How to dye eggs with turmeric

how to dye eggs with turmeric

Yellow Natural Egg Dye & Egg Coloring

Mar 22, †Ј Place turmeric in a medium bowl. In a small saucepan, boil water and pour over turmeric. Steep for at least 30 minutes, and up to 2 hours. Mar 14, †Ј To make yellow dye, add the turmeric and vinegar to 4 cups of extra hot water. Stir the turmeric until it has dissolved. Get the eggs in the dye! Add the eggs to the dye and soak them until they reach the desired hue.

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Apr 09, †Ј FOR SOLID GOLDEN YELLOW EGGS: 1. In a large bowl combine 4 tbsp of turmeric, 2 cups of hot water, and 1 tbsp of vinegar.

I loved reading this post. My uncle used to dye eggs with the skins of red onions. Miss getting those eggs! But I was pleased with these. Such cool ideas! I love that you have found so many ways to work with Easter eggs. I love the coffee and tea eggs. They look so natural. Really cool. I love the colors. Thanks so much. Lots of great ideas here Rosemary. I have also been wanting to steer clear of the store bought dyes and try my own. Your Easter eggs turned out really well, Rosemary!

I have aged many a things with usually tea. Seems like it makes a better antique color than coffee. My turmeric egg is marinating over night as we speak!! Bluberrie Kale and beet are on the counter likewise engaged!!!

Am becoming aware of natural dyes and organic paints for my printmaking! I have to try that coffee filter trick, Rosemary.

The only eggs we can buy here in South Africa are the brown variety so I try using the stronger coffee mix and leave them for longer. I would love to visit South Africa Ч one of these days. Wonder if you tried a little bleach on the coffee filter if it would lighten the eggs? I really have no idea, but a thought. I was going to do some blue last week and discovered no coffee filters. And it uses products we all have at home.

Wow, great ideas here. Who knew coffee would dye the egg so dark. Live how easy the speckles are. Love these! We love to dye eggs and use different styles and colors are so much fun.

The kids will have to give these a try this year. The neutrals are so good with a lot of the decor these days. Maybe next year I can get more to do. I love the idea of using natural sources to dye the eggs! And the speckle idea is genius! Might experiment with some blueberry powder I use in my smoothies!

What is the blueberry powder? Share a pic if you try the eggs. Rosemary at Not Just Paper and Paint dyed eggs using coffee, tea, and turmeric. These came out amazing. I love the tones of the color on [Е]. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

Please see our Disclosure Page for details. Sharing is caring! Springtime is almost here in Tennessee. Oh, and allergy season has hit most. Yes, spring is here. Do you have a Pinterest board for all of your ideas? I hope you follow me along. I remember the days when Doug was young the house looked like Easter threw up. And I even had eggs hanging from the trees in the front yard.

Yes, Don was not happy about that project, but being the good husband he is, he went along with it. Although the colors usually associated with spring are pastel but Easter eggs tend to be bright, I wanted something a bit different. Grays and whites are so dominant in decorating, I thought I would go with natural colors. Contents hide. Dyed Easter Eggs. Speckled Dyed Easter Eggs. So now how to dye eggs to fill a basket and nests. Coffee and tea should do the trick.

After boiling a couple dozen eggs as usual, I let them cool and dry. But if any cracked during these processes they were tossed. I saw people using spinach and zucchini for pretty green. NOT for me. I cooked each of them separately, let them cool, added vinegar, ЕЕЕ.. Turmeric did work great. I loved the golden yellow it produced without it being that typical yellow. Add eggs and let set overnight. There is some spice which settles to the bottom but you can stir it off and on if you want to.

This might have caused a few of the speckles, but it was fine with me. There is a bit of a difference in the browns of the tea and coffee. Tea gave a more beige color. Your color choices are endless Ч straight up blue, green, red and yellow Ч or mix a few colors together just for fun kids will love it.

These were done with just a cup of hot water, a few drops of food color and 2 tsp white vinegar. I would say though maybe 4 drops of blue and 1 drop of green. They only stayed in the dye about 5 Ч 10 minutes. Speckled Dyed Easter Eggs I wanted to have a variety of looks so decided to speckle some and this is where my experimenting was done again.

Flick the end of the tooth brush with you finger aimed toward the egg. Add as much speckle as desired. Hint for dipping eggs into dye Ч especially useful with kids. Place your egg inside a whisk to dip into dye. Just be careful when they remove the whisk from the dye to not shake it to briskly as they will splatter the dye, or break the egg. After dyeing the eggs I thought Ч what else could I do with this coffee. I used a couple of regular coffee filters and dipped them in the coffee until saturated, then wrapped it tightly around the egg, pressing out extra coffee and air.

You might want your gloves on for this too. Do you need a filler for vases? Beans will do the trick. Now you have some of your decor done, lets think of food Ч fun desserts and treats. You may also enjoy Comments I loved reading this post.

Really easier and less mess. Great tips! Love the natural way of dying eggs best. Happy Easter! I love the colors these natural things make. So much prettier than most dyes.

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