How to paint your bike flat black

how to paint your bike flat black

How to Paint a Bike

Hit everything with a few coats of primer, then let it dry overnight, it will be dry to the touch in no time, but you have to give it time Scuff the primer up and wipe everything with a clean dry Terry cloth or cheese cloth Spray everything with the flat black.. Put like 6 good coats on it. Oct 21,  · Sand the primer using grit aluminum oxide paper (white in color) or wet/dry paper (black in color) until the surface is smooth. It shouldn't take much unless you have a .

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. Hiw you think it would be ok if i used a dark primer blxck a gloss black frame, and then used "Krylon ultra flat black spray paint" with a couple of coats would make the gloss black from tp good, and would it be ok to use Krylon ultra flat black spray paint on my frame?

Krylon is enamel. You should never use enamel on a bicycle frame unless you really know what you are doing and can wait a month to have it cure correctly. You CAN use flat black primer as the color but that doesn't prevent you from having to prep the bike correctly This answer is long but will give you an idea of what to do.

Want a quick answer? Take the bike to an auto body bladk and have them do you. If the frame is aluminum, it should be walnut shell blasted, or you can chemically strip the paint. Just make sure all the paint is OFF the bike. What shape face do i have quiz the BIG cans, not the small ones. Apply at least 1 full can, in coats, 15 minutes apart. Don't worry about light runs for now. There is a difference between dry paint and cured paint It shouldn't take much unless how to lose 200 lbs in a year have a lot of runs.

Just apply enough to cover it- no need for a jillion coats, but 3 or 4 is probably good. If you ti smell it, it ain't dry! This will take 2 to yoru days at least. If you rush this you will end up with a sloppy mess and you'll kick yourself for ever trying.

However, if you take your time and do b,ack right it'll be a very cool feeling. Use Krylon Fusion,not the normal Krylon paint. Only the Krylon fusion has the ability to meld with the layer of paunt paint. Normal Krylon will merely hod it over.

After a few coats of Krylon fusion have been applied and allowed to dry probery both after and during the coat process then a few coats of satin finish laquer clear coat can help you to arrive at the flat black look you desire. My friend tried to paint his bike with spray paint, it ended up to be sick, but it only lasted a month or two since he decided to sand the frame and used a better paint colour with a protective coating outside.

You can do that, but it will wear out. How to find a copy of a will uk thing you can do is to sand the entire frame and then try to find the same colour of that spray paint on your bike and then spray the protective coating. Blac, used Duplicolor paint from an auto blavk store to paint one of my bikes, and it is holding up quite well.

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Bunny steals the show at Giants game. Experts: Putin used poison to send world a message. Jenner's gubernatorial bid met with skepticism. Answer Save. Here is a quick explanation of what to do Krylon is a good company that makes great products.

But even Krylon would not suggest you do this. You must sand or rub with gow steel wool the first paint. Is the original paint clearcoated? Here is what I recommend. Strip the bike.

Never paint a bike frame with anything on it. Then youf or at least make the topcoat adherable. Is this the right way to paint a frame? Nope,not even close. Is this better than your original plan? Yes,a bit better. How to play hymns with piano chords normally would not touch a question like this but I have been there before. I hope my mere opinion can help you in some way. This Site Might Help You.

RE: Painting bike frame flat black? Get it custom powder coated. It does not cost much and looks amazing. Yes you should use it. It worked great for me but its not that glossy. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

Sprayed N Ready Options

Jun 06,  · When painting you will want to hold the paint can about CM from the bike and spray in quick even sprays from top to bottom. Coat the entire bike in paint then go get something to eat. Come back in 30 Minutes and do another Coat. Then leave the bike to dry for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Feb 24,  · powdercoated. In order for the bars to be powdercoated in gloss black, the chrome plating needs to be stripped completely. The bars would then be dipped in chrome and nickel stripping baths to return the bars to raw. Powdercoating over chrome is not recommended, and may eventually cause the powder to bubble or chip.

The powder is a combination of tiny pieces of resin mixed with pigment and is applied with a gun that mixes air and powder via electric current. The powder pieces stick to the electrically grounded metal, and after the application process it is sent to the oven to cure. The air cleaner cover was baked in the oven at degrees Fahrenheit. The powder cures anywhere from minutes depending on the type of powder and colors used. Some colors are formulated to cure quickly, some slow. Pictured at left is a stock air cleaner cover that has been completely stripped to its bare metal properties.

On the right is the powdercoated version of the same air cleaner cover. The raw, stock air cleaner cover is hung up in a special section of the shop where the powdercoat is applied. The overspray is sucked into vents.

Here are two Wicked Image levers. The top in raw form; the bottom had been anodized black. The lever was dipped in the anodize tank after it had been completely stripped to raw billet. Shown here is the lever coming out of the dye tank after it had been anodized. The only step left was to seal it. American Revolution provided a photo of a black nickel wheel left next to a polished wheel to show you the difference in contrast between the two.

