How to become a permanent resident of japan

how to become a permanent resident of japan

How to Become a Permanent Resident in Japan?

Mar 18, To apply for a permanent residence visa (???? eijuken) in Japan, you must: Have resided in Japan for 10 consecutive years Be a person of good conduct (i.e., no criminal record) Still satisfy the requirements of your current visa (i.e., still employed, married, etc.). As a general rule, you must have lived in Japan for a period of ten years before you are eligible to apply for permanent residency. If your spouse is Japanese, however, this period can be as little as three years. You also must have a visa valid for the entire length of .

O nce you have spent several years living in Japan and that you start to feel that you could well spend a substantial part of your remaining days in the country, the prospect of applying for permanent residence might become more and more appealing. Because I am at that point of my life right now, I thought I could document my own application and hopefully, use the experience to help others like me. First of all, this is not the equivalent of an application to become a Japanese national.

There are several advantages to this status over other types of visas such as a spouse visa or a work visa:. In all cases above, you must have been paying your own taxes and insurance premium during the whole duration mentioned and you must not have had a criminal record in Japan.

Your financial situation must be stable and you should justify of earnings over 4 Yen per year for a couple, and 4 Yen per year for a couple with a child. While not impossible, failing to meet those requirements will reduce your chances of success.

Strangely enough, I found that the application process was not that different compared to that of renewing my spouse visa. Here are the documents you will need to provide and where to get them from.

I am not quite sure how to make a spring powered toy car are absolutely required but I read here and there that they could be requested so there you go.

I will update this list if I figure out that some of these documents are really not needed. Please note that the decision can take up to 6 months so make sure that you do not end up without a visa if your application is rejected. To be safe, I was advised by the immigration bureau to also apply for an extension of my spouse visa, so essentially, I got all of those documents in two copies and prepared both applications at same time.

I wish you the best of luck for your own applications! Guillaume Erard has been living and working in Japan for over a decade. He also holds the rank of 5th dan in Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu from the Shikoku Hombu. To complete his training, Guillaume also practices full contact Karate. He teaches Aikido in his own dojo in Yokohama and he regularly returns to Europe to give Aikido and Daito-ryu seminars, as well as lectures on Budo history.

Guillaume is passionate about science and education, and holds a PhD in Molecular Biology. Hi Rob, it is still pending at the moment. I applied for both PR and Spouse Visa and none came back yet. I will add the info to the article whenever I get an answer for either.

And do we really need to have a hoshousho? Do they have to answer on the form? Congratulations on getting the permanent residence! Thinking of applying myself, and wondering about how much paperwork I will need to go through.

Well, all I know is that I brought it and they took it, so I am not sure whether or not you can do without. Do you need to hold a working visa to start your 10 count? Then, Japan also makes you pay into their pension system, medical system, and your home country tax you on that at 3x-5x higher if you draw it. About Guillaume Erard Sitemap info guillaumeerard.

Articles Events Pictures Videos. How to's. How to Become a Permanent Resident in Japan? By Guillaume Erard. What is permanent residence in Japan and why should you consider applying for it? There are several advantages to this status over other types of visas such as a spouse visa or a work visa: The permanent resident status is not limited in time so you will no longer have to go through the what posture says about you of renewing your visa every 1 to 3 years.

Only your residence card will need to be renewed every 7 years. Unlike a work visa, with a permanent resident status, you are not limited to a certain type of professional activity. You will no longer be dependent on a sponsor for your applications. With a permanent resident status, getting a credit card or a loan will be a lot easier. Who is eligible for a permanent resident status? What are the necessary documents to apply?

From yourself A 40 x 30 mm photo of yourself facing forward in front of a plain background. It will be pasted on your application form. Best is to get it signed by a Japanese national. Note that the person signing is under no legal obligation whatsoever as regards to you. This is just a way for the immigration bureau to check that you actually made some contacts within Japanese society. I was told that best would be to ask someone not too close to you but frankly, the only person I was comfortable asking was my wife so we went like that.

A letter of motivation explaining why you are how many auto layouts are available in powerpoint permanent resident status and a summary of your contributions to Japan in the diplomatic, social, economic, cultural or other fields here is a pdf template.

In there, I wrote everything I do to promote Aikido, Daito-ryu, and Japan, with scans of my certificates and pictures of enets, articles, etc. I also got letters of recommendation from several Japanese people I have worked with on these matters. You basically want to put your best foot forward so be thorough.

