How to distribute a documentary film

how to distribute a documentary film

How to Build Your DocumentaryТs Distribution Strategy

May 02, †Ј For documentary films, public media is the distribution home for many films. The mothership everyone is most familiar with is PBS. PBS is home to various documentary programs including American Masters, NOVA and POV. Be sure to research all of PBSТs shows to see which ones would be the best fit, depending on the focus of your film. Nov 03, †Ј Limited theatrical, home video and educational distribution of documentary shorts, series, features. Documentary Educational Resources (DER) Morse St. Watertown, MA Tel: ; Educational distributor of films and videos in broadly defined areas of anthropology, ethnography, sociology. Electronic Arts.

You came up with a concept, shot a documentary, and edited it, so now what? The beautiful thing about filmmaking in is the plethora of places you can share your work. The first step in distributing online is targeting your audience. Who do you want to market your documentary to? Build your audience online before releasing the film. Documentady a Facebook page and Instagram account to post updates and behind-the-scenes photos of the film to get your followers excited about the project.

Make sure to post a release date and follow up to countdown the days as well. Sites like Vimeo and Youtube are a great place to actually release the documentary. If you want your film to get on big streaming sites like NetflixHuluand Amazonconsider using a film aggregator like Quiver.

You can also work with do-it-yourself DIY services that distribute your film to a number of streaming sites and then take a cut of the streaming revenue. A couple examples include CreateSpacehow to do an appendix in apa format provides you with tools to help you self-publish on-demand videos for Amazon; Filmhubwhich matches your film to video streaming sites; and IndieReignwhich equips filmmakers with tools to self-distribute and sell directly to their fans.

There are a number of documentary channels on YouTube that may accept documentary submissions. Since these dpcumentary post regularly, disttibute already have subscribers who are ready to tune into the next film. Documwntary a documentary into a festival is one of the best things you can do to what does red and yellow bone marrow do industry eyes on your film.

Submitting to festivals is simple enough and the results can be ground-breaking, especially if your work is showcased in an international festival. We compiled a list of 10 flm film festivals accepting submissions this year. What would look distibute next to your film title than eistribute array of prestigious awards? The Peabody Awards are currently accepting submissions.

A program must receive unanimous approval of all members of the Peabody Board of Jurors to win. And finally, you could shoot for the stars and apply to The Academy Awards documentary submissions next year.

There are specific submission guidelines, so be sure to do your homework before submission deadlines. Ready to create a documentary? Hire a freelancer or production company. Attending festivals is a great fulm to pitch ideas to television executives. An in-person xistribute is always the best way to pitch a project, so networking with industry professionals could open doors for pitch meetings. If you are unable to lock down an ddistribute, try emailing the network with a brief description of ditribute project.

Go to your local theater and ask if you can screen your film for a small ticket price. If you are able to sell out the venue, you can present your success to a larger theater in the area. Continue hosting presentations of the film from city to city and if the turnout continues to do well you will be able to reach out to larger venues.

If you want eyes on your documentary and an immediate profit, consider selling DVD copies at events relevant to your story. This is a great way for you to get involved with your local community and guarantee people will have access to documrntary film on a personal level.

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Film Festivals Getting a documentary into a festival is one of the best things you can do to get industry eyes on your film. Awards What would look better next to your film title than a array of prestigious awards? Theatrical Release Go to your local theater and ask if you can screen your film for a small ticket price. DVD If you want eyes on your documentary and an immediate profit, consider selling DVD copies at events relevant to your story. Video Strategist Follow. Written by Storyhunter Follow.

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Major Studios/Theatrical Distributors (Revenues over $100 Million) and Subsidiaries:

This article is an overview of distribution possibilities for documentaries. Despite the changes in technology, there are only four general markets for documentary films/videos and a few ancillary income streams: theatrical, home video (and/or video-on-demand), educational video (public performance) and television broadcast/cable and satellite. May 24, †Ј In this new model, if you donТt have a distributor, you can still distribute on your own by selling the film from your web site, organizing your own screenings through a crowdsourced theatrical campaign (such as Tugg or Gathr) or distribute via a non-curated distribution platform like Vimeo, VHX or Distrify. Nov 05, †Ј How to Distribute a Documentary Film: A Wild World November 5, Posted by admin Blog Category, Distribution, Documentary, How To, Uncategorized No Comments The Film Fund taps JEH to share her insights on producing documentary films as well as the unique process of public media distribution.

Gone are the days when if you were lucky enough to sell your documentary to a single distributor, they would take care of the rest. Though a select group of established documentary filmmakers still operate along those traditional lines, the majority of independent filmmakers working in documentaries today rely on a hybrid distribution plan in which theatrical, festivals, broadcast, educational, non-theatrical, and VOD rights are split. The upsides of a hybrid plan are that it potentially enables filmmakers to earn more revenue and also to develop a long-term audience.

The downside? It means more work for filmmakers. A workshop at the recent Oregon Doc Camp , presented by Women in Film Portland , focused on developing a distribution and marketing strategy for documentaries. Film Sprout is a consulting and distribution firm that helps social-issue filmmakers create community and campus screening initiatives for their documentaries.

In addition to the grassroots screening campaigns, most of the projects that Film Sprout represent also have a festival run, a theatrical release and a broadcast release. Based in Portland, Oregon, Collective Eye Films is a boutique distributor focused primarily on educational distribution and non-theatrical distribution. The company started as a collective of independent filmmakers in San Francisco who had terrible distribution experiences. Tugg is a crowdsourcing theatrical platform for films with and without traditional distribution.

This is just a platform for you to use. Tugg takes care of logistics, booking theaters. The new hybrid distribution model combines direct sales by filmmakers with distribution by third parties DVD distributors, TV channels, VOD companies, and educational distributors.

The hybrid model also helps filmmakers develop long-term audiences. Is your goal to create social impact, screen at festivals, or make money? That will ultimately help you decide what approach to distribution you should take. Get even more specific with your demographic.

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