How does toothpaste come out in stripes

how does toothpaste come out in stripes

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The pest thrives in the presence of humans but does not occur outdoors. Adults are light brown and about 1/2 inch long, with two dark stripes running lengthwise along the shield-like area behind the head. The nymphs are smaller and darker with a tan stripe down the middle of the back. Oct 30, If yes, do I weigh less when I breathe out? If I put a bunch of flowers in the back of a computer, woes that make it a vase? What does the back of a rainbow look like? My granny has had her broom for 40 years. In that time it has had 19 new heads and 12 new handles. Is it still the same broom? Do ideas come from inside or.

Vomit in television often has a surprising knack for avoiding the camera, usually from either actors running off-screen to be sick, the scene cutting away to something else spewing like a burst pipeor the character just dropping off camera when they double over. The Vomiting Cop usually exhibits this behavior. Often done as a way of Getting Crap Past the Radaralthough ironically The Hays Code that was in effect for Hollywood movies between and made no mention of vomiting or any other bodily functions.

This was primarily because the censors took it for granted that filmmakers themselves found bodily fluids so disgusting that they wouldn't want to put them in their movies. Well, some of these filmmakers did want that There is a scientifically-explainable reason why vomiting usually isn't shown on-screen in media. Human evolution resulted in nausea being about as contagious as yawning is, as back during the hunter-gatherer days, it was very likely that any poisonous material that someone ate was also eaten by other members of their group.

Thus, seeing someone throw up will result in one instinctively feeling nauseous as well; consequently, vomiting is considered one of the most universally reviled natural actions to bear witness to, explaining its frequent on-screen absence. Contrast Vomit Indiscretion Shotwhen the gory details of vomiting are explicit. The sandwich wrap that Bob had to eat on a deal finally takes a toll on him and he vomits in front the restaurant that gave him the food poisoning in the first place.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. In this PSA about eating disorders, Hansel and Gretel find the witch's house and help themselves to the sweets. Gretel happily eats a slice of cake, but throws it up off-screen after imagining her parents telling her not to eat too much or she'll get fat.

In the originalMaster Roshi vomits out the window offscreen when he finds out that he was watching a man undress through his spy camera. Elfen Lied : Episode 9 has Lucy vomiting because of the stress from everything that's happened thus far and from finding out that Kouta lied to her. My Goddess Flights of Fancy. In Episode 2, outside of his home, Keiichi finds a very drunk Sayoko, who then tackles him. Before she could say anything further, she become blue in the face, then a cut of a long distance shot of the temple In Episode 4, at a Christmas party she was holding on her estate, Sayoko tries to get Belldandy drunk One whiff of it sends the drunk broad backwards onto her brother, Aoshima.

Before she spews all over him and his tuxedo, a quick shot of the outside where the Christmas tree is seen Azumanga Daioh spoofs this by cutting to random shot of the show's logo said screen also features Chiyo-chan and her dog during the actual act.

What is abs plastic pipe after she draws her weapon, she barfs all over Nao. Cut to a scene of the city skyline and Nao's screams and Nagi walking into the conflict. When the scene is shown again, the ground around Midori is dotted in technicolor vomit. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann creatively deals with this, when Simon is overcome by emotionally-charged nausea in a fight during his nervous breakdown over Kamina's deathby giving us a closeup on his face until the crucial moment and then cutting to an outside shot of Spiral Energy spewing from Lagann's mouth due to backflow.

Later, after Lagann has gone berserk, run off, and ejected him into the what are the benefits of a comprehensive juvenile justice strategy, he is seen sprawled on the ground, coughing up the last of it.

Is it any wonder that Lagann ended up on the junk heap not long after? Not a fun cleanup job for Leeron. In Higurashi: When They Cry episode 17, Shion can be heard vomiting into the toilet, and we cut to her slumped over it. Pretty Sammy : This happens to Mihoshi in episode 2 of the OVA, after Chihiro, who was going through severe karaoke withdrawals don't askkicks her in the stomach. Before she vomits, it cuts to the next scene.

