How to inflate bicycle tyres

how to inflate bicycle tyres

How to pump up a bike tyre | Everything you need to know about pumps, valves, pressure and more

Over inflate them, and they transmit harsh impacts through the bike, which reduces speed and your riding comfort. On freshly laid bitumen, your tyres might feel great at psi, but on a rough road like those found on rural roads, there is a good chance they’ll roll faster at 90 psi. Discover a great range of bike tyres at Halfords. We sell a range of cycle tyres, with mountain bike tyres and road bike tyres in stock.

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Apr 08,  · Tubeless tyres can, therefore, be run at lower pressures than those with an inner tube setup, for improved comfort, speed and traction. How to use your pump to inflate a bicycle tyre. Most MTB tyres, and some recent road tyres such as the Vittoria Corsa Speed, are "tubeless ready", with a tubeless bead, but requiring liquid latex to be added to be air tight. A bicycle tyre is made of three parts: 1) the bead, in steel for rigid or wire bead tyres, in kevlar for folding bead tyres, 2) the casing, whose density is expressed in. With our CycleCare services, you’ll pay a one-off fee when you purchase a new bike, and our experts will take care of any future repair or bicycle maintenance. Some of the benefits include unlimited puncture repair, brake and gear adjust, free fitting on all bike parts & accessories and 10% off parts for the remainder of the plan.

Bicycle tyre pressure is an important part of bicycle maintenance, handling and safety. This article discusses some basic guidelines for tyre inflation.

Ever had a massive blowout with your bicycle tyre? Over inflation. If this does happen to you when you are out riding in a fast and large moving bunch of cyclists, then raise your arm up and keep riding straight ahead while you are coasting to a standstill. If you do this, the other riders in the bunch can see where you are. This helps in two ways. Firstly; it shows them where the large bang came from and that it was only a puncture and secondly; it helps them to move around you safely as you are slowing down.

As the bunch is going past you, try to keep it steady and keep your momentum going until they pass. Many people think this because on a smooth surface, hard tyres have a smaller contact area on the road, and that equals lower roll resistance. On a wooden velodrome, we do see very high tyre pressures because high tyre pressures do equal less rolling resistance on such smooth surfaces.

On the road, high tyre pressures slow you down and can be very unsafe when cornering. This is because roads are far rougher than your silky smooth and super-fast wooden velodrome. Proper tyre inflation helps your tyre roll over bumps and absorbs shock.

Over inflate them, and they transmit harsh impacts through the bike, which reduces speed and your riding comfort. In wet conditions, it becomes even more important to run your tyres at lower pressures to ensure you get good traction.

I recommend running your tyres at ten psi less than you would normally do in dry conditions. Pumping your tyre up to the proper pressure lets your bike roll quickly, ride smoothly, and fend off flats. For a x 23c tyre on the road, a 55 kg rider should start with psi while a 90 kg rider should run closer to psi.

For x 25c tyres, minus psi. I run my Continental Gatorskins x 25c tyres at 80 psi and my Vittoria Corsa Cx x 23c at psi. I weigh 68kg and ride mainly on rough country roads. Start around the middle of these ranges then take into account your bodyweight to find your ideal tyre pressure. The more you weigh, the higher the tyre pressure needs to be. Some tyres come with manufacture inflation recommendations. While installing some tubular tyres on my wheels recently, I took notice of their inflation instructions, and I believe that they provide some great insight into correct bicycle tyre inflation pressures.

These pressures are for room temperature tyres and rims. Tyre pressures may increase as much as 25 psi due to high rim temperatures caused by prolonged braking or as much as 5 psi from high ambient or road surface temperatures. I have come across a few people that have quoted figures of psi as their normal riding pressure for clincher training type bicycle tyres.

This I consider unnecessary and unsafe. One important thing to remember is that some clincher rims have a maximum inflation figure around psi!

So regardless of your rated inner tube and tyre combination, inflating your tyre above psi on these rims could compromise the integrity and cause a rim failure and blowout too. Tyres deflate overtime. If you want to keep your rolling resistance at an optimum, then I recommend that you check your tyre pressure before every ride.

But if you are less concerned about performance, then once a week is fine too. If you are riding on rough roads or gravel roads, then keeping your tyres inflated that their optimal pressure becomes more important to help avoid pinch flats. Inner tubes that use butyl, deflate far less over time than the less common but lighter latex inner tubes.

Previous Next. What to do if you have a massive blowout in a bunch. Higher inflation does not necessarily mean less rolling resistance. Also, understand that narrow tyres need more air pressure than wide ones. Tyre Pressure Guidelines. Here are their guidelines recommended for x 23 mm tubular tyres. Recommended bicycle tyre pressure by rider weight: Tyre Pressure in psi bar Rider weight in lbs kg Front Rear Less than 57 7.

Remember to not over inflate! Check tyre pressure regularly Tyres deflate overtime. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email. Tyre Pressure in psi bar. Pressure or Pressure Adjustment.

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