How to dress like a femme fatale

how to dress like a femme fatale

A Guide: how to dress like a femme fatale

Jul 17,  · A Guide: how to dress like a femme fatale It's , and we're channeling big Debbie Harry energy. Here's a quick lesson on what "femme fatale means (and I can't believe I'm about to quote Webster's, but here we are): femme fa·tale /?fem f??tal,?fem f??tal/ noun an attractive and seductive woman, especially one who wil. Dec 17,  · A long and figure-hugging dress or skirt accessorised with a statement faux-fur piece and a tilted hat is really all you need to create a s Femme Fatale look. That being said, a pair of s, or in the style of s, slacks paired with a blouse with enormous sleeves will create a similar effect. Don’t forget about hair and make-up!

For any of you who don't know what a femme fatale is, the definition is a woman who is mysterious, seductive and downright dangerous! Her charms will ensnare you, your desire for her will enflame you, and you will be led into compromising and dangerous situations. Do not be fooled by this woman, she is out to get your deepest secrets revealed, even if it means putting you in danger.

The Femme fatale is an actual translation from the French for 'Deadly Woman'. So hold onto your hats guys, when your woman has learned the art of seduction in the femme fatale way, your lives may never be the same again!

Ava Gardner the original Femme Fatale noirwhale. Can't recall a Femme Fatale in reality although there were quite a few 'teasers' in my home town. Love it. If the world needs one thing, it's more dangerous dames.

Liked it so much I shared it on this noir tribute page on facebook. We've been looking how long to tax liens stay on credit report the Femme Fatale of historic and actual 'celebs'. Now i'm thinking hard of actual ones in my life. Still thinking hard on this! Hi Ian, always good to see you!

I never knew any of that! And tiger lady, Wow! Have a great day Ian! When going on to the internet to ascertain what to contribute here the majority of sites were dedicated to Hollywood actresses.

Now, there has never been any doubt in my mind as to the great Femme Fatales of the silver screen, they are cast to portray a character albeit convincingly. As the very name derives from the French, lets look at some of them that have come to us in my time at least.

Whilst on the subject of Viet Nam, the term Dragon Lady is not in use as dragon is considered 'ill fortune' so they use the term Tiger Lady. After lengthy consideration. Well i regarded some of my school teachers in awe of although i didn't learn any thing about their private lives.

Like wise the girls in my dresd were obviously to young to know about such things as seduction and beguilement. Naturally there were some girls that had the quality of allure but of course i was in my pre pubescent years. After the release of the production of Cleopatra it became common for many girls and in deed women as well to sport the Cleopatra hair style of Elizabeth Taylor.

Both Cleo and Liz very apt at Femme fatale by the way. So i really can't think of a name of any one i knew personally even though i overheard datale of 'I can get any man i want, use him and then get rid of him! I didn't know any of that! Further to my comments on the fierce 'Dragon Lady' of the Orient.

I'm how to paint faces on miniatures sure the term originated post World War II when allied servicemen had to be aware of unscrupulous proprietors of the bars and gambling dens not only in Hong Kong but elsewhere in Asia. There was also the possibility of the Dragon Lady being an enemy spy putting her in the classic 'Femme Fatale' category.

I previously mention the actress Nancy Kwan who was normally in fun loving roles but the film 'The corrupt ones' portrays her as the leader of a brutal gang intent on stealing a valuable artifact along with rival gangsters. Ruthless she is and doesn't tolerate failure from her men with punishments being disproportionate. Can't remember the ending though.

Well you got it Nell They just don't come like they used to. Just trying hard who would fit the bill these days and it took some time to 'come up' with the name Dita Von Teese who is into the burlesque genre but could quite adequately aspire to being a Femme Fatale. Nell girlfriend! Fatalee that takes this much time, energy and instruction is NOT for me! Especially now that Ti up there in years!

I'm sure I could pass for a "Fatal Mistake" Tell me when I can stop laughing!! Peace, Paula. Can't say i can see any current celebrity who rates in the 'Femme Fatale' category these days. We sometimes see them as a villainess in cartoon characters for children. The Hollywood screen sirens too numerous to mention and Anna May Wong's and other oriental feme as the Dragon Lady began to phase out in the 70's i think.

Recently i learned Bollywood apparently wants to exploit the 'film noir' genre. Fatalee no shortage of exotic Hindi Deva's to be had fatle, i hope we get to see. It's been said that all Hindi women have the essence of Kali Ma otherwise known as Kali the destroyer!

Hi limpet, sounds good to me! There is an Australian televison series under production now about a female private detective named Phryne Fisher pronounced Fry nee set in the 's in Melbourne. Not having seen yet but read an article in Sunday paper Phryne has returned home from Europe where she had been serving as a nurse at the Front or Paris to find she had inherited a mansion in a well to do area.

Phryne becomes a fatlae society flapper in the Roaring Twenties jazz razzamataz. Hi limpet, yep that's so right! I never thought of that, its a bit before my time the old beehive but what a fun hairstyle!

Whilst reviewing all hub topics it suddenly dawned on me that the 'bee how to make life stress free hair styling is a great grooming feature suited to the Femme Fatale.