Cromartie High School : In the opening credits, Takenouchi what is a colt rail gun one of these. When vomiting on a bus, instead of his lunch coming out we get a miniature Kamiyama instead. Fullmetal Alchemist to an extent when Edward is digging up his supposed mother that he and his brother transmuted what is leadership in organisation to life five years ago.

The attempt failed obviously, and Ed has to go check if the result really was his mother. Turns out it wasn't. Note that he vomited before digging it up, either the idea of it got to him, or he worked himself sick digging in the rain. When Spirit in Soul Eater is asked by his daughter Maka to spend a Saturday together which was really because she lost a bet he gets so over-excited that he starts vomiting, but it's censored by a big circle with a skull on it.

Oddly, this made it look worse because the position of the circle between his legs while he's facing away makes it look like he's flashing his own daughter. Neon Genesis Evangelion : Maya does this twice in the anime, during Unit 01's destruction of Bardiel and when Unit 01 starts eating Zeruel, and again in End of Evangelionwhen Unit 02 is being torn apart. A downplayed version happens in Episode 15, where a short cutaway sees Misato throwing up in an alley after drinking too much.

Her and Kaji are rendered in silhouette and seen from a distance as it happens. Bleach : Happens to Loly in the manga, after Grimmjow kicks her in the stomach. And right before he kills Menoly, then rips off one of Loly's legs. Happens a few times during the course of Fruits Basket. Once while Tohru is chasing after transformed Kyo, the smell of his monstrous flesh forcing her to vomitand another notable time in one of the last dozen or so chapters, where Kyo, on his way back from talking to his crazy fatherhe lets loose while coincidentally walking past Hiro and Kisa.

He claims it's because he let so much out of the tank just a few minutes prior. The author plays with this, censoring out the area how to roast beets whole would vomit in a Bishie Sparkle cloud and the words "Censored for the audience.

Black Butler : Ciel in episode 5 of the second season what percentage of an atom is empty space being swarmed with forgotten memories. As well as episode 5 of the first anime, after seeing the mangled corpse of the prostitute that Madam Red and Grell as Jack the Ripper murdered.

Does not apply how to fantasy draft in madden 13 offline the mangahowever.

In episode 48, Takuto turns his back to the camera and retches off-screen after Mitsuki gives him an energy drink to help him feel better ironically. Crawdaunt" story. We see her say she'll throw up, then cut to her rinsing her mouth out complaining what a waste it was. When Haruka of Kotoura-san had a Heroic BSoD after knowing what Hiyori thinks in Episode 2, she covers her mouth as the screen turns dark to hide the horror, a student exclaims with understandably surprised disgust.

Tomoko is seen vomiting with a Censor Box used to cover it. In March Comes in Like a LionRei only barely throws up how to find classmates for a reunion alcohol off-panel during his flashback of his first meeting with Akari. Happens frequently in Tokyo Ghoulsince any human food the titular Ghouls consume must be vomited up to prevent illness.

The first episode has an extended sequence of these, as newly Half-Ghoul Kaneki attempts to eat everything in his apartment and gets sick with every attempt. In You Are Being Summoned, AzazelEpisode 4, Azazel ducks his head below the camera and throws up when he finds out he accidentally ate goat dung.

Yuki Yuna is a Hero : Played for Laughs with Karin when she gets sick gorging on health foods in front of her friends. Togo is heard retching and is then shown wiping her mouth after witnessing the true state of the world outside of the Shinju's barrier.

My Hero Academia : After overexerting her powers to save Midoriya, Ururaka leans her head down just out of frame in order to throw up. We know she's not just gagging because it's highlighted with rainbows and sparkles!

Later on, she's shown trying to hold back again while Iida nervously fusses over her. Although some fans joke that,with how sweet she is, that she actually is what is a good eating plan to lose weight rainbows. In Sword Art Onlinewhen Shino runs off to puke during her panic attack in Season 2 Episode 3, the camera doesn't follow her.

