How to know if car is gcc specs

how to know if car is gcc specs


Nov 16,  · Do a VIN decoder search. For example, for BMWs go to and input the VIN. You'll see a code for GCC Spec (Code I think). Also, if BMW is made in Spartanburg, SC, it's exclusively for GCC market. Apr 17,  · If the driver door sill has a sticker (usually metallic sticker) containing vehicle info and has Arabic written on it then it means it is GCC specs .

These standards for US car specifications are in place to dictate many things, including what safety equipment is necessary for crash avoidance and protection, as well as other materials designed to protect the vehicle's occupants. There are three easy ways to find out whether or not the vehicle you would like to buy has US car specifications:.

Open the door on the driver's side of the vehicle. This will display several pieces of information, such as the manufacturing date, as well as a legend affirming that the vehicle complies with all applicable standards, which were in force on how to search people on photobucket date the vehicle was manufactured.

Only vehicles with US car specifications will have this sticker. Another way to find out if a vehicle has US car specifications is to inspect the vehicle's headlights and taillights. If the vehicle hasn't already undergone any headlight modifications which are required in many European countries before vehicle registration can take placeyou will find the three letters: "DOT," as well as an identification number, stamped on the surface of the lighting enclosure.

Finally, you may also use how to create a new service in windows 7 Vehicle Identification Number VINwhich is normally located on the bottom corner of the windshield on the driver's side, to identify if the vehicle has US car specifications.

All vehicles manufactured after will have this digit VIN. Getting a CARFAX Vehicle History Report will provide you with all the relevant information about the vehicle, as well as whether or not it has any potentially negative history e. Quick Tip: How to find out if your vehicle has US car specifications.

Search by VIN. There are three easy ways to find out whether or not the vehicle you would like to buy has US car specifications: Open the door on the driver's side of the vehicle.

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Apr 28,  · This means when it hits 45 degrees here in the UAE you're probably going to wish you got a GCC spec car. Even though there are several states in the US where the AC’s do need to work in similar humidity levels the temperature at the height . Mar 10,  · GCC spec cars have better radiators with more capacity than the other cars. Rust Protection. GCC spec cars have improved rust protection to deal with the corrosion that happens due to high humidity rate. Few reasons why people prefer GCC spec cars over the other cars are. 1. Workshop and car dealers who are specialized in GCC spec cars are a lot more than the others. The car origin is stated on the registration card however what you are looking for is the specs of the car for compliance with GCC standards. I may be wrong but maybe your best bet would be to check with the dealership of the car manufacturer and help you determine if the car was made to GCC specs or not.

See Also: How to renew driving license in Dubai. Imported cars are, of course, a bit cheaper because the competition in the American market is really high, unlike UAE, for example, each make has an official dealer controlling the price. When car showrooms import cars, they are buying it for cheap then fix it if it faced an accident then resell it for a higher price but still that high price considered lower than GCC specs cars.

Arabic writing on a GCC specs car mirror. Photo Credit: Rajitha Perera. Thumbnail photo credit: readersdigest. If imported cars seem to have a better value then why people buy GCC ones? Because those cars are designed to survive this region and more likely to last longer, fewer trips to the mechanics and the resale value is higher.

If you are considering buying a car imported from overseas, before you even consider buying it, take note of the VIN number Chassis number and run it through an online database and have the number checked.

This way you can find out if the vehicle has had any previous accidents minor or serious. Take the Toyota Tundra for example. Did you know that no Tundra is GCC spec? And that they are mostly US spec!

So what does this mean if you require spare parts or the vehicle needs to go in for a service? As the Tundra and 4Runner a car not sold in the UAE officially share the same platform, many of their components are interchangeable with one another and finding Toyota parts in the UAE is incredibly easy. If there is a part of the car that is unique, many spare parts dealers across the globe stock parts for these and can be delivered to you.

The Tundra is not the only vehicle not officially sold anyway in the Emirates, the Honda Ridgeline and Nissan Titan are also not officially sold in the UAE as are a handful of other models that can be found scattered around the country.

