How to make a discord bot

how to make a discord bot

How to Create a Discord Bot for Free with Python – Full Tutorial

Sep 17,  · Head over to Discord’s bot portal, and create a new application. You’ll want to make a note of the Client ID and secret (which you should keep a secret, of course). However, this isn’t the bot, just the “Application.” You’ll have to add the bot under the “Bot” tab. Mar 29,  · Obviously, you’ll also need a Discord account, and your own server to use to test your bot. If you haven’t created one yet, go to and create one. If you do have one, log in to your.

You do not need to install anything on your computer, and you do not need to pay anything to host your bot. We are going to use a number of tools, including the Discord API, Python libraries, and a cloud computing platform called Repl.

There is also a video version of this written tutorial. The video is embedded below and the written bkt is after the video. You will have to confirm by clicking "Yes, do it! This token is your bot's password so don't share it with anybody. It could allow someone to log in to your bot and do all vot of bad things. Now you have to get your Bot User into a server. To do this, you should create an invite URL for it. Now choose the permissions you want for hhow bot. Our bot is going to mainly use text messages so we don't need a lot of the permissions.

You may need more depending on what you want your bot to do. Be careful with the "Administrator" permission. After selecting the appropriate permissions, click the 'copy' button above the permissions.

That will copy a URL which can be used to add the bot to a server. We'll be using the discord. You can develop the bot on your local computer with any code editor. However, in this tutorial, we'll be using Repl. Start by going to Repl. Create a new Repl and choose "Python" as the language. To use the discord. How to treat food poisoning at home event is something you disvord to and then respond to.

For example, when a message happens, you will receive an didcord about it that you can respond to. This simple bot code, along with discorv code explanation, is taken from the discord.

We will be adding more features to the bot later. Add this code to main. You can name the file something else if you like, just not discord. I'll explain what all this code does shortly. Ot you created your bot user on Discord, you copied a token.

Now we are going to create a. Disclrd you are running your code locally, you don't need the. Just replace os. On Repl. Other people viewing a public repl will not be able to see the contents of the. So if you are developing w Repl. Now that we have a basic bot working, we'll improve it. It is called "Encourage Bot" for a reason. This bot will respond with a message of encouragement whenever someone sends a message containing a sad or depressing word. Anyone will be able to add encouraging messages for the bot to use and the user-submitted messages will be stored in the Repl.

We will get inspirational quotes from an API called zenquotes. We discrd have to import the requests module. The API returns a random inspirational quote. This function could easily be rewritten to get quotes from a different API, if the current one discorc working. Next inside the function, we use json. The quote is returned from the function as a string. The final part updated in the code is toward the end. Instead of returning "Hello!

Now we will implement the feature where the bot how to find bank account number bank of america with encouraging messages when a user posts how to make a discord bot message with a sad word. Like before, feel free to add more phrases of your choice to the list.

I'm just using three items for now because later we'll add the ability for users to add more encouraging phrases for the bot to use. Now we need to update our bot to use the two lists we created. First, import the random module because the bot will choose encouraging messages randomly. Add the following line to the import statements at the top of the code: import random.

If a sad word is found, the bot will send a random message of encouragement. This is makee good time to test the bot. You know enough now to create tl own bot.

But next you'll learn how to implement more advanced features and store data using the Repl. The bot is completely diiscord, but now let's make it possible to update the bot right from Discord. A user should be able aa add more encouraging messages for the bot to use when it detects a sad word. We are going to use Repl. At the top of the code, under the other import statements, add from replit import db.

This will allow us to use the Repl. Users will be able to add custom encouraging messages for the bot to use directly from the Discord chat. Before we add new commands for the bot, let's create two helper functions that will add custom messages to the database and delete them.

First it checks if "encouragements" is a key in the database. If so, it gets the list of encouragements already in the database, adds the new one to the list, and stores the updated list back in the database under the how to make a discord bot key.

If the database does not already contain "encouragements", a new key by that name is created and the new encouraging message is added as the first element in the list.

It gets the list of encouragements from the database stored under the "encouragements" key. Disford the number of items in the encouragements list is greater than the index, mqke the list item at that index is deleted.

After the code, I'll explain the new sections. We check if "encouragements" is amke in the database keys meaning that a user has submitted at discorrd one custom message.

