How to make soda can wind chimes

how to make soda can wind chimes

Soda Can Wind Chime

Soda Can Wind Chime Step 1: Find Aluminum Cans. Gather aluminum cans that you have nearby. They can be any size and any color! Make sure Step 2: Find a Plastic Lid. Look around your house and find a plastic lid from any container. It can be any size and any Step 3: Crush the Aluminum Cans. Sep 12,  · Once your soda cans are completely dry, carefully bend the pop tabs up without breaking them off. Tie string or fishing line to each tab, then .

This project is a basic wind spinner to go out into the yard for free and great for the environment. Start by drinking or draining two aluminum soda cans and popping off the tab on top. Then rinse them out with running water so they're not sticky on the inside.

Don't worry about any water still on the sides of the can but try and get most the water out of it. Next using scissors cut a hole near the top of the can and continue cutting until the entire top is off, making sure to not cut anywhere below where the can begins to narrow. It doesn't matter if the cut is pretty or not. Finally using scissors cut where the marks are all the way to the bottom of the can what lions like to eat bend the strips downward, taking care not to let the metal crimp.

Cut off the excess metal from the top of the strips where it originally narrowed and try to get them as straight as possible. Taking two strips right next to the other overlap one onto the other so it's underneath the flap and it creates a right angle. Now taking the edge where the two strips meet fold the edge back onto itself using pliers how to reduce male breast through exercise your fingers so they don't fall apart.

Keep connecting and folding each strip in the same direction until every strip is married to another. Pull a piece of wire through the two holes of the cans bottoms and wrap a button or beads around it so it doesn't slip off.

Nice wind spinner design. This would look really cool when the light reflects off the aluminum while it is spinning. Introduction: Soda Can Wind Spinners. Next pop a hole in the bottom of both cans using some sharp scissors or a hammer and nail.

Then make a mark onto the can using a easily washed off marker. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! How to Bike-A-Line! Reply Upvote.

Step 1: Preparing the Cans

Using a piece of paper, divide it into 5/8" segments using a ruler and just making a mark every 5/8". Then using that template, wrap it around the can, using a piece of tape to keep it in place. Then make a mark onto the can using a easily washed off marker. Mark the eight striped vertical cuts you'll be making. Make a tiny perpendicular snip into the the can. Make another snip directly across the can from your first snip. Then make a snip halfway between your two snips on one side, and repeat by making another snip directly across from that one. You should have four cuts evenly apart from each other. Make recycled wind chimes from soda pop cans and washers! Article by Sarah Humbert. k. Soda Can Crafts Crafts To Do Crafts For Kids Arts And Crafts Diy Projects To Try Craft Projects Craft Ideas Diy Recycling Aluminum Cans.

Put those soda cans to good use and make a windchime to look great in your garden and create music on a windy day. Unless you enjoy the soda-can look, start off by dressing up your cans with acrylic paint. Give each child a can to paint so the windchime will be a true family masterpiece. If you have one or two wooden dowels on hand, those will work perfectly; if not, use what you can find.

Try scrap pieces of wood, small curtain rods or even PVC pipe. If you have more than one rod, cross them over each other to create chimes with more shape. You can also make a circle-shaped windchime, using cardboard cut into a circle, or any other ringed object you can find. Once your soda cans are completely dry, carefully bend the pop tabs up without breaking them off.

Tie string or fishing line to each tab, then connect the other end of the string to your rod. How you hang the chimes depends on what you used for a rod. For most materials, you should be able to just tie a string at each end and connect each string to a metal washer. Use the washer to hang your chimes. View All. Tags 50 days of family fun crafts for kids. Leave a Comment Comments are closed.

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