In Episode 1 of The Lost Villagethis happens when Masaki gets carsick and throws up on the bus driver. In Code GeassLelouch vomits after thinking of how he killed his half brother Clovis, and immediately goes to a bathroom. Oishinbo : This happens when Yuko gets seasick in the first episode. Eureka Seven has its protagonist Renton Thurston throw up offscreen when he first discovers that there are humans in those mechanized suits he's been slicing in half with reckless abandon.

Hinata does it in episode 5 during a bus ride with his team. He accidentally pukes on his teammate Tanaka's pants because he can't open the window in time. The vomiting itself is not shown but we see a white-colored patch on Tanaka's pants.

It also happens at the end of episode 3 in the gym but we only hear the other characters' reactions. Nothing is actually shown. OVA 2 has Hinata vomiting after he and Kageyama arrived at the training camp in Tokyo, presumably due to Saeko's driving. Trigun In episode 7 Vash vomits off the side of a steam ship after a night of drinking too much. The camera cut up to a view of the sky. Onoda from Yowamushi Pedal gets motion sick on a bus ride with his teammates from his high school cycling club and is shown puking on the side of the road multiple times.

No puke is actually shown. Asian Animation. In episode of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolfwhen Wolffy eats disgusting cookies, he has a Vomit Indiscretion Shot at first only to later have a normal discretion shot where he vomits a crab out of his mouth off-screen.

Comic Books. Amelia Rules! On the other side Billy complains "I'm d-d-definitely going to be s-s-sick. In the very next panel we see him turning towards the rest of his team and talking to them In the Legion of Super-Heroes comic book adaption of the animated seriesthe Legion were returning from Rawl and a running gag had new recruit Timber Wolf experiencing space-sickness that at first started as nausea until Brainiac 5 made the suggestion that Timber Wolf should be let off the ship.

Superboy : Superboy is deeply unsettled when he and the police discover Nanaue's mother Kaikea with a shoddily bandaged recently amputated arm, and then has to quickly go outside to upchuck his latest meal upon realizing that she fed her arm to her son. He is shown leaving the room and is next seen wiping his mouth. He then excuses himself and takes the bucket with him. While we never see what happened to him, but the next scene afterwards leaves the audience to think. In a Street Fighter comic, Sakura pukes after competing in a hot dog eating contest, but the audience is only shown the disgusted reactions of Kei and her other friends.

The Ultimates : Good thing that Iron Man has a mask, so nobody saw him vomit when he dragged the spaceship off-course to avoid the city. Wonder Woman : After Kon-El is returned to normal after having been turned into an armadillo by Circe he excuses himself to vomit with the explanation that armadillos will eat anything.

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The last type of rock is metamorphic rocks. A metamorphic rock used to be some other type of rock, but it was changed inside the Earth to become a new type of rock. The type of rock that a metamorphic rock used to be, prior to metamorphism, is called the protolith.

During metamorphism the mineral content and texture of the protolith are changed due to changes in the physical and chemical environment of the rock.

Metamorphism can be caused by burial, tectonic stress, heating by magma, or alteration by fluids. At advanced stages of metamorphism, it is common for a metamorphic rock to develop such a different set of minerals and such a thoroughly changed texture that it is difficult to recognize what the protolith was. A rock undergoing metamorphism remains a solid rock during the process. Rocks do not melt during most conditions of metamorphism.

At the highest grade of metamorphism, rocks begin to partially melt, at which point the boundary of metamorphic conditions is surpassed and the igneous part of the rock cycle is entered. Even though rocks remain solid during metamorphism, fluid is generally present in the microscopic spaces between the minerals.

This fluid phase may play a major role in the chemical reactions that are an important part of how metamorphism occurs. The fluid usually consists largely of water. Metamorphic rocks provide a record of the processes that occurred inside Earth as the rock was subjected to changing physical and chemical conditions.

Metamorphic rocks are like probes that have gone down into the Earth and come back, bringing an record of the conditions they encountered on their journey in the depths of the Earth.

Figure 1. The platy layers in this large outcrop of metamorphic rock show the effects of pressure on rocks during metamorphism. Metamorphic rocks may change so much that they may not resemble the original rock. Any type of rockigneous, sedimentary, or metamorphiccan become a metamorphic rock. Rocks change during metamorphism because the minerals need to be stable under the new temperature and pressure conditions. The need for stability may cause the structure of minerals to rearrange and form new minerals.