If so, we add the user messages to the starter encouragements. The next new section of code is used to add a new user-submitted message to the database. The code msg. We want everything after the space. This is the command to delete an item from the "encouragements" list in the database. First a new variable called encouragements is initialized as an empty array. The reason for this is that this mxke of code will send a message with boh empty array if the database does not include an "encouragement" key.

The updated list of tto is loaded into the encouragements variable, and then the bot sends a message to Discord with the current list. We will add the ability to get a list of user-submitted messages ddiscord from Discord and we will add the ability to turn off and on whether the bot responds to sad words. I will give you the full final code of the program, how to lighten dark marks from acne then I'll discuss the updates how to make a discord bot the code.

We create a new key in the database called "responding" and disvord it to "True". We'll use this to determine if the bot should respond to sad words or not. Since the database is saved even after the program stops running, we only create the new key if it doesn't already exist.

The how to extend the range of wifi new part of the code is that the section that responds to sad words is now inside this if statement: if db["responding"]:. The ability to update this value makke after this next section.

This section starts with creating an empty list called encouragements. Then, if dlscord are already encouragements in the database, those encouragements replace the empty list that was just created. The final new section comes next. This command takes an argument of either "true" or "false". If the argument is anything but "true", the code assumes "false".

The code for the bot is complete! You can now hod the bot and try it out. But there is one more important step that we will discuss next. If you run your bot in repl. But there are two ways you can keep your bot running continuously, even after you close your web bowser. The first way and simplest way is to sign up for paid plan in Repl.

Their cheapest paid plan is called the Hacker Plan and it includes five always-on repls. Once you have signed up for that plan, how to open zip file in pc your Repl and click the name at the top.

How to Create a Discord Bot Account

To connect to your bot and add it into your Discord server, you’ll need to create an Application in Discord and then get your own Discord Bot Token assigned to you. Notice in the code above your bot actually runs with the last line of code: “ (‘your token here’)”. Dec 15,  · How to Create a Discord Bot Account. In order to work with the Python library and the Discord API, we must first create a Discord Bot account. Here are the step to creating a Discord Bot account. 1. Make sure you’re logged on to the Discord website. 2. Navigate to the application page. 3. Click on the “New Application” button. 4. Visit the Discord Applications Portal. Create a new application. Give the application a name (this will be the bot's initial username). On the left-hand side, under Settings, click Bot.

Learn how to make a Discord Bot from the ground up by watching our free video course nearly 2 hrs of video! How do Discord bots work after all? This means that when something happens in Discord, your bot sees it happen and takes action. You get to program that action. A great example is the ping pong bot we have below. A chat message was sent! If your bot has code to handle an event, then it goes through and runs that bit of code you associated with the event.

In the ping-pong example, we created code that handles any new chat messages our event trigger. Our bot officially speaks! The good news is, there have been dozens of packages created for the Discord API making it easier to use. Instead of writing low-level code and handling a bunch of web requests, a library does all of the hard work for you.

To put it simply, libraries package up everything you can do in the Discord API into a nice, clean set of commands. You can then take these commands and create your bot with much less code and much less hassle. We will be using Discord API libraries throughout this guide to make all of this information easier to digest and easier to follow. And finally, your bot code also on the right.

This is the actual code behind your bot that lets it do what it needs to do. Your bot running on your server then interacts with Discord through their API, figures out what events or triggers happened, and reacts in a pre-programmed way. This is also how you add bots to channels — using OAuth2 requests.

Its real power is when you realize you can do all of this without giving out your Discord username and password. This is the beauty of OAuth2. Whenever you get stuck, remember that someone has likely encountered and solved the same problem at least once before.

You can browse around GitHub for code examples and some inspiration. You have an understanding of how Discord bots work behind the scenes, and you know how to get help when you need it. The most important thing is to stick to one single programming language or platform for bot development and master it. Python is a programming language that strives for readable code above all else. Like we mentioned earlier, you should be using a library whenever possible to avoid writing tedious low-level code around the Discord API.

The best library to use for Python is discord. Luckily, discord. To set up discord. That guide walks you through the process of setting up discord. The discord. You can find the full tutorial to a simple bot over at this link. Pay attention to how they laid out their bot, how they laid out their code, if they have any comments in their code to make reading it easier, etc.

