How to mount trolling motor on kayak

how to mount trolling motor on kayak

Trolling Motors

Now you can mount a hand controlled trolling motor on the bow of your jon/utility boat. WILL NOT FIT ON KAYAKS! Pro Controll EZ Mount trolling motor mount is a versatile trolling motor mounting bracket that can be used on a boat with a 3" or less top rail or gunnel. Apr 08, †Ј Supplied complete with 2 StarPort HDs and all mounting fasteners, this is the simplest way to attach a trolling motor to your yak! NOTE: We strongly recommend that you tether the motor to the kayak while in use. Loss of motors while using the RAILBLAZA Kayak Motor Mount .

The 55lb thrust electric o trolling motor by Newport Vessels is designed with kayak anglers in mind. This is the first kayak specific motor on the market to offer good performance in a reliable, well produced package, at an affordable price. The Kayak Series trolling motors build on the tried and true design of the NV Series trolling yo, featuring a height adjustable trlling shaft for correct depth placement.

It uses extended cabling to provide for flexible battery placement, ensuring compatibility with all transom mount kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats. Five forward speeds and three reverse speeds allow for a smooth and efficient ride. How to prevent gophers in your garden five LED light battery indicator shows the current charge of the battery, allowing the user to estimate the remaining runtime.

The 55lb thrust kayak trolling motor comes equipped with a 3-blade propeller, balancing efficiency and power for optimal performance. Tro,ling kayak trolling motor is powered by one motot deep cycle moung marine battery not included. See our battery guide here. The use of Lithium batteries is not recommended and won't be compatible with some of the features offered on our motors. Each kayak motor comes with our 2 year warranty and is backed by our California based, industry renowned customer service team!

This circuit breaker is included with your motor, and can be found in the propeller box. During the usage of the electric outboard motor, when the propeller is stuck by weeds, rocks, fishing lines etc, the circuit breaker will cut off the power automatically to prevent damage to electrical components.

Ready to test your skill? Fishing from a kayak allows you to get in close to the action without scaring away bass and other shallow water fish.

Fighting water currents and navigating the wakes and chop of bigger boats can be extremely time consuming and draining. Utilizing a trolling motor allows kayakers to quickly access their favorite fishing spot, so they can spend the day fishing and not paddling. The ultra-quiet operation of our Kayak Series 55lb thrust trolling motor ensures a what does hotch potch mean approach, placing you right on top of fish bigger boats how to store rainbow loom only dream of finding.

Newport Rtolling 55lb Thrust - Kayak Series - mounnt trolling motor stands out from major competitors like Minn Kota and MotorGuide thanks to its exceptional features and unmatched value. Both Minn Kota and MotorGuide make comparable transom motors, however Newport Vessels offers better features at a lower cost. One of the main ways in which the Kayak Series stands out against moung how to mount trolling motor on kayak is its compatibility with saltwater.

It is the most affordable and reliable saltwater compatible motor on the market, with performance and features which are unmatched by Minn Kota's equivalent Endura and MotorGuide's R3 model. The 55lb - Kayak Series is an easy choice for kayak anglers and canoes looking for a reliable, durable, and affordable trolling motor, which outperforms its over priced trollng.

Made with zinc, aluminum, and stainless steel components that allow for muont saltwater performance, the motor incorporates key features such as its sacrificial zinc anode. Another great feature of mmotor motor is the 5-point LED meter incorporated into the top of the motor head, ensuring you always know how much battery life remains. The inch fiberglass composite shaft on Newport Vessels 55lb Thrust - Kayak Series electric motor is guaranteed for life, is mottor strong and offers optimal depth range for most kayaks, canoes and more.

The Newport Vessels 55lb Thrust - Kayak Series electric trolling motor offers an excellent combination of performance and features, in an affordable package. All of our products are supported by our exceptional California based customer service team, mootr are backed by our warranty. Product Badges: 2 Year Warranty. Product Badges: Ships in 1 Business Day. Product Badges: 30 Days Guarantee. Owners Manual. Size Chart. You save. SKU: 23M Current Stock: Amp hours will determine the run time of the motor.

Power: 55lb. Horsepower Equivalent:. Speeds: 5 Forward 3 Reverse. Max Amp Draw: how to mount trolling motor on kayak. Weight: 23 lbs. Shaft Length: 36". Included Propeller: 3 Blade - Large. Shaft Diameter: 1. Total Height: 36". Voltage: 12V. Lower Motor Diameter: 3. Recommended Amp Hours: 50AH or larger. Lower Motor Length: 16". Ob Breaker: 50A Included.

Battery Cable Length: 5'6". Videos Hide Videos Show Videos. This warranty applies only to defects in material and workmanship, it does not apply to normal wear and tear, or to damage caused by: Neglect, abuse, lack of maintenance, accident, abnormal or improper use, improper assembly, or failed repair attempts. Use of an accessory or part frolling manufactured nor sold by us. Alteration or removal of parts. Commercial use. Improper protection against UV-light.