Here are American Revolution's Night Chrome rotors against a stock polished disc. Their black chrome is a very deep, dark tone that will definitely stand out on your bike's wheels. Here's a shot of one of their black nickel wheels. Their black nickel wheel is applied over bright nickel, and it's brighter and deeper than their black chrome. They spent a lot of time developing "black chrome" that would meet the Renegade standards and collaborated with chemists responsible for the black chrome on some General Motors' Hummer models.

From left to right: flat, satin, gloss, textured, hammered, and hi-temp finishes from Rust-Oleum. We grabbed a piece of sheetmetal from the hardware store and went to town spraying the rattler's one at a time. While we were waiting for our demo piece of metal to dry, our Editorial Director Courtney Halowell nabbed the cans of flat and gloss to paint his rear fender.

It's recommended that you sand the surface of the product you wish to coat before applying the paint. Here is the painted rear fender mounted on the bike after the flat and gloss coats dried. Now that you're armed with the tools of how to black out your bike, get out there and do it! Blacked Out Black is sexy. What is sexier than a beautiful woman adorned in black lingerie? A beautiful blacked out Harley or custom covered in black throughout.

Why not add a little sleekness to your American-made machine by blacking out a few parts? We don't mean you should wrap a black garter belt around your exhaust, or dress your fork tubes in black fishnet stockings. There are many different ways to achieve a blacked-out look to make your bike sexy, and we wanted to give you a brief overview of how you can achieve this look with a few different methods.

If you have the means to do it, remove any part you want refinished and ship it out to be powdercoated, anodized, black-nickel plated, or black chrome plated. Or, you can visit your local Home Depot, Wal-Mart, or auto parts store for a pretty clean rattle-can finish. We will show you six different types of black spray paint that you might want to try. Check out the different finishes we've covered and maybe you'll get a wild hair up your you-knowwhere, and black out your bike.

What is sexier than a beautiful woman adorned in black. Powder Coat: The powdercoating process is fairly simple. We headed over to Orange County Plating, located in Orange, California, for a powdercoating tutorial. Powdercoat Division Manager Big Chris walked us through the powdercoating procedure, and it was truly fascinating that with a little bit of powder you can achieve such a great look. Let's say that you have a set of chrome handlebars you want to have powdercoated.

In order for the bars to be powdercoated in gloss black, the chrome plating needs to be stripped completely. The bars would then be dipped in chrome and nickel stripping baths to return the bars to raw.

Powdercoating over chrome is not recommended, and may eventually cause the powder to bubble or chip. Once the part is stripped of chrome, it is sandblasted or bead-blasted, depending on the metal or the size of the item to be blasted and how smooth the customer wants the finished product. When the part is down to bare metal, it is time to receive the powdercoat.

Pricing varies depending on size of object, or if it is in raw metal form or not. Stripping of chrome ups the ante a bit. Anodize: We visited Dunham Metal Processing, located next door to Orange County Plating, and Jeff Bailey walked us through the factory to show us how parts are anodized. Anodizing is significant because it increases resistance from corrosion and wear.

It's 50 percent penetration and 50 percent build-up, meaning that anodize actually penetrates the metal. Any aluminum part can be anodized, but more importantly, it is recommended to only anodize billet aluminum for a finished look. The prep work for anodizing is similar to powderecoating because the billet needs to be stripped to raw metal as well.

The lever was placed in an etch tank of Caustic Soda, and rinsed with water and put into the anodize tank of Sulfuric Acid for approximately 50 minutes. Then the dye was applied and the lever was placed into a black dye tank. Finally, it was finished off in a sealant tank to lock everything in. Pricing for anodizing varies as well due to the prep work involved. If the product you desire to be anodized needs to be stripped to bare metal, it's generally more expensive.

After talking to numerous plating factories, Patrick Curran from American Revolution, a plating company in Santa Fe Springs, CA, was able to shed some light on the matter by giving us a general idea on their black nickel and black chrome application processes.

Both black chrome and black nickel are applied in a similar fashion. Black chrome, when aluminum is used, is plated first with nickel to give it a shiny finish, and then it is dipped into a black chrome tank for a dark tint. Their black chrome bath, which is made up of certain chemicals they wish not to disclose, gives it a dark finish that penetrates the chrome, not just the surface. Black nickel plating uses the same steps as chrome plating, but instead of going to the flashy chrome bath after receiving the bright nickel coat, it goes straight to a black nickel bath.

According to Pat, their process incorporates three different metals: nickel, tin, and cobalt that are all mixed with what's called co-deposition-they start plating at the same time but at different ratios. The tin gives it the tint and the cobalt is used to make it stronger. Spray Paint Spray paint is spray paint.

How hard is it to figure out how to apply spray paint? The hard part is deciding on what kind of black you want to use, because there are about 72, different kinds of black-do not take that literally, it's just a gross exaggeration. We went to the hardware store and headed straight for the Rust-Oleum spray paint flat, satin, gloss, textured, hammered, and hi-temp to show you what they might look like on your bike.

Skip to main content. Follow us facebook twitter instagram youTube pinterest rss. Bikes Tech Girls Tour Videos. This is one blacked-out bike! What is sexier than a beautiful woman adorned in black Powder Coat: The powdercoating process is fairly simple. Tags: motorcycle products. More Stories.

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