How to fix a wood burning stove

how to fix a wood burning stove

How to Fix a Crack in a Wood Stove With Furnace Cement

Mar 27, Ash left in the bottom of the wood stove can hide holes in the pan which can cause damage to the surface beneath; replace any components where damage is present. Ensuring that ash is cleared out of the pan, and the vents are cleaned, will also help the stove to work efficiently. Dec 26, I hope I have refinished my wood burning stove for the last time. It has been on the back porch for awhile but now ithas found a place in the house.

Log in. Wiki Pages Latest activity. Media New media New comments Search media. Stove Reviews. Search Burrning Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced. How to repair wood burning stove? Etove starter koliva Start date Oct 24, JavaScript is disabled.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Oct 24, 3 be. Hi everybody, I am here to get some advices from you guys about my wood burning stove. Actually, I have just move my current burnng and I found that there is an old wood burning stove in the garage. Although I have central heating I would like to use it for fun, maybe once in a month or so.

I have inspected the stove and saw that there dtove two crack on the sides. Burinng can see the light through the cracks. Can I use some heat proof products like silicones?

What would you suggest me to do? Have a great day. Oct 30, 57 Yorktown Virginia. Get someone to weld it and check it over good. Backwoods Savage Minister of Fire. Feb 14, 27, Fkx. Welcome to the forum koliva. Whatever you do, please do not forget what you have. A box that will be loaded with lots of fire!

Don't take chances. If it already has 2 cracks in the stove you can choose to try welding it or, this is just my opinion, junk it and buy yourself a good stove; one that you won't be afraid will burn your house down. Not only x the stove a big consideration but you also have to take into consideration the chimney. It will need a separate chimney. Then there is the consideration for fuel. If you indeed want to burn some wood, you need to get your fuel sooner than the stove! The woood I say this is because wood is not like gas or oil where you just order some and get it delivered and then can burn it immediately.

If you try that with wood, you can be in very deep trouble. Regardless of what a wood seller says, very, very, very few have good dry wood to sell you.

Simply put, burningg needs time to what year silver coins are worth money properly so it will burn properly. If not, you will not get much heat from the wood, you will have problems getting it to burn and you will load up your chimney with creosote which can easily start a raging fire inside the chimney.

This is how lots of houses get burned down. Have I mentioned that this can be dangerous? Especially to new wood burners. On hwo other hand, it can be very satisfying and can also save you lots of money.

You just have to do it right. Hopefully this gives you a little information to get you started in the right direction. Good luck. Thank you so much. I will junk it then. Sotve in the "junk it" camp. While it could be repaired. I'm with Dennis. More to the point. I would be asking myself as to what caused the stove to have stoe cracks in the first place.

As Dennis mentioned. That said. Hi again, Welding is not a case in my situation because I am a foreigner here and ,although I have already t, I have no idea where to find a welder for my stove.

On the other hand, I don't want how to win on william hill 20p roulette put a lot of effort for it. I asked in this forum because I though that there could be a way to seal those cracks in an easy way as we are sealing the window glasses. I will probably use it stobe in a week or even a month but of course security comes first. There are two seperate holes for different chimneys in the room.

I don't know the state of the chimneys but they were working good for natural gas stoves. Is there any difference?

Most tix, previous owner was using the wood burning stove and change it with natural gas stoves. Then he put the old stove in the garage. I will try to take some pictures of it and post them what vitamins should alcoholics take. Thank you all for your helps.

Sorry that you can't find a welder but in this case it might be good that you can't. Repairing a stove and a window On the chimney, please, please, understand there is a huge difference between a gas stove and qood wood stove venting into that chimney. Please, we are happy, well, extremely happy you came to this forum. You will also make a lot of folks very happy to know that you will take this idea no further! It is for your best health.

If you desire to burn tl, then have someone that is qualified inspect that chimney and go by his suggestion. Hire someone who is licensed and not just someone who has burned wood. Then get yourself a good wood burner and you will not be sorry. Top Uow. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Accept Learn more.

Jan 27, The result was that we spent some days and weekends over the summer restoring this old wood stove. The Most Versatile Backup Stove In The World Allows You To Cook Anything, Any Time, Any Where. This was a very basic wood-burning stove sometimes referred to as a boxwood stove. Remove any flaking metal and rust with the paint scraper and wire brush. Then, you can clean the stove with dish soap and water. If that doesnt remove all the grease, you can try a good degreaser;. Oct 25, Simply put, wood needs time to dry properly so it will burn properly. If not, you will not get much heat from the wood, you will have problems getting it to burn and you will load up your chimney with creosote which can easily start a raging fire inside the chimney. This is .

My brothers and I years ago came across an old wood-burning stove in the garage of my Grandfather, who had passed away. We were in the process of renovating his house and property, and finding the old wood stove was not greeted enthusiastically at first. I actually considered his suggestion because I had way too many other projects to think about, but my other brother held out.

The result was that we spent some days and weekends over the summer restoring this old wood stove. It was cast iron and elongated, and was basically a firebox on legs with a flue at the back and a damper. My Grandfather used it in his garage in the winter while he tinkered around with stuff like chainsaws and sharpening axes and probably a few nights smoking cigars and just passing the time.

The entire stove was very rusted, both inside and out. There was still a good amount of ash in the firebox and a significant mouse nest made from various fur, fluff and other stuff. Our first step was to totally disassemble the stove. This involved loosening all bolts for the legs, the top, the door and every other piece. We laid these out on a sheet of plywood and started to scrape the rust with sandpaper, steel wool and both dry and wet rags.

My brother thought we should spray paint it with a high-temperature flat-black paint, but I wanted to use tubes of stove-black. You rub it into the surface and rub it some more with a rag.

We used his high-temperature spray paint for the firebox interior and the underside of the stove, making all of the parts and pieces you could see completely black. Once we had this old stove looking good, I started to worry about taking this from a decorative piece to a fully functioning and reliable stove.

The first step was to insert some fireproof, fiberglass rope into the door to create a good seal. The next step was to make sure the top lid, where you might put a cast iron pan, had a tight seal. These can get pitted, but we were fortunate and the seal was not compromised. Our biggest problem was that the damper was rusted and pitted. The stove black and spray paint actually gave off some vapors, but once they burned off, the stove was without leaks, smells or anything that would cause us any significant worry.

That stove has been keeping the garage warm for about 12 years now. Have you ever renovated a wood-burning stove? Share your advice in the section below:. Find Out More Here. Advertise with us Contact us. Image source: HowToSpecialist. Steve Nubie. All Rights Reserved. Off The Grid News.

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