Ions may move between minerals to create minerals of different chemical composition. Hornfels, with its alternating bands of dark and light crystals, is a good example of how minerals rearrange themselves during metamorphism. Hornfels is shown in table 1. Extreme pressure may also lead to foliation , the flat layers that form in rocks as the rocks are squeezed by pressure figure 2.

Foliation normally forms when pressure is exerted in only one direction. Metamorphic rocks may also be non-foliated. Quartzite and limestone, shown in table 6, are nonfoliated.

The reason rocks undergo metamorphism is that the minerals in a rock are only stable under a limited range of pressure, temperature, and chemical conditions. When rocks are subjected to large enough changes in these factors, the minerals will undergo chemical reactions that result in their replacement by new minerals, minerals that are stable in the new conditions.

The type of rock undergoes metamorphism is a major factor in determing what type of metamorphic rock it becomes. In short the identify of the protolith plays a big role the identity of the metamorphic rock.

A fluid phase may introduce or remove chemical substances into or out of the rock during metamorphism, but in most metamorphic rock, most of the atoms in the protolith are be present in the metamorphic rock after metamorphism; the atoms will likely be rearranged into new mineral forms within the rock.

Therefore, not only does the protolith determine the initial chemistry of the metamorphic rock, most metamorphic rocks do not change their bulk overall chemical compositions very much during metamorphism. The fact that most metamorphic rocks retain most of their original atoms means that even if the rock was so thoroughly metamorphosed that it no longer looks at all like the protolith, the rock can be analyzed in terms of its bulk chemical composition to determine what type of rock the protolith was.

Temperature is another major factor of metamorphism. There are two ways to think about how the temperature of a rock can be increased as a result of geologic processes. If rocks are buried within the Earth, the deeper they go, the higher the temperatures they experience. This is because temperature inside the Earth increases along what is called the geothermal gradient, or geotherm for short.

Therefore, if rocks are simply buried deep enough enough sediment, they will experience temperatures high enough to cause metamorphism. Tectonic processes are another way rocks can be moved deeper along the geotherm. Faulting and folding the rocks of the crust, can move rocks to much greater depth than simple burial can. Magma intrusion subjects nearby rock to higher temperature with no increase in depth or pressure.

Pressure is a measure of the stress, the physical force, being applied to the surface of a material. It is defined as the force per unit area acting on the surface, in a direction perpendicular to the surface. Lithostatic pressure is the pressure exerted on a rock by all the surrounding rock. The source of the pressure is the weight of all the rocks above. Lithostatic pressure increases as depth within the Earth increases and is a uniform stress the pressure applies equally in all directions on the rock.

If pressure does not apply equally in all directions, differential stress occurs. There are two types of differential stress. Normal stress compresses pushes together rock in one direction, the direction of maximum stress. At the same time, in a perpendicular direction, the rock undergoes tension stretching , in the direction of minimum stress. Shear stress pushes one side of the rock in a direction parallel to the side, while at the same time, the other side of the rock is being pushed in the opposite direction.

Differential stress has a major influence on the the appearance of a metamorphic rock. Differential stress can flatten pre-existing grains in the rock, as shown in the diagram below. Metamorphic minerals that grow under differential stress will have a preferred orientation if the minerals have atomic structures that tend to make them form either flat or elongate crystals.

This will be especially apparent for micas or other sheet silicates that grow during metamorphism, such as biotite, muscovite, chlorite, talc, or serpentine. If any of these flat minerals are growing under normal stress, they will grow with their sheets oriented perpendicular to the direction of maximum compression. This results in a rock that can be easily broken along the parallel mineral sheets. Such a rock is said to be foliated, or to have foliation.

Any open space between the mineral grains in a rock, however microscopic, may contain a fluid phase. Most commonly, if there is a fluid phase in a rock during metamorphism, it will be a hydrous fluid, consisting of water and things dissolved in the water.

