How to get rid of sound in imovie

how to get rid of sound in imovie

How to Mute Video/Audio/Background Noise in iMovie

Apr 01, †Ј Add the clip with the audio/background noise you intend to remove into iMovie by importing it. Then You can drag the clip you just imported from the project files and drop it on the timeline. Step 2: Detach the audio Right-click the video now on the timeline and select the Detach Audio option from the list of items. Nov 04, †Ј 1) After you detach the audio and make it background sound, tap the video clip in the Timeline. 2) Select the Actions button at the bottom. 3) Tap zi255.comted Reading Time: 3 mins.

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Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: StevenThomas StevenThomas. Lets say if I was making a music video, and wanted to cut out all the noise on the actual footage Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: Matthew Morgan Matthew Morgan.

Aug 10, PM in response to StevenThomas In response to StevenThomas Steven, Just select your video clip, then click the clip volume slider and slide it to zero. The volume slider is located at the bottom of the iMovie window just to the right of the timeline scale adjustment slider. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. If it's in the video track, it's mixed in with all the other undesired audio. It can't simply be separated out. Which version are you using?

If so, you need only do what I described in my original response. User profile for user: Beverly Maneatis Beverly Maneatis. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 0. My apology if this is not the case. You said you did not know how to do music editing in iMovie HD 6, so I am going to go over the basic process. Yes, it can easily be done. When you import your video from your camcorder into iMovie, you can put it either into the Clips pane on the right of the main iMovie viewing window, or into the Timeline that goes along the bottom of the iMovie window.

This timeline is the actual movie that you are creating. If you imported the video clips to the Clips pane, you need to drag the clips down to the timeline to put them into your movie. You can drag whatever clips you want, and reorder them. Once your movie is the way you want it, except for the audio, then click on the little toggling switch at the far left under how to get rid of sound in imovie view window to change from 'clips' view looks like a little piece of film negative to 'timeline' view looks like a stopwatch.

In the 'timeline' view, you will see your movie clips much smaller and on a single track. There are two other tracks underneath your video. Look at the far right of the tracks and you will see little check boxes. This is where you will control the audio for your movie.

You add the music to one of the two open tracks. You can either drag in a song or songs from iTunes by clicking on the 'Media' tab and then 'Audio' to find the music you want. Or, you can place the playhead at the beginning of your movie, click to highlight the song you want there, and hit the 'place at playhead' to have the audio put into that track. Repeat for more songs. Now, go back to those checkboxes at the right of the tracks. If you uncheck the first one, no sound will play from your video.

Leave the one checked that is on the track that has your how to treat bed bugs in your home. Only that will play in your movie. To check out how it will look and sound, hit the Play button and see if you like the movie! Now, if you want to share your movie, go to Share in the top menu bar, and select the option that you wish.

Post back if you have more questions. Lower the volume for the movie clip first. Then, drag in the song. This way you will have the sound of the music only, and no sound from the video clip.

You'll see a line appear on your clips representing your clips volume level. By clicking and dragging this line you can selectively lower and raise the volume level. Play around with it a bit and you'll quickly get the hang of it. Aug 11, AM in response to StevenThomas In response to StevenThomas The check boxes the Beverly mentions are for toggling on and off the audio in a given track entirely. The volume levels that I describe are for selectively raising and lowering the volume level in different portions of a clip.

As you use iMovie, you'll find that there is often more than one way to do certain things. User profile for user: babowa babowa. Aug 11, PM in response to StevenThomas In response to StevenThomas I create quite a few movies from short movies taken with my Canon camera, showing members of our club dancing and the sound is less than desirable. This is what I do to get rid of the original audio contained within my movie clips: Once I have the clip s in the timeline, I select one and, under "Advanced", I select "extract audio".

It will extract all the audio in that clip and show it separately underneath. You then have an audio clip you can work how to use iphone tv out delete all, split it at various points to use portions of it while deleting the unwanted portions, or just unclick the arrow so it's still there but you can't hear it. Or, adjust the volume. Then you can add whatever music or other audio you want. Hope this helps. You will learn everything you want to know.

You can do a search in the discussions to see if anyone has had your particular problem before and if answers are already posted. Doing that and doing things yourself in your own movies will make you an expert faster than you think.

I answered your first question, and he answered your second one! It is too bad that the iMovie 6 tutorial is not easily found. It was very helpful. After I search, I found this page. I recommend you look at most of the lessons as you are learning iMovie 6: iMovie 6 Tutorial Lessons Make a 'test movie' or use your current footage, and try out all the features to see what happens; if you don't save the changes you try, it won't ruin how to get rid of sound in imovie 'real' movie.

If you keep learning it, you will find that it is capable of more than you think. Ask a question Reset.

How to Mute a Video/Audio on iMovie

Dec 06, †Ј Reduce background noise in iMovie Open your project for editing in iMovie on your Mac and then follow these steps to reduce the background sounds. 1) Select your video clip in the movie Timeline. 2) Click the Noise Reduction and Equalizer button above the zi255.comted Reading Time: 1 min. Jan 02, †Ј Check out the audio button, tap on it to mute the video sound. Make sure to tap on Done at the top right to confirm the change. Check out, youТve successfully removed the video sound using your iOS device. Now, you can add music of your choice to the zi255.comted Reading Time: 4 mins. Aug 11, †Ј Just select your video clip, then click the clip volume slider and slide it to zero. The volume slider is located at the bottom of the iMovie window just to the right of the timeline scale adjustment slider.

Sandy Writtenhouse on November 4, The iMovie app is robust enough to let you create some amazing movies and videos. And if you are working with a video that has both sound and visuals, there may be a time when you want to separate the two. This tutorial shows you how to remove the video and keep only the audio in iMovie on both Mac and iOS.

However, the small line on the left shows that the video and audio are still linked to each other. This means that if you delete the video, the audio will go with it. To move the green audio clip, just select , drag , and drop where you want it. If you put it in the Background Music Well, it will be in the background of all other sounds in your movie.

Once you detach the audio and unlink it from the video, you can remove the video by clicking it and using one of these methods. But like on Mac, they are still linked to one another. With the options still open using the Actions button at the bottom, tap Background.

This will turn the audio clip green and again, like on Mac, move this clip to the background of your movie. Are you going to remove video but keep audio in one of your iMovie creations? Let us know! And for more help with iMovie, check out our how-tos on changing the speed of your video or playing a video clip in reverse. How to remove video and keep audio in iMovie Sandy Writtenhouse on November 4, 0.

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