How to program gm instrument cluster

how to program gm instrument cluster

Ultimate Guide To GM Gauge Problems and How To Repair

The GM Instrument Cluster Settlement was a class action settlement awarded to owners of certain General Motors vehicles with allegedly defective settlement allows the owner or lessee to get their instrument cluster replaced under the terms of a special coverage adjustment to their factory standard warranty. [The Ultimate Guide to , , 20Chevrolet / GM Instrument Cluster Problems] This article is an attempt to bring together in one place all the knowledge currently available about the common problem of faulty gauges in , , 20(plus some early model ) GM vehicles. Specifically this article and the problems and solutions outlined here apply to these vehicle.

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68 Chevelle L78 Cluster. 70 Chevelle LS6 Tach. GM Accessory Tach. 69 Chevelle SS Cluster. 40 Pontiac Cluster. 67 Pontiac GTO Radio Bezel. 67 Pontiac GTO Rally Cluster. 50 Oldsmobile Cluster. 67 Camaro SS Instrument Bezel. 70 Chevelle SS Instrument Bezel. 70 Chevelle SS Instrument Bezel. Jul 12,  · The cluster is supplied with the chassis when it is shipped to the coach maker. ACTIA supplies a number of the Dash instrument panels for the industry. Your problem is or could be quite technical and many of the RV service centers do not have skilled chassis service employees. Instrument Sales & Service is a critical part of the global supply chain and an essential business as one of the largest heavy duty equipment and machine parts distributors in the world. Instrument Sales & Service provides complete electronic and mechatronic part solutions for various markets, particularly in the vehicle and automotive industries.

By markkathy , July 4, in Electrical. Checked the instrument cluster fuses both were fine. Had power to the fuse and grounded properly. Back lights work and turn signal lights work, other than that the dash is dead What you have is a bad solenoid. It can be found with your fuse panel. With the key on take a test light ground it and check for 12 volt power at the solenoid. There should be two cables on the solenoid. You should have 12 volts on both sides of the solenoid if not then your solenoid is defective.

When you get a replacement be sure that it is a 12 volt continuous duty solenoid of adequate amp capacity. Your can get them at most auto parts stores. With the the ignition switch turned on engine not running the instrument panel should be active. You posted that the cluster fuses where both good. That could indicate a defective ground or a Defective Display.

If the data is not received from the VDC for more then 45 seconds, the Icon lights will "Dance" or initiate a chase pattern. More great feedback Rich. Thank you. There is no chase pattern or "dancing".

I have it into a Motorhome shop today. Their initial thoughts are defective panel. It starts, it runs, the fuses are good and there is power and everything grounded. One question, Wolfe 10 you mentioned "common issue with this chassis" so I have to ask If the instruments are dead with good power and ground then you will probably get a reman instrument cluster. Very common with GM chassis but I don't know what Freightliner use during that time.

They are an item that requires some understanding of how to remove, test and install the new units. The cluster is supplied with the chassis when it is shipped to the coach maker. Your problem is or could be quite technical and many of the RV service centers do not have skilled chassis service employees.

The local RV service center farms out most of the electrical, transmission and engine work to a certified chassis service center for the specific chassis. Rich, I would agree regarding "farming out" electrical work. The Winnebago dealer I purchased this coach from primarily deals in travel trailers 5th wheels and some class c and gas powered class A's.

They kept it a week and said, it's out of our league, take it to Frieghtliner The place I took it is certified Freightliner I'll share what the ultimate resolution is. Under the bed there is a instrument control module. It has the colored air lines going to it. Freightliner updated this module several times. Things are not progressing well. It appears at this point to be a control module, but even that is proving to be a challenge to get?

My profile reads "I travel with pets" at this rate, I may not travel at all. When you mention a Module, are they talking about the VDC vehicle data computer.

It is an interface between the ECM and the Instrument cluster. The VDC is shock mounted on rubber feet. One in each corner. Have they informed you of what is missing? If they can not get items needed to repair you display. I should have specific answers this time tomorrow as the shop I am using have in fact been working with Freightliner to resolve this issue.

Rich, I wish I had you along as I think you could have done some coaching on this! I did consider purchasing and still might a Scan Gauge as a very short term alternative until this could be resolved but I don't see where air pressure reads out on most systems, leaving me and other drivers on the road vulnerable to potential air brake failure and that's just not an option.

Maybe I'm wrong and there is an output for air pressure? You make a good point about being unable to read the air pressure s when the Digital Instrument clusters fail.

One could tap into the air lines and connect direct reading air gauges. Might not look pretty, but with air gauges and a Scan Gauge one could keep moving until the needed items are on hand for repairs.

The engines, transmission and chassis equipment can fail, but the number of failures are small with good maintenance. Sad to report the new VDC box did nothing. I'll have to follow up with a more technical description, however upon the VDC failure they were able to bypass some systems and fire up the bank of idiot lights and speedometer.

No change with the new VDC? So without that information. Thinking your fuel gauge, Voltage and temperature gauges are missing. Do you have. Wait to start, Stop engine, Check engine, Park Brake. Like primary and secondary pressure gauges?

Rich, my tech is eating up what you have shared with me, but his biggest challenge at this point seems to be finding the ECM? In an earlier reply from Markstella, he commented that it was located under the bed, however, my tech commented via phone just now that if it is, it's hiding? Anyone have any thoughts? Everything you stated above regarding what I do and do not have is accurate so far. Problem is I am electro -techno challenged and am I'm sure losing something in translation, so I am literally sharing verbatim what you are writing.

I am thinking we have time at this point, unless in the next three hours this whole issue is resolved as I will be picking the coach up for our trip with limited dash functions until I return late next week. Good grief, I believe I am cursed, picked up the jury rigged coach so we could pack up, cool down the fridge and head out in the AM,and now no power to the fridge.

I read the forum regarding Norcold high temp sensor and resetting it with a strong magnet. Tried that to no avail. I bypassed the sensor and the fridge does work. I suppose there's no quick replacement to that issue? You know, with the instrument cluster issue, and now this We've had plenty of those over the last month? It would be kind of like giving chicken soup to a dead man, It may not help, but it couldn't hurt.

Herman, I like your sense of humor. As a motorhome owner it is not if something will go wrong but when. I suppose I was due as I have literally had no coach failures human yes, mechanical no up until this one.

You will be able to leave a comment after signing in. Electrical Search In. Sign in to follow this Followers 1. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted July 4, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Mark, What you have is a bad solenoid. Let us know if that solves your problem. Posted July 5, Give Freightliner a call with your VIN. Thanks to both of you, I'll call Freightliner on Monday.

O' great thanks! Mark, With the the ignition switch turned on engine not running the instrument panel should be active. The fact the the engine started, indicates that the 30 amp engine fuse is good. With out an indication of the test program, could indicate a defective panel?

Freightliner might ask you if the above test was run! Mark, The cluster has some electrostatic parts that can be damaged do to static electricity. Posted July 6, Posted July 8,

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