I got mine translated in Japanese just in case. This is supposed to go with the letter of guarantee. Note that if you are unable how to become a permanent resident of japan produce tax certificates fo your own, your spouse, if acting as your guarantor, may have to provide theirs. Liked it? Take a second to support how to make baby sleep well at night work on Patreon!

Tags guide how-to visa. Next Article Awa Odori in Koenji. Guillaume Erard Guillaume Erard has been living and working in Japan for over a decade. Related articles More from author. December 9, How to Find a Job in Japan? January 9, August 8, How to Find an Apartment in Japan? April 7, November 16, Hi Guillaume, How long did the approval process take you after how to seal mouse entry points Ok, just got it, so it took almost 6 months.

Are the applicants siblings birt certificates needed too? Leave a reply Cancel reply. All rights reserved.

Requirements for Permanent Residence Visa Application in Japan

To be able to submit the application for the Permanent Resident visa, it is necessary to find a guarantor who is Japanese national or Permanent Resident visa holder (in case of non-Japanese) and who is willing to sign a Letter of Guarantee (English version here, Japanese version here). Aug 06, What is permanent residence in Japan and why should you consider applying for it? First of all, this is not the equivalent of an application to become a Japanese national. The status of Permanent Residence only allows a foreigner to stay in Japan on a permanent basis.

To be eligible for permanent residence in Japan, the base requirement is that you have to have lived in the country for 10 years. Many foreign workers hold out their hopes for reaching this milestone, and there are also a number of ways the period can be shortened, which I'll outline in more detail below. Beyond that, you have to prove you've made the required contributions to Japan's social system and have enough income to support yourself.

In fact, the application process requires only a little more effort than a regular visa application, and most of the additional documentation can be acquired with a single visit to your local city office. However, when your savings are taken into account, the actual salary amount can be less , so there's no hard and fast calculation.

So don't give up if you worry your salary is too low! For more details on the visa requirements, including situations for children and refugees, you can see the Ministry of Justice guidelines here.

There are a few ways to shorten the residence period required before you can apply for your permanent visa: 1 You're married Spouses of Japanese nationals and permanent residents! Their children are also eligible after just one year in Japan.

If you score 70 points , you can apply for permanent residence after just three years. If you score 80 points , you can apply after just one year. You can see the points calculator here. This one is pretty rare, and essentially applies to winners of the Nobel Prize and other high-profile international or domestic awards, and people of comparable public standing.

If you think you're up for it, you can check the details here. As it also typically lists your total income, it is usually the only document you need. Both documents can be acquired at your local city office. While the Ministry of Justice officially requires only the most recent year's documentation, it is common to submit three years of documents. It's best to provide this even if you work for a company, as your savings amount will help demonstrate that you are capable of supporting yourself.

You can find the full official documentation list in English here ; however, the Japanese description is much more detailed. Be aware that any non-Japanese documents must include a Japanese translation. Submitted documents are generally not returned, so it's best to provide copies or to specify the need to return any particular documents at the time of submission.

For reference, when I submitted my application, I asked a friend who was also my former manager to be my guarantor. The National Health card proves that you are fully contributing to the social system. If you have not been using National Health, it's best to sign up right after you move to a new regionthey usually only calculate your back payments to the time you moved.

The official waiting period for a permanent residence visa is six months. However, in practice it can be anywhere from four to eight months. This means that if your regular visa is going to expire within eight or nine months of your permanent residence application, you should also expect to have to renew your regular visa. When I applied for my own permanent residence, it was the same year they introduced the new residence cards and it took over a year!

When the waiting is over, you get a truly magical thing: a residence card with stars in place of an expiration date. You'll be able to do any kind of work, and you'll have a much easier time getting loans to purchase property. When I tried to buy property before I had permanent residence, the only bank that would touch me said I needed to put down half the value of a property as down payment if I wasn't a permanent resident!

One downside is that you will have to keep an eye on your tax obligations for worldwide income. You can find some details on that here. Also be aware that if you plan to leave Japan for an extended period of time, you need to set foot back in the country at least once every 12 months to retain your permanent residence status. You can extend that period to five years if you apply for a special re-entry permit. Also remember that your residence card itself is still only valid for seven years.

After seven years, you have to bring in your residence card, your passport and a new photo along with an Application for Extension of the Valid Period of the Residence Card. Details can be found here. Other than that, you are free to enjoy Japan without ever having to worry about your visa status again! More Info. Ways to Shorten the Residence Period. Required Documentation.

Additional Documents for Spouse-based Permanent Residence. Guarantor Requirements. Recommended Documents. After You Get Permanent Residence. This website uses cookies.

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