How to dress like a femme fatale too numerous to mention sport this elegant coiffure. Some even have their hair permanently a bee hive.

I'd hazard a guess that the Femme Fatale may be traced in folklore right back to the garden and eventual 'Fall of man'. What is considered an error in softball we have Adam a fairly descent chap though a bit nieve who was how to watch princess robot bubblegum over heels' in love with his companion Eve.

Then Lilith threw a 'spanner in the works' causing mischief and expecting males to be in submission to her. Hiya lily, sorry it took so long to answer, been away.

Yeah come fatael over! I would love to meet up, that will be awesome! I reread this one, it made me laugh all over again! Even tho all the advice is solid, I have tp way of going too far, or not far enough, landing me in dateless land I most especially wish we could tip a cocktail or two, say inappropriate things loudly, and wear bright clashing colors.

If all goes well, I may be headed over the pond. Let's manifest this thing! I will certainly let you know Hi Lantokey, lol! I have liek admit, I didn't know who she was so took a sneeky peek to understand what you meant, and then of course I recognised her! Thanks Rhonda, lol! I have never been one to be feminine! This was great! I grinned the whole way through.

The falling on your face in new stilettos hit a bit close to home but hey, every gal has to learn sometime. You outdid yourself. Very funny. Hi Michael, LOL! Well some men will be safe I am sure, but in drees most men are pretty dumb when it comes to the Femme Fatale's of this world. Hi limpet, yes she seems to be ohw Xena warrior princess than Wonder Woman! A new Wonder Woman film is now on the verge of being released for public entertainment.

I certainly hope this version of Wonder Woman lives up to the genre of superheroine. In the publicity still already available she is depicated as an Amazonian warrior armed with a sword and ready for action.

Hi limpet, yes I remember them because my mother used to mention them, I think they were the Kardashians of their time! A few days ago i was pondering what input to add to hubpage topics and i came up with llke Gabor sisters.

There were three, namely Zsa, Magda and Eva. Now what did these Ladies do to merit the Femme Fatale category? They were exotic, blonde and between them went through some 15 or 16 husbands. I never saw any of them in film other than Eva as a New York socialite in a s not very good T. Zsa was known for her love of fast convertibles. Nell, i was wondering if perhaps too much thread appears on your hub then it may close for comment but i shall definitely revisit from tyme to tyme.

Hi limpet, ah yes I have heard of Mata Hari, you keep getting me interested in these people and I just have to go and look them what kind of fault is san andreas Two things this time around. I have been intrigued by the idea of a long stemmed cigarette holder being an ideal accoutrement for the Femme Fatale, there should be lots of photographic imagery how to do dns flush support this premise.

Also Nell, i just noticed a book in the dress library titled Femme Fatale by Pat Shipman and deals with the loves, life and the unknown concerning Margarethe Zelle otherwise known as Mata Hari. I was a punk back in the late 70s limpet!

Femme Fatale Ooh La la!

May 21,  · How to Dress Like a Femme Fatale. Part of the series: Style & Fashion Tips. Dressing like a femme fatale requires you to keep words like "sultry", "mysteriou. Aug 07,  · For one thing, they are sharp. A true femme fatale is always put together. Start with simple make up, you can’t go wrong with a cat eye, but don’t overdo it. Lipstick is a girl’s best friend. Pencil skirts and fitted slacks are a must. A midi is perfect because it’s sexy and sliming, but the length adds modesty and mystery. Aug 18,  · Prom is a long time but still im thinking bout it so i decided that i wanna dress real sexy and wat i thought about was a femme fatale cause they r usually very sexy.

What does that mean for us? We're taking a walk on the mysterious and wild side. When picking items to do in stores, we are always mindful of the story we're telling and the wonderful humans behind those stories are Brittany, Creative Director and Head Buyer, and Heather our Visual Merchandising Director. Below is a little insight into the idea behind the collection, how it was put together, and a few styling ideas.

Want to dress like a femme fatale? Shop the collection here! The 70's weren't just all flower power and rainbow stripe vibes so here I give you Femme Fatale.

This directive is based on Debbie Harry's fashion and image. Oh, and did I mention that the coolest color combo is in? Bright, cherry red and cool, minty aqua.. The gal that goes for this style is a little edgy and a little glam.

She loves to stand out in bold stripes, polka dot, or plaid mixed with funky tees and a blazer. She loves to wear metallics and shiny things day to day; but honestly, who doesn't? This cool cat will go out of her way to make sure her faux leather jacket will look good with any outfit all year long and her boots over the knee, combat, or simple heeled bootie are her first and only choice for completing the look. Catch this bombshell at the local record store wearing patterned plaid pants with a red sweater and a mint-colored jacket during the day.

At night, you won't miss her, she's wearing a vertical striped pant suit and edgy graphic tee with the sparkliest metallic accessories; she'll be front row at the city's last divey music venue. SHOP Dresses. Shop All. Info Contact Us. Your cart is empty. A Guide: how to dress like a femme fatale It's , and we're channeling big Debbie Harry energy.

Here's a quick lesson on what "femme fatale means and I can't believe I'm about to quote Webster's, but here we are :. Leave a comment Name.

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