I am planning to buy an altima model us spec. First, is it realy possible that aw rostamani automobile will give a warranty to an imported car. Hi Vinz, the warranty is possible for a imported Altima but it will most likely not cover everything. Have you driven the car? Have you had a good look around the vehicle? Have you listened to the sounds it makes? Which of imported specs is closest to GCC. Hi DW! These cars are GCC specs, do you know what would be the differences with the EU specs for their homologation, please?

GCC spec vehicle have larger radiators, different paint and the addition of Arabic language in the car. We are Left Hand Drive in Nigeria. How can i know the service or maintenance history of the vehicle? Is there any official document stating car being GCC spec? I mean if seller says car is GCC and in fact it is not how can I verify it?

If car is GCC spec does it mean it was sold here produced for Gulf Region or there is a chance that it was imported as a damaged one from eg. Because if cars can be converted to GCC there is no guarantee that they have easy to track history. Cars can not be converted to GCC specs.

They can be tuned or upgraded to conform with GCC spec vehicles, but when registering, it will be listed as import specs. Exact volume of the radiator, capacity of the pump, type of air box, type of filter mesh size total filtering surface etc etc….. If we could, as customers, have that kind of information then the choices would be based on fact and not assumptions. Looking at the turnover of specific GCC cars I doubt that the car companies would decide to have drastic differences in their assembly lines regarding the cars sent to the GCC.

In term of development, design and decreased standardization of production it does not make sense. The freedom to choose based on fact has to be given to the customers as when you ask these types of question to a sales person it is impossible to have a clear answer.

This is exactly what anyone buying a car should ask about. As for dramatic differences, once again you are correct. For example, comparing the size of air filter, there is no real difference in size.

Same goes for heat protection and dust filtering as there are certain parts of the US that are equally as hot as the GCC. I heard that cars imported to Dubai must be GCC specs!?

Is this true for a personal use car? Can I import this car US specs to Dubai? What do I need? Thank you for the help. Thanks in advance for favorable response. GCC specs are better for the region due to slight differences with the radiator and air conditioning.

I am living in Dubai and planning to go back to Netherlands for good. Appreciate to know where I can find Europe specs cars to export to The Netherlands. The main reason is the color that i want is what I am not able to get in GCC one.. Dubai or Germany? Please advice. Hi Abdul, GCC spec cars will have Arabic writing on the driver side door where the chassis number is.

We have a detailed guide on how to import your car into UAE you can have a look at it. Is it posible or not…? Is gulf spec same like Europe…? Thanks for reply. Please have a look at the how to export your car out of the UAE article. Better to buy new one r used.. Thinking about shipping to US — it may not even be worth considering — any thoughts?

Note that price is the same, Condition of the cars is nearly the same, also the mileage is the same. A GCC cars could also have different dash and interior materials to resist sun fade from higher UV levels. Your email address will not be published. Radiators: the capacity of GCC cars radiators has to be more than imported cars to adapt to the extreme heat during gulf summer. Air Filters : You know how dusty it can get in Dubai right?

Sandstorms can occur anytime exposing the mechanical system of any car to sand and dust, GCC specs air filters are modified to protect your engine. There are also a few other differences regarding the options, radio, drivetrain and engine. Price difference Imported cars are, of course, a bit cheaper because the competition in the American market is really high, unlike UAE, for example, each make has an official dealer controlling the price.

Read more. Vinz August 29, at pm. Christopher Milbourne August 31, at am. DW July 28, at am. Renmil September 26, at pm. Sven Wiedenhaupt July 18, at pm. Can I retrofit the car to be GCC spec?

Christopher Milbourne July 19, at am. Good question. Fernando July 15, at pm. Christopher Milbourne July 16, at am. Marta June 4, at pm. Christopher Milbourne June 7, at am. Kingsley April 14, at pm. Christopher Milbourne April 15, at am. Hi Kingsley, you can contact the seller on the listing via the call or email button. Kostya March 17, at am. Christopher Milbourne March 17, at am. Samson February 25, at pm. Christopher Milbourne February 25, at pm. Franky February 14, at pm.

Christopher Milbourne February 16, at am. Babar shaheen December 12, at am. AMalhas December 2, at pm. Christopher Milbourne November 17, at am. Nishad October 18, at am. Good day, I am living in Dubai and planning to go back to Netherlands for good.

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