How to get nazi zombies on ipod touch

how to get nazi zombies on ipod touch

Call of Duty: World at War - Zombies – Guide and Walkthrough

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Unfortunately, I think Nazi Zombies and the App Store should stay away from each how and when to take green tea because of how the game was originally made for a console. What I mean is that it is hard to take a game that has features specifically the Co-op gett like microphones and controllers loaded with necessary buttons. When you play Co-op, it is hard to decide who takes the bottom floor, and who gets the upstairs without communicating.

Ipid unlike other FPS games, the zombies here come in immensely greater numbers, so you need to be able to turn and look very fast when you are surrounded. With just a touch screen, it is very hard to do that as you could with a mini joystick on a controller. Activision het do a good job replicating the rooms, and gameplay from console versions. It features everything from the chalk gun outlines to the crawlers.

Upstairs, there is a closet where you can get a flamethrower for points. January 28, Posted by jow80 RatingActionShooting nazi zombies appNazi zombies iphonenazi zombies ipod touch 1 Comment. I will post reviews and ratings of various games on zombise App Store. I will also post a walkthrough every now and then. My ratings are based on five things:.

Nazi Zombies A good game, but it should stay on the Xbox. About I will post reviews and ratings of various games lpod the App Store. Happy gaming! Add your thoughts here Email Required Name Required Website.

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Nov 24,  · if cant k but i heard its a great app for ipod touch and iphone:). a review of nazi zombies for the ipod touch. a review of nazi zombies for the ipod touch. Jan 28,  · Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies This game is the iPhone/iPod Touch version of the unlockable in Call of Duty: World at War. Unfortunately, I think Nazi Zombies and the App Store should stay away from each other because of how the game was originally made for a console. What I mean is that it is hard to take a game that has features.

I hope that from reading or just browsing through this guide, you'll be able to learn something about the game. Have fun slaying! If you need to specifically find something in this guide, use the Table of Contents located to the right and find what you're looking for.

Clicking what you're looking for in the sidebar should bring you to where you want to go. If you need to contact me to ask a question, or to contribute data, you can contact me at steve. If you want to inform me about spelling errors, go ahead, but please be informed that I'm spelling things the Canadian way. That's "colour," not "color!

And on a side note, please put a name to be credited by if you're contributing information. It's campaign was great, and the multiplayer was just as addictive as Modern Warfare's. But what really made this game unique, was the mode unlocked after beating the campaign. Nazi Zombies. At first, it was just a minigame, but it began to become more and more popular, and became a major money-maker. Treyarch released three more map packs after the game's original release, with their major selling points being the fact that there were new maps for the Nazi Zombie mode.

And now, as of November 16, , the zombie-slaying experience has been brought to the iPhone and iPod Touch, for the price of 9. CoDWaW: Zombies is all about slaying zombies. There's no end to this game, and therefore there is no way to beat it. When you start playing, you'll be on Round 1, and will encounter zombies slowly walking towards you.

When you kill all of them, the round will switch to Round 2, where there will be slightly more zombies. Each round that you progress through brings more zombies, all a little bit stronger than the previous round's. Eventually, the zombies will start to run, and the game will get quite difficult. When the zombies finally overpower you, and presumably eat your brains, the game ends. There are infinite rounds, so there's no possible way to escape the zombies or win the game.

The goal is simply to survive for as long as possible. Neither of the methods include leaving your home. The first way to get it is to download it from iTunes. Note that you must have an Apple account to download it, no matter what method you choose to use.

You will not be able to open the provided link without iTunes being installed on your computer. Lastly, the link will not download the Application - it will only bring you to the download page. Hit the button near the top to download it, and if you're prompted to, enter your password. Once you do so, it should begin to download immediately. Note: You will not be able to download this app on your mobile device without a wireless connection to the internet.

Call of Duty World at War: Zombies costs 9. Price is not guaranteed to be accurate, as this guide will not be updated whenever there is a price drop. There are three different control schemes that can be used to play this game. They can be changed in the options menu, which is accessable when you pause the game. In the end, all that matters is what feels most comfortable to you. Try all three of them out, and see which one you like the most.

Note that detailed controls can be found for each control scheme, by tapping "Control Details" on the screen that you choose your scheme on. Once you've got all your controls set up, you're ready to play the game.

Tap Single Player in the Main Menu, and select your game difficulty. In Recruit difficulty, the Zombies are easier to kill and you can take more damage before getting a Game Over. However, no statistics are gathered and achievements cannot be unlocked. I would recommend playing on Recruit if you've never played before, and then switching to Regular when you get the hang of it.

Nazi Zombies uses a "points" currency. While playing, your point balance can be seen in the top left hand corner, to the immediate right of the pause button. These points are essential for moving on, and without points, you're not going to survive past the first few rounds.

