How to make a hacky sack out of duct tape

how to make a hacky sack out of duct tape

Duct Tape No-Sew Tote

Nov 08,  · How to Make a Hacky Sack Ball. Dec 01,  · Make this hacky sack and practice your kick bag footwork to keep those goose bumps at bay. YOU WILL NEED: * Plastic grocery sack * 1/3 cup of dried barley or navy beans * Duct tape * Scissors * Permanent markers DIRECTIONS: 1. Pour 1/3 cup of barley or navy beans into the bottom of the sack and twist closed. 2.

Ken Somolinos kept a duct tape hacky sack aloft for General caution and common sense required. We kf the Stride Team at work, but recommend that these challenges be done at home. Students in Narwal Eack at the Palos Verdes Intermediate School used a total of 6, yards of duct tape to attach their school principal, Frank Califano, to a tree. They set the record to celebrate their win during a fundraising event. Read more about the feat here. Vito O. Aryan R. Charles B. Aaron Brown wrapped an entire roll of duct tape around Jamie Brown in Jamie wore a John Stamos t-shirt for the record attempt.

An Olivet Coach threw a stress ball that passed through the center of a duct tape roll 36 yards away. Your ouf address tale always be kept private.

Duct Tape World Lut. Sort by. Top Rated. Largest Duct Tape Flower Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn made a duct tape flower 69 inches in diameter. Avery K. Record Setter stacked nine rolls of duct tape how to calculate entropy of a system his head.

Tai Star stacked 73 quarter dollar coins inside a duct tape roll. Marcus B. Doug McManaman covered his hand with duct tape and picked up pennies. Ryan Cox stacked a tower made of 40 quarters on top of a roll of duct tape. Marcus Brims placed 28 dice into the center of a roll of duct tape in 15 seconds. I am 14 or older.

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Introduction: Duct Tape No-Sew Tote

Make this unique duct-tape and fabric tote with absolutely no sewing - no kidding! This project, inspired by the awesome book Simply Sublime Bags by Jodi Kahn, takes less than an hour to whip up, and will garner oohs and ahhs from all who see it! With a few simple supplies (get your stapler loaded!), a little time, and absolutely no prior experience needed, you can make your own gorgeous. Apr 18,  · The Parent’s Resource Center explains that the Koosh ball came to fruition back in as a tool to help children learn how to catch a ball zi255.comered by Scott Stillinger, the Koosh ball earned its name for the sound that it made when caught. Dec 03,  · Members of Team Untitled, Chloe Pacyna and Miranda Grenville, equipped their duct-tape-clad invention with an axle that, as it rotated with the motion of the wheels, tightened an 8-foot string that pulled a lever and released the cup cradling the Hacky Sack. "That was the plan, anyway, and it worked great when we were trying it out," Pacyna said.

Make this unique duct-tape and fabric tote with absolutely no sewing - no kidding! This project, inspired by the awesome book Simply Sublime Bags by Jodi Kahn , takes less than an hour to whip up, and will garner oohs and ahhs from all who see it! With a few simple supplies get your stapler loaded! I loved this pattern, especially since I don't really sew. The fabric I used was just jersey knit scrap, but I loved the duct tape I had, so I just didn't turn it inside out at the end.

This was an awesome idea; thanks for sharing. Thank you scooch! I love this instructable and will be making so many more of these! I've been giving them out to my friends and they cannot believe what it's made of. Thanks for such a fun project. Here is my first attempt and I think I will try to make it in different sizes for my mom and sister.

This is what I made for tote bag and zipper pouch with scrap fabric. Will do the wallet card next weekend. Thank you for this instruction. Reply 9 years ago on Introduction. Hi, thanks for this great Ible! I made one for my good friend Kleenie's birthday.

I added some duct tape roses she's very fond of red roses. I wrapped the roses on some M3 nuts mounted on a bolt, removed the bolt and cut a flat bottom end to each rose.

Then I attached each rose to the back of a snap fastener half with the bolt. I put in a washer in between an carefully added a drop of superglue to lock the thread and add strength to the attachment. Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. I must say I am very happy with the way it turned out. I also made the skull bag today. Love your instructibles! I love this! I tried it, it was so handy cos i dont have a sewing machine- thanks for the idea!!

I made a larger version totebag approximately 2x the size and the results turned out pretty good considering it was my first instructable project. Reply 11 years ago on Introduction. I AM obviously clumsy! I just did not read it 'till the end! GREAT tutorial! I'm making one Thank you! Thanks for sharing. These are look really neat! I'm a big fan of duct tape and I'm sure to try it out soon.

How about hand sewing then, do you think that could work? I have been to instructables numerous time before. But only today created an account just to let you know that I love this tutorial and I am sure I'll be trying it pretty soon.

I love the idea of duct tape as lining. If done neatly, this could be a convertible tote - for beach, for shopping or just as a stylish bag to carry your stuff around. Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. By scoochmaroo Click here for my portfolio site Follow.

More by the author:. About: Check out my etsy shop too! You'll need: Fabric - something a bit sturdy works better. I used a donation scrap of what I think was upholstery fabric. I made the bag as big as the scrap would allow, which turned out to be 10"x18" Duct tape - get a color you like to coordinate with your fabric.

This was my first go, so I just used what was around. The next one will get something fancy! Whatever size you decide to go with fold the fabric in half vertically.

If you make a bigger bag, or want it to be wider at the base, increase these measurements. Open the fabric, party side down. Start layering strips of duct tape over the wrong side inside of the fabric, slightly overlapping each strip. Continue until piece is covered.

Trim away excess tape. Now you're going to mark where the opening for your handle will be. In this instance, I made a 4"x1" opening, centered near the top. Draw a line 2" to each side of this mark, and 1"down on each side. Finish the box by drawing the bottom line. Mark a line horizontally across the center of the box.

Draw diagonal lines from the corners to these marks. Repeat on other end. These are your new cutting lines. If you ever have sewn, you may recognize how much these look like welt pockets or bound buttonholes. Now we make the handle. Cut carefully along the new lines you've made. Fold back the flaps and secure with pieces of tape Repeat on other handle. If you're using magnets as a latch, insert them under the tape in the center of the top edge Fold this edge over to the inside and tape down.

Trim away the tape covering the handle opening. Repeat on other side, making sure magnets are in correct alignment. Now we make the "seams. Clip the corners at the top. Repeat on other side. Now we'll seal the raw edges. Using a block or book inside, press the seam allowance open with your fingers. Cover the edges with tape and trim.

Close the bottom of the bag at the corners by matching up the raw edges. Fold seam allowance toward the bottom of the bag and cover with tape. Trim and fold edges for a clean finish. Well, that's pretty self-explanatory. Turn bag right side out.

Test out your awesome magnets. Fill it with goodies. Send some to me. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Light Up Plaque by kaitlyn. Reply Upvote. DeandrasCrafts 8 years ago on Introduction. I adore this idea! Maybe i'm a bit clumsy but Where do the staples come in?

Thank you!!! Excellent idea and directions. Makes a dad feel like he can sew. Thanks for sharing!

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