If you want to learn how to create Discord bots step by step and dive into more advanced topics, join the WriteBots community. Java is a very popular, stable, and robust programming language that has been around for decades. I only mention this because when it comes to Discord bots, JavaScript seems to be the most popular language to go with I see it everywhere! This is essentially a software suite that you use to write, debug, and compile all of your code. IntelliJ IDEA has a free, open-source community version that you can download and start using in minutes.

I personally like this IDE since it has a more modern look and feel compared to Eclipse, but this is just my personal preference. You can download Eclipse right now and get going in Java. To simplify your life and start writing your bot as soon as possible, I would strongly recommend getting one of these libraries before starting development.

Take a look at this Gradle vs. Maven comparison guide from DZone. Discord4J is updated much more frequently than JavaCord. If you look at release tags generated by Discord4J and release tags generated by JavaCord over their history, Discord4J is the winner.

Discord4J as of the time this guide was written has nearly double the contributors of JavaCord. Here is the contribution chart for Discord4J and the contribution chart for JavaCord. I personally chose Discord4J since its the most active and more frequently updated of the two, but JavaCord is an awesome choice as well. Link to download JavaCord latest release. To get started with Discord4J, go to this link and start reading through and following along with the setup guide.

Once you have Discord4J all configured and ready to go, I recommend following along with this simple bot guide on the wiki. That guide goes over how Discord4J works subscribing to events, sending messages, etc. If you want to learn even more about Discord bot development and learn even more tips, tricks, methods, and tactics on the subject of bot development, then join the WriteBots community today!

NET framework for quickly getting desktop projects up and running. The first step we need to take is to choose a solid, reputable IDE for our C development environment.

Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code there is a difference! NET programming. There are both paid and free versions of VS available depending on use, but you can get the Community edition to start just be sure to read their license limitations in detail. You can download Visual Studio from this link here.

The easiest solution here is to use a cross-platform editor for C development: Visual Studio Code. You can Download Visual Studio Code for free and start coding.

NET framework. Your bot will crash! As an alternative download. NET has very stable releases lower frequency of releases and a larger development community that keeps the library updated and maintained. DSharpPlus , although it has a smaller development community, iterates fast and pushes out fixes and suggestions incredibly quick. Instead of manually adding dependencies to your project, NuGet lets you do it automatically through a simple add-on.

Visual Studio has NuGet built-in. To install Discord. NET Wiki. There are installation instructions for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code available on that wiki page:. The guide above includes step by step instructions and screenshots for getting DSharpPlus added to your project through the NuGet Package Manager, and it even includes some basic code you can use to get a basic bot up and running quickly to make sure your setup is correct.

Follow along with this guide for creating your first, basic Discord bot. You can code along with this guide to get your bot up and running. If you followed along with either of those guides linked above, you have successfully created your very first Discord Bot in C. Write down every bot idea that comes into your head.

Your next steps should be to filter down your idea list to the one idea you want to pursue right now, and then get coding! Keep practicing, keep learning, and keep on coding — this is how you succeed with bot programming. If you want to learn more about Discord bot development and making your own Discord bots on demand, then join the WriteBots community today.

Using JavaScript with node. Once you register your bot on Discord, you can start inviting it to your channels. This is meant to be kept secret!

Do not under any circumstances share your token with anyone. Now we get to the fun part: actual development and real-life coding! Follow along with this guide to Setting Up Node. Personally, I use Visual Studio Code and Atom for most of my projects and prefer Atom a bit more due to its speed, usability, and clean look and feel.

We include the discord. They have some excellent content out there and cover everything from command handling to permissions to databases. If you are interested in hosting a Discord bot directly from your phone, this can be done using Termux and pm2.

The only issue is, whenever your phone locks your bot will disconnect. This has several benefits. Important Note: If you want the full scoop about how to get this all set up on your VPS, do a full read-through of our Discord bot hosting guide.

You have a Discord bot ready to be put online. How do you make sure it stays up and running 24 hours a day, all year without any issues? You can always run it on your own personal computer, but any power outage or network lag will affect all your users…. I recommend you read that guide from start to finish and follow along with the VPS setup every step is illustrated ; the good stuff starts at this section of the guide.

This means that assuming your VPS has enough memory and bandwidth to handle your multiple bots, you can run multiple bots at once on a single server. As long as you follow that guide step by step, you should have a working bot on your own server in around an hour, perhaps a bit more your first time going through the process.

In theory, when you get it up on a dedicated VPS, it should run even better!

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