How to assemble computer parts

how to assemble computer parts

How to assemble and disassemble a computer

Aug 16, †Ј Step 1: Get the Computer Components. You need to gather all the basic components of a computer. I use several web sites to buy computer components, such as New Egg, Tiger Direct, Mwave, and Amazon. Selecting the components to build a computer is a good topic for another instructable. RAM is the easiest hardware to install when youТre building a PC. Locate the memory slots on the motherboard. Hold your memory modules on the side to avoid touching the chips and gold pins. Align the notches on the module with the ridge in the slot then firmly press the module in until it clicks.

Assekble what you want to get out of your new computer is the first step and it guides the rest of the process. Get the most performance for less by investing in the right components from the start. Do you want to build a PC to save how to write a teen novel Or do you want to reach the highest levels of performance? Here are the essential parts:. The motherboard dictates the bow form factor and size of your PC build, but it also determines what other pieces of hardware the computer can com;uter.

While you will want to choose your motherboard based on other compatible components, the motherboard should be your starting point. Find out more about RAM and motherboard compatibility.

The CPU is the engine of your computer and sets the performance expectations for the entire build. Memory and storage fuel the assenble, which controls every data transaction within the PC. However, more GHz also means the CPU consumes more energy, which could lead to higher system temperatures that require better airflow or heat dissipation within how to assemble computer parts computer.

Nearly every computer operation relies on memory Ч that wssemble having several tabs open while surfing the Web, typing and composing an email, multitasking between applications, and even moving your mouse cursor. Second, your system can only handle so many GB of memory, and that depends on your system. It displays how much memory you currently have, the maximum memory capacity of your computer, and available upgrades for your specific system.

Your files and data are saved long-term on your storage drive. Although hard drives generally give you more storage space in GBSSDs have essentially made them outdated Ч Parrs are on ti 6x faster 1 and 90x more energy-efficient 2 than hard drives. The difference results in better speed, efficiency, and durability because small asemble parts how to start a free local magazine spinning platters are much more susceptible to physical damage than Yo.

Your data aasemble accessed faster and preserved longer on SSDs because of this difference. Zip ties are a massive help with managing all the cables inside your rig, and consolidating the cables helps improves airflow. The amount of money you spend on the parts of a computer will vary.

Since memory and storage are a large part of the cost within a new computer, building your own PC gives you a chance to save on these components by adding your own. When you put all the parts together, make sure you have plenty of room to keep your build organized. Locate the memory slots on the motherboard.

Hold your memory modules on the side to avoid touching the chips and gold pins. Align the notches on the module compputer the ridge in the slot then firmly press how to assemble computer parts module in until it clicks. Find out how to install memory in a laptop or a desktop. Find out more about SSD installation with our guides and videos. Make sure your monitor and keyboard are connected to the PC, and if everything worked correctly, a screen will appear where you can enter the system BIOS.

If you have a disc or flash drive with an OS, put it into the appropriate drive, boot up, and you can install the OS. Way to assembpe Performance ti no matter what song lyrics based on internal lab testing conducted in August Actual performance may vary assembld on individual system configuration.

All other capacities of the Crucial MX SSD have comparable active average power consumption specs, with the exception of the GB version of the drive, which consumes 0. All rights reserved. Neither Crucial nor Micron Technology, Inc. Micron, the Micron logo, Crucial, and the Crucial logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Micron Technology, Inc. All other trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective asssemble.

Find a product Part no. Your search did not match any active Crucial part numbers or configuration IDs. Find articles and site content Enter keywords. Back to results. How to find the best storage, memory, and processor to build the best computer possible. What do you want to build? Case, fans, and power supply. PC building on your budget. How to build your PC. Adding the hardware. Installing the memory. Time to boot up your new computer!

Step 1: Step 1: Remove Side Panels on Case

After getting through this article, you can assemble and disassemble a computer by yourself. And consequently, you feel the assembling and the disassembling a PC is in your comfort zone. You should be mindful of placing the correct parts in the proper spot and ensure that all screws are appropriately tight.

Assembling a PC means connecting different components of a computer so that users can use the PC or computer. Generally, we fear to assemble and disassemble a computer system by ourselves, and I am with you. I had this experience with my first gaming computer. I wanted to clean my system and, therefore, I needed to disassemble my gaming PC.

But I was not able to do that. However, now I can assemble and disassemble a computer system by myself. I can unplug a computer and again I can rebuild a computer system effortlessly.

Hence, from my experiences, I want to share with you the steps to assemble and disassemble a computer. It is safe to take apart a computer if you follow the strict process of dismantling a PC or disassembling a PC. Here, you will learn to connect various computer parts. I divided the entire assembly process into two parts with the aim that, you can easily understand the PC assembly process step by step.

