How to center an embedded youtube video

how to center an embedded youtube video

Embed YouTube video in ReactJS

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Now comes the main trick, If you just copy and paste the code into your site or post it will automatically align the video to the left. The tag which you need to yyoutube is — center opening and center closing embedfed. On phones the video automatically fits the width of the screen. Step 4. Below is the new code. The how to write maiden name in obituary thing worked ceenter me: I put this code in my style.

If you want your video to fill the width of your content area, then the best way to do this is aj adding a YouTube or Videi video URL directly in post editor instead of using the embed code.

By simply entering the URL, WordPress automatically tries to display the video that fits your content area. Create a table on the fideo you are embedding to.

Put three columns in the table and embed the video in the center column. Sometimes I like to use embedded videos because embedddd give me a choice to select the size that is suitable for the post I am what color is the sun. To center the embedded code use the same centered div commands as I showed you above.

Add the codes in the text editor as shown in the image below. Code to Center Embeds Video. This best way is use simple tag. Please not that this tag is discontinued in HTML5. Obviously you may change its location later. As you customize your YouTube channel from the Creator Studio main screen, click on each of the options displayed along the left margin of the screen to access a different selection of options that can be personalized.

This may cause centering, letterboxing, or pillaring if the set width does not match the size of the video itself. Wrap the video-source snippet in an HTML containing the div element and give it a 50 to cetner percent padding on the bottom and relative positions.

If I create a element with a aspect ratio, the movie will appear centered within the element, as shown in Figure Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All about science and technology. Click on "Watch later" to put videos here. Add comment. Expert Mark. Or you can simply use the following method. CSS code to make YouTube embed video responsive. Here vidoe the CSS cod. Is it a YouTube iframe embed code? If so, wrap the entire. The first thing that you need is the YouTube iframe embed yoytube, grab that in your video share options from the YouTube site.

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Latest publications. November 28, Network Computer Processor Problems. Random post. September 14, Rich Entrepreneur Press, Carey Cengage Learning, Drag each video to center it on its element:. Set the dimensions you want the video to display in the Maximum Embed Size box.

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Closed captions refer to the visual display of the audio in a program. To add captions to your live stream, you need to send captions to YouTube. The captions can either be embedded in the video or sent through supported software that can send captions over HTTP POSTs. You shouldn't use the center tag. Leave all the styling to the CSS. Did you try setting the left and right margins to auto? Something like: margin: 0 auto; Edit: I was able to center a YouTube video by making the CSS for the iFrame set its width, set its display type to block, and set the horizontal margins to auto. Here's what my code looks like. Since the embedded video is only px wide, I just added a 10% left-margin to the iframe, and put a “0” back in for the margin for the mobile CSS (to allow the full width view). Step 4. To center the YouTube embed we simply need to add a DIV on it and text-align center the contents. Below is the new code.

Centering YouTube videos is a real problem for most bloggers. To make the matters worse, there is a different method for centering embedded videos and for centering a video using the YouTube URL. In the previous post I showed you how to center embeds both images and videos and today I will show you how to center YouTube video URL.

The simple method of using the center command in your WordPress editor does not work for centering Youtube video URLs. Given that the use of videos is so prevalent, it boggles my mind that the WordPress team has come up with a simple and automatic solution.

But I am just venting. In the text editor, you need to add a specific division code before and after the URL to center it. The code you have to use is:. But unfortunately, it is not as simple as that. Image 1. I added the division tags above and below the video URL. Image 2.

The editor attaches the division tags to the video URL! I fiddled with placing of the code some more and the only thing that worked for me and stop the text editor from attaching the code to the video URL was to add the division code, add a space, add the video link, add a space and add the division closing tag. But it was a tricky thing and took me a while to make it work. I must warn you though. The WordPress editor is very finicky and often has a mind of its own.

Out of the blue it may change the spacing on you. But if you really want to center the video URL you have to persist. Let me know is these instructions worked for you.

I am really curious. This is one more frustrating problem to try to solve. I appreciate that you tried, and am glad that it is at least working for you! Hi Cliff, I figured out why it did not work for you and I added an update to the post. Here is what I wrote in the post:. Centered YouTube Video. Don't Miss A Thing! Facebook 4. Twitter 0. Related Posts. Cliff April 29, at pm. Dita Irvine April 30, at pm.

If you copy from this blog and then paste it into your text editor, make sure that you change the quotation marks to quotation marks typed in from your text editor.

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