How to put music on palm pixi from computer

how to put music on palm pixi from computer

how do i put music to my palm pixi?

Feb 03,  · So easy to do that, connect your pixi and your computer, if your song format is mp3, you can directly drag the mp3 songs into pixi, and can play well on pixi. Jul 22,  · Transfer your favorite songs from your computer to your Alcatel One Touch Pixi First To transfer your music from your computer, simply connect your computer to your mobile phone via a USB cable. You can use the cable given with your battery charger .

Also See for Pixi Get started - 29 pages. Table Of Contents. Quick Links Download this manual. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Other marks are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. Palm, Pixi, how to lose weight quickest to protect against data loss. Synergy, Touchstone, and the Palm and Pixi logos are Patent pending.

Page 3 For information pqlm environmental programs visit palm. Page 6 View Your Call History Page 7 Section 5: Your Safety and Specifications. Regulatory and Safety Information.

Page 9: Welcome The Email, Contacts, and Calendar around, and manage your applications and info by applications on your Pixi phone all provide a kind of making simple gestures either on the touchscreen or in view in which you can see information from both of the gesture area directly beneath the hhow.

Page About This User Guide You can sync with online services that Palm has partnered with so that you can store and Section 1: Your Setup guides you through the sync your info in online accounts.

You can access your Lixi Where Can I Learn More Section 5: Your Safety and Specifications outlines how-to videos, tutorials, and helpful support recommended safety and maintenance guidelines information. Page Sprint Operator Services Pixu Operator Services Sprint Operator Services provides assistance with placing collect calls or with placing calls billed to a local telephone calling card or third party.

Enter and tap Phone To learn more and to see computef latest in products and services, visit Sprint online at sprint. Page 1A. If you have a Palm profile from an old Sprint account or a new line of service: How to put music on palm pixi from computer phone is Page 17 Verify your Palm profile.

Info stored in your Palm profile how much does it cost to fix front suspension, as well as in Select a mhsic question and answer. Drag up to power unlock the screen. This means Phone Bluetooth Page 19 To save com;uter, the screen dims automatically after a When your phone is in airplane mode, the airplane period of inactivity and then turns off.

You can be on a icon appears at the top of every screen, and mode call when the screen dims and turns clmputer does not Airplane Mode appears in the upper-left corner of the To turn your phone back on, you must turn airplane mode off. Turn Wireless Services On When you turn on your phone, it connects to a mobile network pixk that you can make and receive phone calls and use other wireless services if supported by the On rare occasions, however, you may want to put your phone into deep sleep because you are not going to use it for an extended period.

Page Create Sprint Account Passwords To set up your voicemail: Create Sprint Account Passwords Tap the center of the gesture area to display Card view As a Sprint customer, you enjoy unlimited access to Press and hold on the keyboard to dial the your personal account information, your voicemail Sprint voicemail system. Page conputer Data Services Password You can elect to set up an optional data services password to control access and authorize Premium Service purchases.

To learn more or to change your muslc, sign on toor call Sprint Customer Service at sprint. Page 2A. Features What is a fallacy in an argument. Palm warranty. End User License Agreement. USB cable. AC charger. Front Pt Gesture area: Make the back gesture and begin other gestures here.

Microphone Ringer switch: Slide to palk the ringer and Touchscreen Option: Press to enter numbers, punctuation, and symbols that appear above the letters on the keys. Space Backspace Enter The battery is fully charged. The battery is low. Data is not currently being characters you entered. If you are in Card transmitted over the network.

Press and hold to turn your device and all wireless services completely off and to turn your device back on after frlm turned it completely off. Charge the Battery When the battery is very low, the battery Page 32 Sprint and Palm with your phone. Failure to use a battery or charger approved by Sprint and Palm may increase the risk that your phone will overheat, oh fire, or explode, resulting in serious bodily injury, death, or property damage.

Do not, however, connect the What do the tiers mean for sex offenders Touchstone charging dock sold separately to your computer. Maximizing Computed Life Battery life depends on how you use pur phone. Page 34 To purchase search for a signal, which consumes power. Turn off batteries that are compatible with your hlw, go to your phone if you are outside a coverage area see palm. Page Move Around On Your Phone To see short animations illustrating how to do gestures, lut to or tap on your palm.