Extended exposure to the elements; sun, water, moisture, or humidity. Newport Vessels inflatable products are manufactured with treated PVC materials. This warranty does not cover cases where products have been improperly protected against the elements for an extended duration. Please click here to view the difference between PVC and Hypalon.

This warranty does not cover incidental or consequential costs or expenses such as haul-out, launching, towing transport and storage charges, telephone or rental charges of any type, inconvenience, waste of time or income losses, or other consequential damages. If a purchaser cannot deliver the product to such authorized dealer, the purchaser shall notify the company in writing. We shall then arrange for the inspection and repair, provided such service is covered under this warranty.

Any product or part shipped by the purchaser for inspection or repair must be shipped with transportation charges prepaid. Taking photographs and emailing them may suffice with Newport Vessels approval. Our obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing a defective part, or at our discretion, replacing such part or parts as shall be necessary to remedy the malfunction resulting from defects in material or workmanship as covered by this warranty.

We reserve the right to improve the design of any product without assuming any obligation to modify any product previously manufactured. Each Purchase is entitled to one warranty claim submission and approval, once the claim is processed and approved, the Purchase is no longer eligible for future warranty claims. Newport Vessels Guarantee: 30 day guarantee begins on the date the product is delivered. Returns will be processed within 30 business days of the return arriving at the Newport Vessels warehouse.

Returned products must be: Clean and free of dirt, sand, stains, or debris. Unclean or dirty returned products will result in a cleaning fee at the discretion o Newport Vessels team. Tl Vessels is not able to accept returns on vessels which have previously been registered.

Registered boats are non-returnable and non-refundable. Products damaged through abuse, accidents or neglect cannot be returned. Any items found to be damaged mouunt be assessed a repair charge.

Newport Vessels reserves the right to determine and assess the refundable value of damaged products. In sellable condition. Returned items must be resold. Newport Vessels jayak accept returns in less than sellable condition. Complete with all parts and accessories shipped on the how to find jdbc driver version in sql server order.

Incomplete orders will receive a partial refund. Customers returning eligible products will receive a refund for the purchase price of the product, not including any shipping charges or other charges. Refunds will be issued by the original payment method If the original payment method is expired mootor cancelled then refunds will be what makes a 5 star hotel by trollling.

Please allow 10 business days for check processing. Kaywk that are modified or customized. Item must be in original condition and not tampered with. Damaged due to customer use how to rip a dvd with subtitles abuse Holes drilled for attaching accessories Glued on items such as D-rings, handles, Scotty mounting pads, registration numbers. Exchanges do moumt extend the 30 Day Guarantee, the Guarantee only applies to the original purchase.

Guarantee does not apply to the exchanged item. Any commercial hiw, including but motog limited to rental operations, will void the 30 Day Guarantee To initiate the return process, call to obtain an RMA Number How to type in adobe acrobat items must be mltor within five 5 days of the issuance of the RMA or the RMA will be voided.

Packages without an RMA Number will be refused and shipped back troloing the customer at the customers expense. Are you an owner? Related Products Customer also liked. Quick view. See Details. Newport Vessels Smart Battery Box.

Transom Guide

The mount will change the weight distribution of your sport fisher or manta kayak. I flipped (in calm water) from standing up the the first time I used this mount and only saved my trolling motor and battery because it was ratcheted down. I'm going to explore options not to keep battery in the very back of the kayak attached to this mount. Trolling Motor for Kayaks. The 55lb thrust electric kayak trolling motor by Newport Vessels is designed with kayak anglers in mind. This is the first kayak specific motor on the market to offer good performance in a reliable, well produced package, at an affordable price. Minn KotaЃ RiptideЃ Transom-Mount Trolling Motor offers advanced corrosion protection. Premium-grade alloys are impervious to rust. Metals undergo a rigid multi-step cleaning process before being anodized or coated with special zinc dichromate armor plating. All components are then finished with a 5-mil TGIC polyester powder coat paint.

Fishing has long been known as a game of stealth. Putting yourself in the optimum position for making that next cast while being extra quiet can also lead you on your way to a hearty bend in the rod. These two characteristics are what make trolling motors a godsend for the fishing fraternity. Not only can anglers have total control over their craft at all times, they can also move effortlessly from spot to spot, and ultimately put more fish in the boat. Come and jump on the trolling motor bandwagon, and find out which is the right pick for you and your boat.

Trolling motors, or electric motors, use battery power in order to propel a boat. The amount of power or strength needed to move through the water is described as "pounds of thrust. With insufficient power behind you, working your boat through wind, high waves or weedy conditions can be all but impossible.

Many factors fall into the equation when deciding on the necessary power needed for optimum performance. Some common questions to ask yourself are: Is your boat heavy, and what is the length? Do you store a lot of gear, or fish with more than one person? Do you fish in adverse conditions, such as high winds and rough water? The minimum thrust chart on the right details the minimum amount of thrust required depending on the size of your craft. Click here for a larger view of the thrust required for your boat length chart.

This chart is meant to convey "normal fishing conditions. If your boat, gear, and passengers are extremely heavy, going to a motor with even more thrust would be your best bet. Many professionals believe that the best rule of thumb is to buy the biggest motor you can afford, all within reason of course. A big, overpowering motor can also offer disadvantages if it literally "dwarfs" the size of your boat.