To begin with assembling, in the first part, you will learn the assembly process of CPU with different CPU components.

And in the second part, you will learn the assembly process of a computer by using the standard devices of the computer system.

You can read to know more about different parts of the CPU and the basic parts of the computer system. Usually, the human body generates static electricity which, can damage electronic parts of your computer. The easiest way is you can hold any metal body for a few seconds. This quick tip you need to practice to assemble and disassemble a computer system. But you should always wear a grounding strap to handle electronic devices.

It is the best practice you should follow before assembling a computer. This part is all about CPU assembling. Specifically, you have to be very careful with this process.

Before you start, take inventory of your parts. Make sure you have the following components and tools with you. Building a PC takes space. You can use your dining room table to build your PC. So, make sure you have plenty of working space and a few hours to proceed with minimal interruption.

You must work on a flat, stable tabletop surface or bare floor, where you have room to lay out all of the items, to begin with, assemble. You need to check Screw brass standoffs are perfectly placed or not. If it is not in a proper position, in that case, you need to position them accurately. You must take great care, especially when installing the motherboard. First, remove the motherboard of its packaging and put it on top of the antistatic bag it came in.

Remember, you always want to safeguard your components from potentially hazardous static electricity. You should follow the manufacturer instructions to install the heat sink and the cooling fan. If you bought an OEM CPU and a separate heat sink, then you need to spread a thin layer of the thermal grease over the chip. The thermal grease ensures proper transfer of heat. There are some heat sinks that come with this grease already applied.

You can see a 3. If you are unable to find it, then check the manual of the case to identify the bay location. You can see a 5. If you are unable to find it, check the manual of the case to identify the bay location.

And, finally, you need to tighten all the screws to hold firmly. Expansion cards help to increase the functionality of your computer. You can place Expansion cards on the motherboard. You must know about various parts of a motherboard such that, you can effortlessly identify the different connectors. Amazingly, bus cable or data cable connections are prime connections.

Bus cable helps to share information or data between the storage device and motherboard. In general, two bus cables need to connect inside the CPU. First, Bus cable connects the HDD and motherboard. This one is the final step of assembling a CPU. You need to provide power to the different parts of the CPU. Plug the ATX power connector from your power supply into the matching port on your motherboard. First, Attach each of the tiny leads from the power and reset switches.

After that, the hard-disk activity lights, the PC speaker, and any front-panel USB to the corresponding pin on your motherboard. Finally, connects power to the various parts of your computer. You have to connect the power cable with the CPU case, monitor, speaker, and printer. It is time to turn on your system and check your PC set up. Make sure the keyboard, mouse, and monitor are all plugged into the appropriate ports on the back of the PC.

Plug the power cord back in, and turn the machine on. To boot a computer you need hardware and software. Till now you have understood to assemble a computer. If you want to work on that computer you need to install an Operating System. If you do not know how to install an operating system on a computer, check the following two articles:. How to install Windows 7 Operating System on a computer.

How to install Windows 10 Operating System on a computer. Generally, people want to know both assemble and disassemble steps of a computer. Therefore I am sharing my ideas to help you to assemble and disassemble a computer system. This one is the first step to begin a PC disassemble process. Always remember first disconnect all the power supply connected to your computer system before starting to remove parts.

Loose the screws and remove the case covering to access the inside parts of the CPU cabinet case. Disconnect all the cables one by one inside the CPU case. First, disconnect ATX power cables from the motherboard. Now its time to remove the heatsink from the motherboard.

Generally, the CPU fan and the heatsink attach together. If it is separated in that case, you need to remove the fan first after that, you can remove the CPU heatsink.

In the final step, unlock the processor socket and remove the processor from the motherboard carefully. Its time to remove the other parts of the computer system. Remove the Hard disk drive or SSD from the motherboard. After that, you can remove the ROM drives. In this process, you do remove the RAM from the motherboard. Already you know, SMPS supplies power to the various parts of the computer system. The final step of the PC disassemble process is this one.

Carefully remove the motherboard from the CPU cabinet case. Note: Remember, bolts or screws are the very essential things. They help to make rigid, all the parts used inside the computer. To remove any part from the computer system mostly, you need to take out bolts first. Here in PC disassemble steps, I have ignored that portion. Assembling and disassembling a computer system is not a difficult task but requires keen observation and knowledge of the different components of the system.

You need to be extra careful when fitting in these components and make sure that they are not fitted forcefully but firmly. In case of hardware failure or to install new add-on cards, you need to have good knowledge to assemble and disassemble a computer system. Once you have assembled your computer system, the next step is to install the Operating System so that you can start using the computer.

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