The lighted bar also appears when you tap the center of the gesture pn to maximize a card in Card view. Page 37 A swipe is most often a horizontal gesture, from writing a memo, make the back gesture to close and Swipe: right to left or left to right.

Do it fast, do it lightly. In a save the memo and return to the display of all your swipe, your fingertip just skims the surface of the memos. This drag Launch forward through previously viewed Web pages. Page 39 Scroll Gestures : Drag the screen in the desired direction.

Scroll slowflick the card up close an application Card view toward the top of the touchscreen. This is called the card off the top of the screen.

Page 40 Flick the screen in the desired direction. Tap or drag the screen while scrolling. Page 43 Tap the location to insert the cursor.

Tap the location to Move the cursor: Select text when you can see a cursor: Press and hold. Place your finger anywhere insert the cursor. Press and hold. Place your Option Shift onscreen and drag your finger in the direction you want finger anywhere onscreen and drag your finger in the Page 44 When you cannot insert a Select a paragraph of text: cursor in the text—for example, on gow Web page or in an email message you received—the smallest amount of text you can select is a whole paragraph.

Press and holdand then tap a paragraph. Page 45 Drag and Tl Delete a List Item Tap and hold the item, drag it, and then lift your finger Throw the item off the side of the screen. If prompted, to drop it. Sometimes you get a visual cue that the item Delete to confirm the deletion. Page Open Applications Tip: To delete multiple list items, throw each one off the screen.

Page 47 Drag up slowly from the gesture area to the screen. Page Work With Applications To find the app you want, swipe up or down to see To close thedo one of the following: Ti all the icons on a page.

Swipe left or right to see Tap the center of the gesture area. Flick up from the gesture area to Pidi the up gesture Page 49 you're working ob. For example, when you finish Display All Open Applications Card View reading an email ot, make the back gesture to close the message and return to your list of messages. Tap and hold a icon, and after the Quick Launch You can change the position of any icon Quick Launch To move the icon to another page, drag it to the left except the icon.

Delete Space Backspace Tip: You ln also delete an application you installed by Enter: Press to enter a line return for example, in opening the Launcher, opening the application menu, Page 54 Enter Alternate Keyboard Characters Enter Characters From the Symbols Table Numbers, punctuation, and symbols appear above the You can enter symbols and accented characters that letters on the keys. To enter these characters, do one of don't appear on the keys by using the symbols table.

Page 56 Press. If a screen contains multiple fields, Enter Press Sym to select… pressing Enter accepts the information you misic and press… entered and jumps the cursor to the next field. Page 57 Calendar, tap to display the list of 15 minutes before reminder options.

Tap the list item how old is jo coddington want. Cut, Copy, and Paste Information You can cut or copy hos selectable text. Page 59 Some applications have additional menus. Page 60 Do one of the following: Tap the upper-right corner of the screen. Page 64 Tap anywhere on the bottom of the screen to display your notifications.

Do one of the following: Tap the notification to act on it. Tap a notification to act on it.

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Page Transferring Information From Your Computer “Music” on page For a list of supported video file types, see “Videos” on page I Bought a Song Through Amazon MP3 When I Open the Palm Pixi Drive Folder on and Want to Transfer It to My Computer My Computer, I see Subfolders. Do I Need Page Backing Up And Restoring Data. Jun 01,  · # If you want to copy music files to your Palm Pixi smartphone then go to Connect your phone to your computer. In the phone, tap USB drive, then open the drive that represents your Pixi. Then make a folder named music and copy all music files to it from your computer. Attach the USB cable to the phone and to a free USB port on your PC. 2. On your PC, select your device. 3. Select Open device to view files. 4. Locate and select the music files you wish to transfer to your phone. 5. Drag the files in to the Music zi255.comg: palm pixi.

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. So easy to do that, connect your pixi and your computer, if your song format is mp3, you can directly drag the mp3 songs into pixi, and can play well on pixi. But if your song format is wma, wav, or others, so you have to convert the songs to mp3 at first, convert any audios, you can try RZ Audio Converter, it can convert any audios between different formats, you can yahoo search and download "RZ Audio Converter", easy to use, hope it can help you.

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