How to check for thyroid problems at home

how to check for thyroid problems at home

The Best At Home Thyroid Test

Feb 17,  · Most of the at-home test kits involve using a small lancet to prick a finger and collect some droplets of blood. These blood droplets are your test sample, which you will return to the lab for analysis. It’s quick and painless. The purpose of this guide . The most reliable way to know more about your thyroid health is with a simple blood test. The most common type of thyroid test is a blood test which checks for specific biomarkers to get an insight into your thyroid health. These tests typically measure thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), T4, and T3. This test can be taken with your doctor but if you would prefer to check from home, this test can be taken using .

Your thyroid is the small gland that sits in the lower part of your neck. There are a number of factors that can affect your tyhroid function; from certain conditions to surgery or medications. On top of that, there are also risk factors - these include family, history, age, and gender - with women five to eight times more likely to experience thyroid problems than men.

The most reliable way to know more about your thyroid health is with a simple blood test. The most common type of thyroid test is a blood test which checks for specific biomarkers to get an insight into your thyroid health.

This test can be taken with wt doctor howw if you would prefer to check from home, this test can be taken using an at-home lab test. The test will arrive in discreet packaging with a return envelope and clear instructions inside. Online test results will be available within days and our dedicated clinical team will be available throughout the process for support and guidance and will be available to speak with you about your results and the next how to prove someone is an unfit mother you should take.

If you would like more detail about the sampling process, find out more here. Hypothyroidism Underactive Thyroid occurs when the thyroid gland is not producing a sufficient level of thyroxine T4 proboems triiodothyronine T3. Hyperthyroidism Overactive Thyroid occurs when the thyroid gland produces an excessive level of thyroxine Hone and triiodothyronine T3. TSH is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain and it controls the production of T3 and T4 from the Thyroid gland.

The process is simple:. Problemz should consider taking a test if:. Written by Dani Roche. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more.

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4 Reasons I Use Home Lab Tests

Jan 08,  · The good news is that it’s easy to check for thyroid problems. Your doctor can perform a simple blood test to look for irregularities. And if you suspect thyroid problems, it’s pretty simple to perform your own thyroid neck check at home. AACE Thyroid Awareness provides an . Feb 15,  · First, locate your thyroid, which is generally on the front of your neck between your Adam’s apple and collarbone. Then, tip your head back as you look at your reflection. Finally, as the Cleveland Clinic states: “Take a drink of water while your head is tilted back. Watch your thyroid Author: Colleen Travers. Mar 10,  · You can choose from two different thyroid tests – a thyroid hormone test and a thyroid antibody test. The thyroid hormone test identifies the presence of key thyroid hormones, including thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), free triiodothyronine (FT3), and free thyroxine (FT4).

Have you felt tired lately? That could be a sign of a thyroid disorder. Not to worry, you can check it out with an at-home test and find ways to improve your health. Best of all, they can all be taken at home. If you just want to get tested right away, go for our top choice LetsGetChecked. Or, check out which other four DNA tests we recommend:.

To make sure you get the best value for money and accurate results, we examined each test against very specific factors. LetsGetChecked is our top pick for at-home thyroid tests. You can choose from two different thyroid tests — a thyroid hormone test and a thyroid antibody test. The thyroid hormone test identifies the presence of key thyroid hormones, including thyroid-stimulating hormone TSH , free triiodothyronine FT3 , and free thyroxine FT4.

The second, more in-depth test screens for the three most important hormones, but it also checks for antibodies that can cause thyroid disorders and autoimmune diseases.

It tells you the exact levels of each hormone or antibody in your body, so you can see how you compare to normal levels. Taking the test is really easy, too. Best of all, you can get your results in days. Should you test positive, you can speak with a nurse to discuss your results. The test requires a finger-prick test with a blood sample.

You also get actionable advice on what each biomarker means for your health and what you should do next. As well as personalized advice, you get access to recommended resources to learn more about your results and how to manage your thyroid.

From your secure online platform, you can download your results, send them to your physician, and get treatment sorted right away. Usually, it only takes a couple of days to get your results. You can rely on Everylwell for accuracy, too, since your results are reviewed in certified labs by qualified physicians.

There are semi-annual subscription options available for ongoing testing. Your kit is sent directly to your home, free of charge. It usually arrives within 3 days and it takes around 7 days to get your results. So the whole process is very quick. You get a customized plan that advises you on your next steps, based on what your body needs. And for those with thyroid issues, Paloma Health automatically sets up ongoing testing so you can monitor changes over time. You can even get personalized advice on managing your thyroid for free.

It gives you some basic tips to get started. If you require further support, you can set up a consultation with a doctor or nutritionist. You receive dietary advice, learn about your triggers, and can identify any deficiencies.

