How to hack a stardoll account 2013

how to hack a stardoll account 2013

Updated stardoll online hack 2013 [no download]

Aug 27,  · The site Jul 31,  · REALLY WORKS TRY IT!!!

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A short summary of this paper. The new Stardoll Online Cheat has been finally released today by our hacking tea m Stardoll Online Hack has been released and as of now it is working and updated. Stardoll Online Generator works on any Stardkll. You can use it everytime you want. Do not exceed 3 times a day in generating 2. Make sure your internet connection is on This is only the generator that works because it uses online database.

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The new Stardoll Online Cheat has been finally released today by our hacking tea m Stardoll Online Hack has been released and as of now it is working and updated. Stardoll . Don't forget to leave a comment and subscribe to my channel All information to the discription Down- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -. The simplest way to hack a Stardoll account is to pretend you are a moderator: 1) Make an account called "Moderator". If that username is taken, add a number or a symbol to the username. 2) Add your victim as a friend.

Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Ask a Question. Anonymous answered. There are many websites and videos online claiming that they have the ability of hacking a Stardoll account, almost all of them detail ways of changing your account into a moderator's account.

While most of these are likely fabricated or exaggerated, it is us up to you whether or not to try. If they are successful, you should be granted moderator's privileges which will allow you to access others' accounts. If you can register your account under a username with the word 'moderator' or some abbreviation of such in it, for example 'moderator' or 'stardollmod36' then you may be able to contact other users and simply request their details.

If they accept your request you can say that the account has had some security problems so you will require from them to be sent their account details including password and user name. If the users are persuaded to do this then you will be successful as after all, your user name is moderator so they will believe the request has come from an official source.

Make sure when you do get in touch with the relevant person that the email you send to them has no grammatical errors as you do not want to get found out. You need to make sure that what you are saying is persuasive. However this type of hacking is not to be encouraged at all and if you want to be a part of Stardoll then sign up or ask a friend if about the site and if it is a reliable source.

Registration to Stardoll is in fact completely free. Stardoll has fast become a growing phenomenon in the young child market as it can allow you to dress up a range of dolls in a variety of online costumes and outfits. You can have the chance to create your very own Medoll and each doll has a wardrobe stacked full of the latest online clothes, shoes, belts and accessories. Angela M. L answered. The simplest way to hack a Stardoll account is to pretend you are a moderator: 1 Make an account called "Moderator".

If that username is taken, add a number or a symbol to the username. Include a personal message, saying that it is extremely important that they accept your request, that it is crucial to their stay at Stardoll. Your victim HAS to be young, nine year olds and ten year olds who don't know what they're doing. Make it sound real.

No slang, proper grammar and spelling. You have to be smart and old enough to make it believable. But please, only do this if you do not like the person. It isn't fair to hack for Superstar etc. You shitty people! Why would you stoop that low to hack a 10 or 11 yr old?! We're not that stupid you know and most bratty kids like us end up getting their accounts back, so don't try if you know what's good for you! Never give your password out, anyone pretending to be on the stardoll team are most likely not.

Its not worth the risk! You need to pretend your a stardoll adminsatrator. Aim for 9 and 10 year old make friends and say that your an undercover stardoll admin and that someone was trying to hack into there accountand you need there password to stop it so you have it and change it and keep it. You people who hack into other young kids stardoll is really sad and pathetic you know you wouldnt like it if someone hacked into one of your accounts like bebo or msn or facebook so whoever doe hack is pathetic and what the hell asking ten year olds their password there not stupid enough to give to one of you low life.

You just can't unless the person you wanna hack is stupid. Oh my god you idiot why would you do something like that do you even know if there are kids here gosh! Get a life! Hahah hack into 10 yr old account!!! I already tried that changed the password and the email!!!

And somehow this girl got her account back Its easy but I will tell you all you have to do is make a account and say I'm part of the stardoll team and I do tests so can you give me your password. You sicko google hammer is porn!

What if the guy is a kid and their moms in the room you sick sick person! I swear I know how to hack!!! Just tell me the person you want me to hack the username and I an happyfeeter7 but if I want t hack I need passes I swear I wont change your passes or anything just trust me!!

I know the code word please email me your pass and name I'm not a hacker but my sister taught me this kwl pass how to get a ss without paying. Please somebody help me my other user got hacked and I desperately need somebody's help!!! My other user's name is ashleybff I'm only 11 years old the hacker's name is rockergirl please help me!!! I'm crying my tears off!!!

I'm 12 and 1 thing I definatly know is iam not giving you my pass I mean its pathetic thinking that someone would fall for that they arent that stupid your just wasting your time and why would you like to hack someone elses account if you can make your own one now seriously its stupid. Hey guys, if you would like star dollers a week, 5 years of superstar and 25 star points a day then email me, give me your username and password, and I will make you a superstar.

Believe me. I used to work for superstar so now I would like to help people who want to become a superstar.

So hurry up before anyone else takes it away. Reply back and I will give you my email have a nice day. Answer Question. Connect Connect Connect. All Topics Technology Internet Websites.

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