How to cut photo mat

how to cut photo mat

How To Cut Your Own Picture Mats

Jan 23,  · This "do-it-yourself" video explains all the steps of cutting a professional looking mat for your artwork. We begin by showing you a simple formula for measu Author: Blick Art Materials. Jun 01,  · Place a square on the mat, and click the “unlock” icon on the lower left corner of the square. Resize the square to the full size of the mat. For me, this is an 8? You should now have one rectangle on the Design Space. Add another square to the project. Click the “unlock” icon on the lower left corner of the square.

To cut a flawless mat you must let go of the idea that there is anything automatic about mat cutting. Cutting a mat is, to a great degree, a craft, requiring an understanding of the material as well as the know-how to use the tools properly. A mat cutter is an instrument in the hands of a knowledgable user. Mat board is a dense stack of paper. It is several laminates thick and how to reduce stomach gas formation together with glue.

The blade used to cut it is very thin. It must be, because if the blade was too thick it would tear the paper. But because the blade is so thin it has a tendency to flex as it drags through the mat board, and if the blade flexes, the line of the cut will waver. To help alleviate the problem some mat cutters are designed so the blade passes through a narrow slot which keeps the blade rigid to the point of penetration.

Others have a tiny screw that can be tightened against the face of the blade to stiffen it. Despite these helpful features, blade flex can still occur if the cutting head is twisted, rocked or torqued during the cut. It is ultimately up to the operator to make sure consistent directional pressure is applied to the cutting head throughout the cut. Even with that precaution, the blade flex can still occur if the cut is lesson plans how to write deep.

In mat cutting, a scrap piece of mat board called a backing sheet is used under the mat when cutting. When the cut is too deep, the blade penetrates through the subject mat board and halfway or more through the backing sheet.

This puts excessive drag on the blade, leading to blade flex. Adjusting the depth so it just scratches the surface of the backing sheet will alleviate the issue.

Once the backing sheet has a lot of scores in it, it should be replaced. Otherwise the blade can catch in previous scores and track on them, flexing out of line. Any left over remnant of mat board can be used as a fresh backing sheet. A dull blade can also lead to blade flex. When the blade is new it passes through the mat board with little resistance, but as it becomes dull it drags more and more. The more it drags, the more it flexes.

If blade flex occurs, three steps should be followed to eliminate it. Change the blade depth, change the backing sheet and change the blade.

Rough or ragged edges are another common problem in mat cutting. Different manifestations of the problem can be detected by different feels in the cut. If the cut feels crunchy, the blade is dented or chipped and must be changed. Change the blade. Alternatively, the problem could be the result of a depth setting that is too shallow.

Adjust the blade depth. Proper blade depth is the key to eliminating many of the common flaws seen in mat cutting. Unbeknownst to most novice framers, mat board varies in thickness. These different thicknesses are largely responsible for the how to advertise to schools bedeviling issue in mat cutting, a seeming inability to stop precisely and consistently in the corners, leading to over cuts and under cuts.

All mat cutting blades penetrate the mat at how to cut photo mat oblique angle, meaning that they penetrate the back of the mat at a point further back than they emerge from the face. If the mat board is thicker, it takes the blade longer to emerge, leading to under cuts. If the mat board is thinner, the blade emerges earlier, leading to over cuts. On most mat cutters, it is possible to set the blade depth precisely so the blade emerges precisely at the corner each time.

However, everything changes when you change to a different color or style of mat board, as it may be thicker or thinner. Rather than struggle to readjust the blade depth each time, most framers employ some form of visual compensation to cope with the issue.

The most common approach is to simply watch the point of penetration relative to the pencil lines, moving the point of penetration forward or back slightly to compensate. The trick, of course, is in knowing how far to move it. Is it a sixteenth of an inch? Is it a thirty-second? Well, that depends on the degree of the over cut or under cut.

If you are willing to make six cuts rather than just four, you can get perfect corners on your mats fairly consistently. Now readjust to the borders you actually want and use the diagnosis from the test cuts to move the cutting head slightly forward or back to achieve the best possible corners. Automatic production stops are metal blocks that lock down on scales. They stop the cutting head automatically at the point of contact. Cutting a flawless mat is more of a craft than most people assume.

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Aug 07,  · Make sure your piece is no wider than 11? wide. Move the star wheels to the right on your machine so that they do not hit your matboard (see that tips post above). While cutting matboard, if pieces start to “pop” out of your project, you can remove the smaller zi255.comted Reading Time: 5 mins.

You can unsubscribe anytime. For more details, review our Privacy Policy. The savings here comes from the size of the frame that I was needing a custom mat for.

All in all, this project took us about 15 min per mat after the first one. I got a deal on my frames so make sure to get them on sale! If you want to see how the hallway reveal turned out then check out the Travel Wall Gallery Reveal! Another post that I have that you may love is how to print Staples Engineering Prints including my thoughts on them, what they cost, what sizes you can print and more!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. I receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase using my link. This is exactly what I needed, so thank you! I was just looking into a couple of larger mats and my mind exploded a bit!

Happy to hear that Jill. You can get more expensive mat cutters and if you planned on doing a bunch… that might be a good option. But for cutting mats for one project or just here and there, this one definitely works. This is so smart! I need to try this! So cool, Ashley — I had no idea those mat cutting tools existed — let alone how affordable they are! Thanks for the tutorial. Got my frames ready, and my mat cutter ordered, just need to order the prints.

Shoot me an email with the after picture if you try it. Thank you soon much for posting this video on Hometalk. Wonderful step by step instructions! Thanks again :. Where did you order your If you have a video control to not play, it might not show. I will try not to get on a high horse. The image gets distorted with both color and quality.

For nice photo prints at a good price, I recommend Nations Photo Lab. I used them when I was printing square photos for my gallery wall when I cut my own picture mats.

The space was almost […]. With this minimalistic wall decor! If you love traveling and like to remind yourself of your lovely ventures, this picture mats DIY photo frame tutorial is going to be decor goals for a free soul like yours. Your email address will not be published. Join other newsletter subscribers in getting exclusive content! Thank you! You have successfully joined our subscriber list. First things first, you have to gather your supplies.

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