Less commonly, it may be a carbon dioxide fluid or some other fluid. The presence of a fluid phase is a major factor during metamorphism because it helps determine which metamorphic reactions will occur and how fast they will occur. The fluid phase can also influence the rate at which mineral crystals deform or change shape.

Most of this influence is due to the dissolved ions that pass in and out of the fluid phase. If during metamorphism enough ions are introduced to or removed from the rock via the fluid to change the bulk chemical composition of the rock, the rock is said to have undergone metasomatism.

However, most metamorphic rocks do not undergo sufficient change in their bulk chemistry to be considered metasomatic rocks. Most metamorphism of rocks takes place slowly inside the Earth. Regional metamorphism takes place on a timescale of millions of years.

Metamorphism usually involves slow changes to rocks in the solid state, as atoms or ions diffuse out of unstable minerals that are breaking down in the given pressure and temperature conditions and migrate into new minerals that are stable in those conditions. This type of chemical reaction takes a long time. Metamorphic grade refers to the general temperature and pressure conditions that prevailed during metamorphism.

As the pressure and temperature increase, rocks undergo metamorphism at higher metamorphic grade. Rocks changing from one type of metamorphic rock to another as they encounter higher grades of metamorphism are said to be undergoing prograde metamorphism. This is not far beyond the conditions in which sediments get lithified into sedimentary rocks, and it is common for a low-grade metamorphic rock to look somewhat like its protolith.

Low grade metamorphic rocks tend to characterized by an abundance of hydrous minerals, minerals that contain water within their crystal structure. Examples of low grade hydrous minerals include clay, serpentine, and chlorite. Under low grade metamorphism many of the metamorphic minerals will not grow large enough to be seen without a microscope. Low grade hydrous minerals are replaced by micas such as biotite and muscovite, and non-hydrous minerals such as garnet may grow.

Garnet is an example of a mineral which may form porphyroblasts, metamorphic mineral grains that are larger in size and more equant in shape about the same diameter in all directions , thus standing out among the smaller, flatter, or more elongate minerals. Micas tend to break down. New minerals such as hornblende will form, which is stable at higher temperatures. However, as metamorphic grade increases to even higher grade, all hydrous minerals, which includes hornblende, may break down and be replaced by other, higher-temperature, non-hydrous minerals such as pyroxene.

Index minerals, which are indicators of metamorphic grade. In a given rock type, which starts with a particular chemical composition, lower-grade index minerals are replaced by higher-grade index minerals in a sequence of chemical reactions that proceeds as the rock undergoes prograde metamorphism. For example, in rocks made of metamorphosed shale, metamorphism may prograde through the following index minerals:. Index minerals are used by geologists to map metamorphic grade in regions of metamorphic rock.

A geologist maps and collects rock samples across the region and marks the geologic map with the location of each rock sample and the type of index mineral it contains. By drawing lines around the areas where each type of index mineral occurs, the geologist delineates the zones of different metamorphic grades in the region.

The lines are known as isograds. Regional metamorphism occurs where large areas of rock are subjected to large amounts of differential stress for long intervals of time, conditions typically associated with mountain building. Mountain building occurs at subduction zones and at continental collision zones where two plates each bearing continental crust, converge upon each other.

Most foliated metamorphic rocksslate, phyllite, schist, and gneissare formed during regional metamorphism. As the rocks become heated at depth in the Earth during regional metamorphism they become ductile, which means they are relatively soft even though they are still solid. The folding and deformation of the rock while it is ductile may greatly distort the original shapes and orientations of the rock, producing folded layers and mineral veins that have highly deformed or even convoluted shapes.

The diagram below shows folds forming during an early stage of regional metamorphism, along with development of foliation, in response to normal stress.

The photograph below shows high-grade metamorphic rock that has undergone several stages of foliation development and folding during regional metamorphism, and may even have reached such a high temperature that it began to melt. Contact metamorphism occurs to solid rock next to an igneous intrusion and is caused by the heat from the nearby body of magma. Because contact metamorphism is not caused by changes in pressure or by differential stress, contact metamorphic rocks do not become foliated.

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