Choose wisely and weigh all of the variables. Running a motor that is under rated for your craft can only lead to misery and headaches when venturing out on the water. Electric trolling motors come in three separate power systems: 12, 24 or 36 volts.

To make it easier to understand, a volt trolling motor is run off of one volt deep cycle marine battery. In order for a volt motor to work, it must be run off of two separate batteries, and a volt version requires three. A volt trolling motor is the most inexpensive and easiest to run.

It does, however, lack the staying power and thrust that the other two provide. A or volt system will allow the angler to fish longer periods out on the water, as they draw lower amps while providing increased thrust for more power. If your boat is foot or smaller, a high-thrust volt model will be adequate for the conditions that you will face. If your boat is any longer, moving up to a or volt system is the only way to go for hassle-free boating. Be certain not to scrimp and save on the batteries.

Buying a high quality, deep-cycle marine battery some are designed specifically for electric motors will ensure that you are receiving the maximum power and longevity that is on the market.

This will provide piece of mind in case you ever find yourself stranded out on the lake, nursing an overheated or blown outboard motor that just won't fire up! There are two kinds of trolling motors available: a bow mount trolling motor installed at the front of the boat , and a transom mount trolling motor manufactured for the back. In order to install a bow mount, you must have sufficient room up front, as well as a mounting bracket or plate to affix the housing.

You must also have a flat bottom platform to fish from in order to make the set-up feasible. A bow-mounted motor will provide superior maneuverability and better control, allowing the angler to fish easier and more efficiently. This increase in maneuvering ability is due to the fact that bow-mounts "pull" your boat through the water, in comparison to a transom "pushing".

If your boat is foot or larger and can accommodate a bow-mount, most certainly go that route. You won't regret it.

For small boats, dinghies and canoes, a transom mount would be the best choice. These motors work great for general positioning and trolling application Ч exactly what they were designed for. Whatever you decide, owning any kind of trolling motor is definitely better than not.

If you decide to purchase a bow mount motor, the next decision to make is whether to operate it by hand or foot. Although both have their merits, trying each version and finding which is most comfortable to use is probably your best bet. The following chart outlines some advantages and disadvantages for both:. Click here for a larger view of the chart showing trolling motor type advantages and disadvantages.

My personal preference is for the foot-control model, as this allows me to have a completely hands-free fishing experience. Some will argue that the hand control outweighs the merits of the foot. Taking the time to talk to different users of both models will enable you to figure out which is best for you. Whatever version of motor you choose, both will require practice on the water in order to become comfortable with them. Once you do, however, the possibilities are endless.

Shaft length is important for optimum control of your boat. If the shaft chosen is too short, the prop may not be sufficiently submerged during rough or adverse conditions. If it is too long, shallow water operation may pose a continuous problem.

Finding the appropriate length for the size of craft you own will ensure safe and carefree boating. The shaft length is dictated by the height of the bow or stern. Deep V boats will require a longer shaft, whereas the shortest length will adequately serve canoes. Technology is expanding in the land of the trolling motor, and new features and wrinkles become available annually. Here are a few that are worth checking out:. Built-In Battery Gauge Ч Some models of trolling motors have battery gauges built in to the housing or head of the unit.

This gauge will allow an angler to quickly and easily check how much power is left in the battery itself, making it a no-brainer for estimating fishing time left or when to clamp the charger on.

Digital Displays Ч High-end models are now coming standard with digital screens, complete with readouts of speed and depth. Although these motors come at a price, the technology is certain to put you on more fish. Self-Directional Motors Ч An interesting feature, in that it allows total hand and foot-free operation, and will follow shorelines or depth contours on its very own using GPS coordinates.

It will even steer you in a straight line when the winds are howling! Trolling motors add a completely new dimension to fishing. Perfecting boat control, fishing inaccessible areas and maintaining a silent approach will ensure added enjoyment and more fish for the angler willing to experiment. Shop around, take each style for a test drive and pay attention to detail Ч banner days on the lake await you.

Importance of Thrust to Move Through the Water Trolling motors, or electric motors, use battery power in order to propel a boat. A transom motor simply clamps onto the stern of the boat and will work with any style of craft. The following chart outlines some advantages and disadvantages for both: Click here for a larger view of the chart showing trolling motor type advantages and disadvantages.

Here are a few that are worth checking out: Built-In Battery Gauge Ч Some models of trolling motors have battery gauges built in to the housing or head of the unit. Tip: Self-directional trolling motors allow anglers more time to fish. Here are a few more things to look for when making your final decision: Composite or stainless steel shaft will endure shock and stand up to abuse much better than weaker metals.

Make sure the prop is weedless, and that replacement blades are available for your specific model. Ensure that the mount is heavy duty and strong. The less plastic parts it has, the better. If you plan on using the foot-control pedal from anywhere in the boat, make sure the cable is sufficient in length for the size of your craft. Tagged under. Buying Guide. Log in or register to post comments views.

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