How to fix codec error in vlc

how to fix codec error in vlc

VLC to Fix Common Video Errors

Solution: Download and install the codec for your media player. Step 1. First of all, click "Options" on the "Tools" menu. Step 2. Then find the "Player" tab where you can see the "Download codecs automatically" check box. Step 3. Under the condition that . Feb 16,  · The other solution is that you can try the latest version of the VLC Player, which many times, rectifies the error shown in the previous versions. So, before going for the Combined Community Codec Pack, our advice is to try the latest version of the VLC Player. Fix .

Summary: Are you unable to watch videos on computer or phone due to unsupported video codec error? Learn the best ways to fix unsupported video format or codec error on your Windows, Mac or Android. Unsupported format errors are also reported while trying to open a file ocdec video editing tools.

The error as obvious with the messages, appears due to absence of a codec that is required to play the video file on your computer or smartphone. Technically, a video file comprises a codec and a container. A container is the file format that contains the file metadata while codec is required to encode or decode the video data. Other than lack of supporting codec, the invalid file format error may also appear when the video file is corrupt.

Either convert the file format to one that is supported by your media player or change the player itself. You can also consider installing the supporting codec on your system to play the video s. Below are the coodec to fix unsupported codec error and play the videos on your device in any media player:. Not every media player supports all video file formats. If videos are giving codec error in one media player, try with another.

There are many free open source multimedia players. Also, you can search online, which media players support your video file format and install that on your codeec. If video file gives unsupported codec error on Mac, right-click on the file. Mac may suggest all the installed apps that efror play the video.

A codec pack extends support for the default media player on your system. A pack would contain codec for almost all file formats. However, be aware that there may be malicious ads for codec downloads. This can put your computer at risk. Some players such as Windows Media player and VLC also have the provision for automatic download of codecs. You can try that as well. Convert the file format of your video that is showing unsupported codec error. Choose a different format that is compatible with your player.

You can convert a video file format using a desktop converter such as Stellar Converter for Audio Video or via any secure online video converter program. So you can convert videos to either one to play on your smartphone. If how can i increase my testosterone level by medicines are receiving the codec error on Smart TV hhow trying to play a video, first transfer the file to your laptop.

Next, fix codec issue by converting the video file to a format supported by your Smart TV. You can use any of the above conversion method.

In such a situation, try a video repair software — Stellar Repair for Video. It can fix unsupported video format error on Windows and Mac computer by fixing the file corruption issues.

You how to solve windows counterfeiting to go for a video repair software. It is recommended to use a free trial version of the video repair tool.

In the trial, you get to preview and play the repaired video. Nishat Paiker is an expert technical writer and editor with over 8 years of experience. She has deep knowledge about data recovery and loves to explore new technology and How to fix codec error in vlc tools.

Nishat has keen interest in photography. You will often find her giving photography tips and hacks. Figure: Mac suggests installed apps to open video. Figure: VLC errod when new version is available. Figure: Add files to Stellar Repair for Video. Figure: Repair button in software. Figure: Preview video after repair. About The Author Nishat Nishat Paiker is an expert technical writer and editor with over 8 years of experience.

VLC Not Playing MP4 Videos – How to Fix?

May 17,  · This video tutorial show you How to Fix VLC does not support the audio or video format "undf".This is very useful video tutorial for VlC Error if you need mo.

The VLC media player is amongst one of the widely used media players that support almost every video file format, and MP4 is one amongst them. However, sometimes, users are unable to open their MP4 videos with VLC, which can take place due to various reasons. There is a solution to every problem. To know the actual problem, do the following:. Here, we will discuss the solutions for both the problems so that you get the maximum benefit from this blog.

To fix this issue, you need to convert the MP4 file to other formats that are fully compatible with VLC. To convert the MP4 file to another format, you can use the Kernel Video Converter tool that is packed with multiple convertible formats. After downloading or converting the MP4 file, see if the problem still persists or not.

The Hardware decoding of VLC is often not capable of handling the rendering effects of video files. It generally happens when the video file has many subtitle tracks. So, what you can do is to disable the hardware video decoding option on VLC with the following steps:. So, try to upgrade the VLC Media Player to the latest version, which is equipped with all the codecs.

Generally, users keep their VLC media player to auto-update. Most of the time, this error occurs due to a corrupt MP4 file. To repair the file, you can use the Kernel Video Repair tool , which is specifically designed to repair video files of all formats.

It is integrated with advanced algorithms that can fix all severe corruption issues of video files. Also, it comes with a friendly and easy-to-use interface, which makes it easier for users to use the tool and repair the video files.

Wrap Up MP4 is an extensively used video format, which is compatible with all the media players and operating systems. In this article, we covered all the aspects of fixing the problem, and suggested some alternative methods and third-party tools that can be used to fix the problem. Your email address will not be published. Read More.

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