And the doctors can provide you with all the treatment and medical advice you need. There is a charge for both of these services. Paloma Health also offers subscriptions for thyroid supplements that are delivered to your home monthly. SelfDecode is quite unique. It offers an annual or lifetime subscription option which gives you access to individual wellness reports, including one for thyroid. There are also reports for sleep quality, vitamin response, cardiovascular health, and much more.

You can mix and match as you please — there are over 20 to choose from. First, you need to take the DNA test to determine your genetic profile, then you can upload your file to get your thyroid report.

The thyroid report analyzes 23 of your genes related to thyroid function, which includes the most common biomarkers: TSH, FT3, and FT4. It also assesses your predisposition for autoimmune thyroid conditions and whether you have any iodine deficiencies. Your report is very comprehensive and includes both lifestyle and gene-based advice to guide you.

It gives you actionable advice on how your nutrition, sleep habits, and stress can impact your thyroid and, importantly, what to do about it.

SelfDecode also recommends thyroid supplements so you know what you should be taking to improve your health. Plus, you have access to a personalized genetics blog. Every week, you get blog articles personalized to you and your genes. You can find plenty of suggestions based on thyroid biomarkers and how to adapt your lifestyle. Even if your thyroid biomarker levels come back as normal, you can still track your results to learn how to improve your thyroid function.

Results take one month. You can keep uploading your existing DNA file to get new reports in other wellness areas in just a few minutes. You can learn about your lifetime risk for 34 major health conditions , including common auto-immune diseases, eye problems, cardiovascular health conditions, and more.

Both of these screen for other thyroid indicators that you might not find anywhere else. That includes a test for T3 uptake, which measures the number of proteins in your blood capable of carrying a thyroid hormone.

You need to visit one of their labs to take the test instead, so it might not as private as you were expecting. You can actually buy and take your test on the same day, so it works well for anyone in need of urgent testing. And your results are usually ready in days. If your results show up anything concerning, a nurse calls you to give you advice on what to do next. TellmeGEN has a comprehensive health test that examines your thyroid function, alongside many other things. As well as learning about your likelihood of hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism , you can learn about your memory, sleep habits, eye color, skin pigmentation, and much more.

It even gives you ancestry information. Testing only requires a saliva sample, with free returns to the testing lab. From arriving at the lab, it usually takes weeks to gather your results. You can access your report online from the dashboard and download it as a PDF if you like. You do get a great overview of your overall health, though.

You can also buy nutritional or medical counseling services for an extra fee, to talk you through your results and give you tips on altering your lifestyle. It could be added fees for shipping, processing, medical consultations, or even for recommended supplements. You get free shipping with all the tests on this list.

No test charges you extra for processing your kit or producing your results, but you usually have to pay a fee for some of the extra services on offer, such as medical or nutritional consultation. LetsGetChecked offers a free follow-up phone call with a nurse for any positive results. They can talk you through your thyroid management and give you medical advice on what to do next. LetsGetChecked offers the best value for money by far.

LetsGetChecked throws in a free follow-up phone call with a nurse, and it has the most comprehensive thyroid testing kit, too. With LetsGetChecked and Everlywell, you can save more money with the subscription options. You have to pay extra for consultancy and supplement deliveries, though, so costs can soon add up.

For an all-in-one kit, TellmeGEN is very well priced. It does offer full genetic predisposition screening , though, so as well as your risk of thyroid problems, you can learn about your cancer risk, heart health, and much more.

But if you want the best value for money, go for my top pick LetsGetChecked. Not only is it budget-friendly, but it screens for everything you need to know, and you get a free phone call with a nurse.

You can get kits delivered to your door either every three months or twice a year. Plus, it means you save money. It charges for medical and nutritional consultations, plus on-going supplements, but it means you can get everything from one place, and for a good price, too. Only interested in one aspect of your thyroid?

Go for Health Testing Centers. It has a huge list of individual tests which means you can pick only the one you need.

Or, you can choose one of their two bundles. EasyDNA tells you your predisposition for tons of different diseases in a detailed report. That depends on which test you choose. If you go with any of the recommendations on this list, your results are physician-reviewed and examined in CLIA-certified labs.

My top choice LetsGetChecked even manufactures all of its kits with the ISO accreditation, which is the highest possible medical accreditation around. That means at least Thyroid test results can be confusing, but they usually include three main readings — thyroid stimulating hormone TSH , free triiodothyronine FT3 , and free thyroxine FT4.

The TSH shows the strength of the signal your brain is sending to produce more thyroid hormone. The normal range for TSH is 0. The standard range for FT3 levels is between 1.

FT4 is also a thyroid hormone in your bloodstream. A high level of FT4 might confirm the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism, known as an overactive thyroid. Likewise, low levels can indicate hypothyroidism, which means your thyroid is underactive. A thyroid test can detect a variety of endocrine conditions. Overall, a thyroid test looks to detect whether your body has enough thyroid hormone, and if the signal from your brain to produce the thyroid hormone is the right strength.

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