and even stream Google's entire music library if you're willing to put up with a few ads. Adding your music library to Google Play is incredibly easy, though you'll need a computer to handle the initial upload.

For more information on this part of the process, make sure to visit our full guide below:. In addition to serving as an online home for your music library, Google Play Music is a music store in the same vein as iTunes. When you purchase songs or albums through the Google Play Music app, they'll immediately be added to your library, which then allows you to save a copy of the MP3 to your phone or computer.

Beyond just streaming your own music, Google Play Music offers an optional subscription service called All Access that lets you stream Google's entire music library for free and without ads.

If you're not a Google person, Amazon also has a cloud music service that works with your iPhone called Amazon Music. However, unlike Google's offer for 50, songs, Amazon only allows a measly songs from your own music collection to be uploaded to the cloud Note: MP3s purchased from Amazon don't count against your cap.

One major drawback is that if you want to purchase any music, you have to visit visit Amazon's website using the Safari web browser. You cannot purchase MP3s via the Cloud Player app.

But on Amazon's website, you can browse the ample library of over 20 million songs and albums. Once imported or downloaded, your songs are immediately uploaded to the Amazon cloud, where they can then be played via the Amazon Cloud Player app, and they work offline as well.

You can get the full rundown on features and pricing here. Now, all you need to do is sign in to your Amazon account to get started. If you store your music collection on Dropbox, you don't need any other apps to play the files just log in to your Dropbox account, and select whatever song you wish to hear. The song will automatically play in the web browser, and even give you a nice dark playback screen to help save battery. You can also leave the browser and open other apps or navigate to anywhere on the device and the music won't stop playing!

I'm looking at you, YouTube. If you don't want to use your browser, you can download the free Dropbox app and play your music there, too. It's a little smoother than using the browser and also continues playback when you leave the app. Another nice feature is the ability to "star" songs or groups of songs for offline play. Dropbox is a super easy way to get new songs onto your iPhone and play them anywhere, anytime. If only you could create playlists, I may never need another music player again.

Don't want to use any of the big services? Here are a few programs you can use in place of iTunes to transfer music from your computer to your iPhone. If you're a Windows user, there's a free program called CopyTrans Manager that can fully replace iTunes and relieves you of some of its common annoyances.

The freeware allows for on-the-go edits, drag-and-drop additions to your library, and can be copied to a flash drive for management on multiple PCs. CopyTrans Manager also transfers your iTunes library to its own music player. This is great for people who already have a bunch of music on iTunes and are afraid of losing those songs by using another service. Media Monkey is another free media player for Windows computers. Once installed, Media Monkey will scan your computer for audio files and automatically add them to the library.

You can also sync your iPhone to Media Monkey and avoid iTunes altogether. The program utilizes add-ons and has a bunch of customizable skins and features. The Gold edition includes a few extras like the automatic library organizer and faster CD burning speeds. Media Monkey only recently added compatibility with Apple products, but it's got all the features of iTunes and more.

Check their list to see if your device is compatible. If your iPhone is jailbroken , you can use Cydia tweaks to import music directly onto your device. Unfortunately, most of these tweaks have become outdated recently, so we only have one left to recommend at this time.

There is currently no working jailbreak method for iOS Bridge is an awesome Cydia application that allows you to import music and videos to your media library right from your phone. No need to plug into a computer or sync with iTunes.

Any media file that you have on your iPhone can be imported into your media library. If friends send you songs via email or if you download some music from Dropbox, you can use Bridge to add them to your iPhone's music library in seconds. Of course, one of the most convenient ways to "add" music to your phone is via a streaming music player. Pandora , TuneinRadio , Rdio , and Spotify are a few popular music apps that let you stream music on your iPhone.

Just sign up for any of these free services and begin listening to new music instantly. The free versions of most of these applications do come with intermittent ads, but they can be removed with a paid app upgrade or monthly subscription.

And don't forget about YouTube, either. The app and the website are both pretty good for finding new, old, and hard to find music and playing it wherever and whenever you want. You may not be able to store those songs on your iPhone, but you do have access to a seemingly unlimited media library on the go. Know any other ways to download or transfer music to your iPhone without iTunes? Have you tried any of these apps or programs already?

Let us know in the comments section below. Get a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited for all your devices with a one-time purchase from the new Gadget Hacks Shop , and watch Hulu or Netflix without regional restrictions, increase security when browsing on public networks, and more. It's ridiculous how complicated an iPhone actually is. With the latest update I couldn't transfer a song for her using Media Monkey. Maybe she'll finally move away from Apple.

After Read this article of Install Mp3 on Iphone is very good because recently i buy Iphone 4s but i don't know how to install Mp3 File so thank you for sharing useful information and i will share this idea with my friend. I don't think Dropbox should be listed here. It literally just opens mp3 files. You cannot use this app exclusively for listening to music. Moreover, when you turn off the screen, it also stops the music automatically.

In accordance to this article, if you use the Dropbox app not the browser version music should continue playing even when you leave the app. Don't know if the screen is turned off. The app gives access only to music released under Creative Commons music not popular songs , but there is a lot of pretty good songs there still. And you can actually download MP3 music on iPhone and share it with your friends or yourself via email.

But I googled and found AirMore , free yet easy-to-use, and I can import or export music and other files on my iPhone. I actually bought and iPhone last week and once it was delivered and I started using it I figured out quickly how difficult it was going to be to transition from using an Android to the iPhone. I use go seek to download music and Poweramp as my media player.

Needless to say I just packed up that iPhone and I'm shipping it back today. I started transferring the music back to my laptop and then importing it in the iTunes and then syncing my phone to the laptop.

Hell no that's just too much damn work. I'm used to downloading music and it just being already there ready to play once it's downloaded. YouTube didn't give me the Shortcuts option either so I did it with Safari. I tapped Done and another box appeared with Failed to convert.

Very frustrating. I'm close to giving up. Google Play Music One of the best cloud-based music streaming apps is Google Play Music , which allows users to upload up to 50, of their own songs for free.

Daily iPhone Hacks Direct to your inbox. Subscribe Now. The post should be updated accordingly as some of the programs were discontinued for years. It's too complicated for a new user like me. Not a bad choice. Good app. I have used it for a long time:. You had to be crazy to switch from Android to iOS. Share Your Thoughts Click to share your thoughts. Hot Latest.

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