How to make a toad costume

how to make a toad costume

Awesome and Easy Toad and Toadette Costume

Oct 31,  · DIY Toad (Mario) Costume October 31, My son is only 8 months old so the white beanie fit his mushroom head, if you plan on making this . Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Thank you soooo much, my son wanted to be toad for Halloween this year, and for the life male me I couldn't figure out how to make the hat!!! You totally saved me, so thanks for posting this! Mother of 4 who's sewing some costumes! What an awesome looking Halloween costume! Rachel AllFreeHolidayCrafts mak at primecp. I will be happy to pay! Heather, I don't have your email address so I hope it's okay that I'm replying here.

I'm flattered that you'd ask about the coostume. Right now I have a backlog of projects for my own family, so I'm what time did the pakistan earthquake happen to accept anything else. Best wishes, Rachel D. Hi Rachel. Thanks for sharing your hard work. I am making the Toad costume for my son. What is the diameter of the red circles on Toad's hat. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi would you be willing to make the hat for my baby? He will be 6months old by the end of the month I will pay. Thank you. Thanks so much for this!! I'm being Toad for Halloween, and I've had this tutorial open the whole time of making the vest and hat!! I made my hat a wee bit too big though haha. Hi Rachel, Thank you so much for posting the instructions for making the Toad costume. If not for you, I would have had no idea how to make it.

My grandson was thrilled with his costume. Thanks again!! You're the best!! Ditto to all of the before mentionsed. I too was at a ma,e on how to make the hat.

I am using felt for the vest and hat. Many Thanks. This was just male post we needed to get tk hat to turn toas great. Love this!! I'm planning to make it for my hubby. My ot are going to be Mario and Luigi, and I'm going to use your Goomba the girls call it a chicken nugget pattern for the baby! I love your princess peach dress, but I'm not sure I'll have enough time to make that for myself. I'm thinking about just appliqueing sp? Thank you for the how-to!

I did this for my son this year, except I used a pair of elasticized plastic pants inside the head instead of the sailor hat. The elastic made it stay on his head Once he got over that he was wearing a "diaper", that is. This tutorial was very helpful. I used only a 25 inch circle and it was the perfect what are medicines for depression for my son.

Yo other thing I did was take the brim off the hat maje lessen the thickness for sewing that seam. I also sewed the red circles onto the white circles with a zigzag stitch before sewing the white circle costhme the hat Looks good. Going to try and make it csotume my husband has he does not want to be Bowzer and my kids are going to be Mario and Luigi!

Going to try and make this with grandmas help for my 3 year old! Thanks for the information! At his request, I also made a Red Toad costume for his favorite stuffed animal! Thanks for making my life easier! Great job for publishing such a beneficial web site. I was reading some of your content on this website and I conceive this kake site is really informative!

Keep on putting up. Does every momma look at her child and think he's even cuter than the original? Alrighty, here's how to make your own super cute Toad. First let's makr with the easy stuff - vest and pants. Supplies for Toad's Vest Blue fabric. Gold trim. Vest pattern. I used Simplicity Don't be fooled by the girls pictured on the package - when it costum to children's sizes, a vest is a vest.

All of the vests on the "boy" patterns looked like the hiw men wear with three-piece suits, which is not the cut that matches Toad's vest. TIP: Children's sewing patterns tend to be ocstume short and wide.

My son is tall and thin, so I used scrap paper to lengthen the pattern by 4". There's a line marked on the pattern just for this what is the capital of papua new guinea - to lengthen or shorten as necessary. I made the vest following instructions for View F, minus the side slits. Rather than lining the vest in a contrasting fabric, I used the same blue satin.

Time to prep the trim. I used Fray Block on the ends, then tucked them under before stitching. Sew on the trim. I chose this trim because I really liked the pattern, but it had zero give going around curves. Rather than fight with it going around the back of the neckline, I stopped the trim at each shoulder seam. What a royal looking vest! If you're lucky enough to find white pants in October, bless you!

I couldn't even find sweatpants, so I made my own pants for Toad. Supplies for Toad's Hod White fleece or other white fabric. Pant pattern. I used Simplicitythe same pattern that I used for the vest. Again, ignore the girls in the picture. The cut of the pants is gender-neutral. Again, I lengthened the pattern by 4", though I ended up cutting off so much of the hem ckstume it probably wasn't necessary. I followed the instructions on the pattern to make this warm, fuzzy beauties.

Fleece in October in Oregon is a good thing. I owe a big, huge thank you to Kris at Summer at Grandma's House for helping me understand the structure of the hat. Supplies costime Toad's Mushroom Hat White hat. White fabric. Red fabric, preferable one that doesn't fray. Circle template. I used a round take-out container. Narrow elastic for chin strap. Lincoln wanted sparkly red fabric for the hat.

Disco Toad? Cut white fabric into a circle. A 30" circle fit my three-year-old perfectly. For an adult, I'd probably try 36"". Fold circle into sections for darts. Fold in half If you can finger press creases, great. I used my iron to make toas while what port to use for ftp fabric was still folded.

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Place a pink dress on your work surface. The dress should be sleeveless and about knee-length. Cut the sleeves or bottom of the dress if it is too long. The dress should be a light pink, but darker than a pastel. Toad’s vest was blue with golden yellow trimming while Toadette’s was pink with a light yellow trimming. Last but not least, you can mix and match your dress wear as long as you stick to your identifying color. Toad could wear white shorts with either a white or tan shirt, or even no shirt at all, under his blue vest. Oct 23,  · Sew a straight stitch from the dot to the edge of the fabric, following the line you drew. Cut away the fabric on the side of the line where the fabric formed a fold. Repeat making darts all the way around the circle. When you turn your fabric right side out, it should have the same shape as the head of a jelly fish.

I wanted us to be a couple, so made myself a Toadette costume. At first people were unsure who we were as most of them went for the safe option and brought a Disney princess costume, but we got a lot of laugh and compliments.

Once the initial shock was over, everyone wanted to try it out. After a lot of internet searching on DIY and speaking to the lovely ladies at Textile Trader, I decided to use fleece as its easier no over-locking than other material and sturdier than felt. I Bought myself a huge bag of stuffing, 3m of ribbon, double sided tape and some strings.

I then cut 5 smaller circle with the blue fleece and sewed it onto the white fleece. Then I folded in the edges of the white circel by 3 cm, leaving a small gap and started sewing.

I hope this makes sense so far! I threaded the string through the gap and pulled the string to see how how it looks. I started to think about closing the gap with some sort of home made cylinder hat and filling it with stuffing as per instructed by other Diy. Fortunately for me, whilst shopping for novety beer mugs I stumbled upon inflatable an hair wig which is perfect for the mushroom look.

Hence I bought two of them and used the white fleece as a cover, wrapped it around the inflatable wig and we had a mushroom head. Same method was used for toadette with the pink and white fleece material and the additional step of making cloth balls for the hair. For the cloth balls I cut 6 curvy diamond shaped balls and sewed them along the edges to make the ball, then I used the double sided tape to stick the white dots on the ball.

I used hubby vest as a pattern and cut the blue fleece into three pieces. Then I sewed the shoulders and sides together. I used double sided tape to stick the yellow ribbon to the edge of the vest as pictures. Because the vest curved a bit, I had difficulty with making the ribbon smooth and there was a bit of a crease in the middle where it curves. Not sure if you could see it but I covered the crease by taping a small piece of ribbon across it.

I found it quite easy to make, just time consuming because everything is made by hand. I want to thank everyone who has posted a DIY costume which has enabled me to make my own! I had a lot of fun making and wearing it.

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