How to download youku videos without software

how to download youku videos without software

How to Download Video from Youku

Steps to download Youku video: Step 1 - View a video on or while watching a video Step 2 - Copying the video URL & Going to 9xbuddy Step 3 - Entering the URL & Getting download links. Nov 02, The best way to download Youku videos and save them on your Windows computer is to use AceThinker Video Keeper. It can save Youku videos quickly since the software is maximizing your internet bandwidth to speed up the download process.

Ever wondered how to download videos without any software? Furthermore, the downloaded videos tend to be of lackluster quality. Fear not, read on to learn how you can download videos without installing any software. Most video streaming sites only allow offline downloads on their mobile apps. There are download buttons on each video you watch. They look like downward-pointing arrows. When you use them. For instance, you can learn how to download movies from Netflix straight on the app.

The download process is similar in both iOS and Android: select a video, look for the download button arrow and click it, and voila. The video will soon be available for offline viewing. All around the internet, several websites teach how to download videos without any software.

But these sites are sometimes problematic. Using them runs the risk of infecting your computer with a virus. There are a lot of sites that give you the option of grabbing videos from any streaming site. YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, you name it. First, find the video you want to download.

Your browser will grab the video right off the URL, and the quality is quite decent, if not passable. Most of the video grabbing sites on the web work like that, which makes downloading easy even for beginners. To get started, here are some trusted sites you can use to grab videos from almost any streaming site.

Take note of the screenshots which show how the process works. These are two of the best at grabbing videos off of sites, especially YouTube. Granted, higher resolutions such as p and 4K are available only if the original video is uploaded in the said qualities.

The computer saves the file in the Downloads how to download visual studio 2010 professional for free by default, unless you specify a different path. In the case of using CatchVideo, your media will be in the resolution of your choice. Copy the link. CatchVideothen download it. First, find the IG video you want to get.

CatchVideo or DownloadGram. It is trickier, but still very doable. Grabbing videos online and storing them on mobile works roughly the same way as it is on desktop. Make sure the video is set to Public, as well. Click it. Your device will then store the file in your photo album. This method works on iPhones and iPads. And there you have it, here are some tried and tested ways of how to download videos without any software.

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The Basics

Online Downloader Youku online downloader is a website which enables users to download videos online without installing any software on Windows computer or Mac. This website supports Youku in English. So users can download English videos easily. + major videos sharing sites including YouTube and Youku as well are supported. Jul 09, There are two ways on how to download Youku video free with this application. One is using the auto video detector to automatically detect and download the videos that you play on the web. The streaming video will be instantly added on the download list if this option is enabled. Jan 02, How To Download Videos Without Any Software On Mobile. Moving on, youll now learn how to download videos without any software on mobile. It is trickier, but still very doable. Its easier to download the YouTube app and use it (its free, anyway). Though there are still ways to grab videos if you dont like using video streaming apps.

But you are afraid that it might got deleted or removed or your data is limited so you can't visit back to Youku. Well now you one step closer to download your favorite video right into your device and that too without using nay software or add-ons.

First of all, you need to search for the video you want to download from Youku. The first step wasn't that tough right? Same applies to the second step, which will take you another step closer to download your media file. You are almost close to complete the second step; now at the homepage of 9xbuddy you can see big rectangular box just below the minions with captions as " Enter the url of the video you want to download ", all you need now is to paste the media file URL in that box.

Basically you don't have to do much in the final step, everything will be processed in the background, in short 'Let the magic happen'. You can even view the file size by clicking on the button 'Show Size'.

That's it, your media file will start downloading automatically and thus you can watch it as many time as you want afterwards. We all love short tricks, don't we? Well here we got one such short-trick too. Whenever you have the urge to download a media file just add " 9xbud.

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