How to paint plastic car interior parts

how to paint plastic car interior parts

Plastic painting tips

Jun 23,  · Here's a quick lesson on how to paint your Interior Plastic Parts the easy and simple way! Using Vinyl Dye is the only way to go. or Paint, this will no doubt be in aerosol form. You will need some plastic primer (also known as adhesion promoter), base coat (you can use normal car paint) in whichever color you wish to paint and some lacquer (gloss or Matt, it’s your decision.) Something to ‘key’ the part.

No matter how hard we try, our cars never stay as shiny painr vibrant as the day we get handed the keys and drive them off the forecourt. As experts in spraypaint solutions, we are here to teach you how to paint automotive plastic parts in 5 easy steps. We always recommend removing pars plastic part you are going to paint, so you can do a thorough job without accidentally spraying another go of your car.

It is also really important to sand the surface down, to remove any bobbles or raised marks on the plastic substrate. To do this, get how long to dehydrate peaches sandpapers and work your way up by grit level, as mentioned above.

This will ensure that the primer and paint fully take to hold and provide a lasting paint job. Once sanded, the part needs to be cleaned with soapy water to llastic sure the surface is completely clear of dirt and excess debris caused by the sandpaper.

Grab your primer and get ready to prep your plastic car part. Wearing your mask and in a well ventilated, spacious area, intedior the can around inches away from the part. Apply coats of primer and wait for 15 minutes between coats to ensure each layer has dried sufficiently.

Now comes the fun part! Whether you have gone for a traditional black or a new colour, this is the point at which your old plastic part will take on a new life. As with the primer, wear your mask and keep the can inches away from the part. Do the same amount of coats as you did before, and leave them to dry for a sufficient amount of time before starting the next one.

As with the previous two steps, take your lacquer and gradually apply coats to get the best finish. Make sure you leave the part for a few hours before doing anything with it, as by placing it back in your car too soon, all of cra hard work could be damaged and parta. This will get paimt of any leftover pieces of debris and leave your part perfect for re-application to your car. It really is as simple as that! Your car will look as good as new, at a fraction of the what a garage would have charged.

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Depending on the type of plastic you are painting, depnds on the spraypaint you should use. Our team would be happy to advise further on which would be best for your project. Plasttic — We recommend getting a few different levels of sandpaper, from grit to grit. This helps to get the smoothest finish possible. Zoro have a great selection of sandpapers at various grits. A Mask — To ensure that you are not t any chemicals, make sure you wear a mask at all times. You can pick one up at a very how to paint plastic car interior parts price from Protective Masks Direct.

A Painh — This is needed to protect the colour and ensure a long-lasting paint job. There are many different finishes you could opt for, from gloss to matte — take a look at the entire range of lacquers we offer here. Pick some up for next to nothing from Euro Car Parts 1. Primer Grab your primer and get ready to prep your plastic car part. Colour Now comes the fun part! Lacquer As with the previous two steps, take your lacquer and gradually apply coats to get the best finish. Share this Article.

January 12, When buying spray paint you must consider intdrior you should buy from some We Are Still Open April 1, At this unprecedented time with the coronavirus affecting so many peop

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Nov 06,  · Shop Interior Paint:***NOTE - The lacquer paint offering has been disconti. Mar 17,  · Wash the pieces thoroughly in soap and water. If extra dirty, oily or greasy, use a degreaser (brake cleaner will work). Dry everything nicely, and finally rub em down with the plastic precleaner (or rubbing alcohol) Final dry with a clean cloth. Step 3 *Important* If it's plastic, you're going to LIGHTLY sand the pieces with grit wet sandpaper. Make sure that both the piece and the Occupation: Proven Member.

Although aftermarket interior modification parts look nice a custom look is within reach if you are prepared to put in a little effort and paint the interior yourself. Whatever is between the part and the paint i. Remove whatever part you plan to paint. This removes grease, dust or any other contaminates. If there is any damage to the part, now would be the time to sort it. Make sure it is thoroughly dry before proceeding. The main bit of advice I have for painting with aerosols would be to warm the can s.

This enables the paint to be atomized finer as it passes through the nozzle, which results in a better finish. Bare in mind I said warm, DO NOT overheat, you are taking the chill off the can, not risking losing a hand due to an aerosol exploding while you hold it. Make sure you give the can s a good shake before using them. The best technique for painting with an aerosol is to use light, overlapping strokes. You need to leave at least 5 minutes between coats to give the solvents in the paint time to evaporate.

This time can be cut by using a hairdryer. I would recommend either wearing a mask or going outside for this next bit, the vapors can be dangerous. You could skip the plastic primer stage, but if the part gets chipped the paint will start to flake off. Remember, a light coat often is better than a heavy coat less often.

Again, use light overlapping strokes. Depending on the color, it may take anything from 3 to 8 coats to cover. Again, make sure you leave enough time between coats. Once the color has completely covered the part, you can start to apply the lacquer.

This is not a necessity, but it helps to protect the base coat and adds a shine if you chose gloss lacquer. Apply this the same way as the base coat gradually building up the thickness of the lacquer. Leave the part for a good 3 or 4 hours before you try to polish and re-fit it. There is nothing worse than marking fresh paint work. Notes: I used normal car paint. Don't waste your money on so called 'plastic paints' when all you really need is a good key and some plastic primer.

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Name required. Mail not published required. Your Constructive comments on this article. My problem I sanded back a plastic reversing mirror casing — blended the edges of the scratched area into existing paintwork so was very smooth — however — when I sprayed in the plastic primer — the edges of the exisintg paint bubble and lift.

Ive tried it several times — could you advise what Im doing wrong? Thanks so much. No — flat it down and if the imperfections are still there the clear coat was applied too soon.

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Plastic painting tips "Tarting up the interior. Simple projects help to build confidence, and painting plastics is a good starting point. Preparation is the most important part in any paint work task. That said, some colors are more forgiving than others. Step by step guide to painting car plastics. Take your time. The final job will last longer if you spend longer over it in the first place. Help us improve, leave a suggestion or tip Click here to cancel reply.

More articles in: Styling How to apply car window tint tinting film. Aftermarket steering wheels Re-upholstery for your car from seats to dashboard. Car interior makeover ideas Dashboard styling, guages and digital dashboards Plastic painting tips for car interior and exterior. Interior , Paintshop tips , Styling. June 15, at am. Bill Scoltock says:. August 20, at pm. TorqueCars says:.

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