You use these points to open new areas, buy new guns, and use the Mystery Box. To board up broken windows, approach them and a button will pop up on your device's screen stating "Repair Barrier".

Press it, and the window will begin to automatically repair, as long as you continue to stand near it. This is a good way to get points if you're just short of a necessary amount, but is by no means a proper way to get sufficient points. To get many points, you need to kill zombies.

Hitting a zombie with a single bullet will get you 10 points. Killing a zombie with bullets will get you 60 points. Headshotting a zombie will get you points, and lastly, knifing a zombie will get you points.

When you first start playing the game at Round 1, you'll start off with a Colt M pistol. This is a horrible gun, but at these beginning rounds it gets the job done. Later on, as you progress, you'll need to buy bigger and better guns, because as the zombies get stronger, shooting them with your M does about as much damage as As you move around the rooms, you'll probably begin to notice white, chalk drawings on the walls of the map.

Don't ask how this works, but if you approach those drawings you can actually buy guns and ammo from them. When you approach them, a button will pop up on your screen asking you if you want to buy the gun that the drawing resembles.

The pop up will also list the price in points , and if you say yes, the gun will be yours and it's cost will be deducted from your point balance. Note that you can only hold two weapons at any time, so if you already have two weapons in your inventory, whatever gun you're holding when you buy a new gun will be swapped with the new gun. Another way to get guns is through the mystery box. This method is all about luck, but is the only way to get some of the best guns in the game, such as the legendary Ray Gun.

The mystery box is not available in the starting room, and is located in the room behind the HELP door. More information on getting to this room later. The box is a long, wooden rectangular-prism, and has golden, flashing, question marks on it.

To activate it, approach it. As always, a pop-up button will show, asking if you want a random weapon. If you choose to activate it, points will be deducted from your point balance, and a random weapon will be chosen by the box. After the weapon is chosen, you have the option to take it from the box, or you can just leave it there if it's not what you were looking for. As always, you can only hold two weapons so if you already have two in your inventory, and you want to take from the box, you'll lose whatever weapon you're currently holding.

While playing, you'll likely encounter pickups, as long as you can survive past the first few rounds. In total, there are 4 different pick ups that all have different uses. The Nacht der Untoten map is divided into 4 rooms. While they don't have official names, I'll be naming them just to make things clearer. Note that Upstairs and Balcony are not actually separated by barriers, but they still seem like separate rooms. Starting Room is, as you should be able to tell, the room that you start the game off in.

In the following section, I'll be going over each room in more detail. The Starting Room is the very first room that you'll be in, on Round 1. It's a fairly big room, with many windows, yet not many guns. If you're playing solo, I highly recommend leaving before Round 5.

Round 4 is a good time, but if you have enough points and want to get to the Mystery Box early, you can go ahead and move on. If you stay past Round 5, you'll likely get overwhelmed by zombies, and you'll have played a short, disappointing game. However, if you're playing with 3 or 4 people, you could probably stay past 5 safely, and leave around Round 6 or 7 instead.

This normally happens for two reasons. Second of all, many people like to camp in the Balcony room until death, and opening up a quick passage there via stairs makes the camping strategy much more difficult.

However, if for some reason you or your teammates have already opened up the stairs leading to the Balcony, I would highly recommend NOT opening the HELP Room door unless you absolutely need to.

You can still access the HELP room by clearing the wreckage on both sets of stairs, but in the event that the stairs leading to the balcony from the Starting Room are unblocked, opening the HELP door would just make it much easier for zombies to swarm you. Getting back on topic, the HELP room is necessary to eventually open, and preferably in the beginning rounds Rounds Without the mystery box, you'll have an extremely difficult time getting anywhere in this game.

Please note that in this specific guide, I'm separating the main upstairs room from the small, upstairs room Balcony. In between the HELP Room and the Upstairs there is a barrier that costs points to remove, but in between the Balcony and the Upstairs there is absolutely no obstacles.

For this reason, many people like to call the entire upstairs level "one room," but for explanation purposes, I like to consider them two, so I can give a bit more detail on them. The "Upstairs" room is hardly ever a spot for camping or run'n'gunning, but there are some good weapons to be found for the beginning rounds. For most people, this is the last room that is accessed, yet is the room that the most time is spent in.

For players or teams that like to camp, this is the best spot because of the way that it's designed. Though there's only one crappy gun here, the room is still great, because there's only one window, and one entrance, assuming that the stairs leading to the room from the Starting Room have not yet been opened! With teams of four, one person can devote themselves to dealing with whatever zombies attempt to enter through the window, and then the other three people can guard the one entrance, ensuring that no zombies get in.

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