How to make passion fruit smoothies

how to make passion fruit smoothies

Passion Fruit and Mango Smoothie

Passion Fruit and Mango Smoothie - Healthy Thai Recipes. Apr 04, †Ј Passion Fruit Smoothie Recipe - Inside of today's video I'm showing you how to make a passion fruit smoothie along with some other really yummy and tropical.

Spare a few minutes to prepare this luscious green super easy smoothie for a rejuvenating morning start. Sjoothies 1x 2x 3x 0. Hi friend! Welcome to maake site! I'm so happy you're here. I'm Linh and I live in Arizona. I am obsessed with all how to make a pebbles costume for baby food!

Recipe Marker provides you with the best information about home cooking tips, recipes, ingredient substitutes and more. Check out our blog to see the latest articles. September smopthies, The vibrant green color of this drink attracts kids and adults the same! The subtle taste of baby spinach leaves is hardly detectable. Put the baby spinach leaves, chopped peach, and chopped mangoes into the blender. Pour the passion fruit and grape juice followed by the crushed ice. Blend for 5 minutes, until all the ingredients combine into a semi-thick consistency.

Notes For additional nutrition, you can add baby Kale leaves or any leafy greens such as Arugula, Romaine lettuce, Bok Choy, Collard, or Dandelion greens. Freshly squeezed pineapple or hoow juice is an excellent alternative for Passion fruit juice. Nutrition Serving Size: 1 Calories: Sugar: Bahama Mama Smoothie Recipe.

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PaneraТs Green Passion Power Smoothie Recipe (Homemade Version)

Sep 23, †Ј Pour the passion fruit and grape juice followed by the crushed ice. Blend for 5 minutes, until all the ingredients combine into a semi-thick consistency. * If you prefer a slightly Estimated Reading Time: 1 min. Sep 08, †Ј Mango and Orange Smoothie with Passion Fruit, a taste of tropical, citrus, sweet and delicious drink that's quick, easy to make.-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Please watch.

I love love love passion fruit, either it's a fresh passion fruit or juice. I love it all, and I am so excited to share my passion fruit and mango smoothie with everyone. Passion fruit is a tropical and subtropical fruit which is one of a type of berries. It has a sour taste with a unique fresh fragrance. Passion fruit is very high in vitamin C which is good for immune system and an antioxidant.

There are so many kinds of passion fruit in this world, but all I have seen and eaten are the yellow and dark red almost purple. The first passion fruit I had when I was in Thailand. It was a yellow color, but the one that I have in the US. From my experience, the differences between those two kinds are the color and size. The yellow passion fruit is bigger than the dark red passion fruit. They are different on the outside, but their texture and taste are the same.

When I was in Thailand, I could just pick the passion fruit from my aunt's house or buy it from the local market with an inexpensive price. In the US. I bought the passion fruit from Whole Foods. I used champagne mango instead of red mango because it's sweeter because it gives more vibrant yellow color than the red mango. It's a fresh tropical exotic fruit drink.

It's a healthy and refreshing smoothie. I don't think I'd find any place that will use a whole fresh passion fruit for my drink and sell it to me at this price. If you have never had the passion fruit before or have no idea what to do with the passion fruit when you see it at the market or grocery store try this. Please try this recipe and open your door to the new kind of food experience. I hope you like it! Starfruit Protein Energy Smoothie.

Honey Mango and Coconut Protein Smoothie. Papaya Coconut Protein Smoothie. Sign me up for your mailing list. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Search this website. Sharing is caring! Passion Fruit. Passion fruit and Champagne mango. Passion fruit and Mango Smoothie. Passion Fruit and Mango Smoothie. Save Print. Author: HealthyThaiRecipes. Next Post: Pla Goong ї. Leave a Replay Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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